How to Get Quality Backlinks for Your Website?

Getting high-quality backlinks is a must if you want your website to be SEO-friendly. There are several factors that affect SEO, and one of the most important factors is getting backlinks. It is pretty important because having quality backlinks is a ranking factor for Google. Backlinks are the links that connect a website to another. You can think of it as a referral to other websites. It is sort of like the connections you have in your business life. The more you have them, the better you are in the eyes of the search engine. That is why we are going to explain how to get quality backlinks. 

Of course, backlinks are a ranking factor, yet, what actually do we mean by high-quality backlinks? It is possible to get backlinks that would do more harm than good. 

Importance of Quality Backlinks

You can get many backlinks with different techniques. For example, you can get as many backlinks as possible with black hat SEO. Yet, this would be quantity of quality. Here, quality matters. You can also get broken backlinks leading nowhere when you get too many backlinks. It is not something good because Google might see these broken links as spam and penalize your website. 

If you don’t want that to happen, you should get quality backlinks from high-authority websites. If you get backlinks that from well-trusted websites with high domain authority, you have more chances to be ranked higher in the SERPs. When ranking your website, Google looks at your website’s domain authority, external link anchor text, and the strength of your external links. Now, let’s take a look at the ways to get quality backlinks. 

Ways to Get Quality Backlinks

We can come up with 10 very standard backlink strategies to get them. Here the list goes:

ways to get quality backlinks

Create Quality Content

As for all SEO, content has a big role in ranking. To attract links in a natural way, all of your website content should better be high-quality. The content on your website attracts other websites to have their link on yours. Since a backlink is like a recommendation, the process here is not very different from a job interview. If your content is low quality or non-informative, other websites would not consider your website to be an authoritative place worth linking to. 

If it is difficult for you to come up with a creative piece of content, you can get help from free SEO tools and plugins to make your content more high-quality. Content is a crucial part of the link-building strategy. 

Guest Posting

As you can guess from its name, guest posting is posting content for another website in exchange for a backlink. Guest posting is a very beneficial method for link building. It is a win-win situation for both sides. One gets free content, and the other gets backlinks. 

However, Google has warned websites about guest posts. The main reason was the lack of quality in the content and irrelevant posts about the actual content. 

Yet, if you do it in the right way with high-quality content, there is nothing wrong with it. It would be very beneficial for both sides and is an effective natural link-building method for your website. 

Analyze Your Competitors’ Backlinks

Replicating competitors’ content is really harmful to your website. However, there is no harm in replicating their backlinks. Every website owner can access other website backlinks and use them. In this case, the crucial strategy is finding the best ones. Remember that you shouldn’t make a mistake like replicating all backlinks. You should consider that you try to use high-quality backlinks. That’s why it is important to pick your competitors’ best backlinks. It will help improve your website’s SEO because this strategy provides finding the most relevant backlinks in your field.

Build Public Relations

If you want to create good connections to help you with your link-building strategies, it would be best to introduce yourself to the field. Having a name for yourself is important because no one would want to provide quality backlinks to someone they don’t know and trust. 

Social media is a great way to gain people’s trust in your field. This way, you can show people you are trustworthy and legitimate website owners. 

Building relations is a good strategy for getting backlinks and will also be useful in future strategies. 

Include Original Information

Your website will get organic traffic when you offer original information that people can benefit from. This way, many other websites can discover your website as well. When other websites discover yours and become inspired by it, it would be an open door for you to get backlinks from them. 

How can you provide original information? You can include facts with sources and infographics. This type of study seems like it takes a long time, yet, you will see that it results in a good way. 

Provide Backlinks

Giving out backlinks may seem like an odd idea; after all, you are trying to get them, not give them. However, all at once, this can return as a favor afterward. It would create a nice relationship when you link to another website and tell them about it by stating that you liked their content. So, this is not just link-building but also relationship-building. You have to break some eggs to make an omelet. Share backlinks to get backlinks. 

Promote Your Best Content

Getting backlinks can be easy if you create a strategy for getting backlinks for your best content. You can not use this strategy forever; however, it can be great initially. People can not read all your content, but if you promote the best ones, they can know that your website has high-quality content. When you get some backlinks for just one quality content, you can continue to get more of them.

how to promote content

In addition, no one can discover your backlinks if you don’t announce them. Sharing on social media, creating videos and podcasts for them, and running ads can help announce your blog. In this way, you can build relationships with other bloggers and influencers.

Broken Link Building

Of course, you shouldn’t use broken links like all websites. This situation is the same for all other websites. So, why not tell them about this situation? When you discover a website has broken links, you can tell them the situation, and this favor must be rewarded. They may reward you by giving links from your website to the relevant ones.

Get Rid of Broken Backlinks

Broken backlinks can be a problem even for high authority, well-established websites. When you include backlinks, visitors trying to reach these links will receive error 404. This is not a good thing for your visitors and search engines. If you want to increase your quality backlinks, you should have links from high-authority websites in the first place. 

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To get rid of the broken backlinks, there are some SEO tools that would help you identify and remove these harmful backlinks from your website. 

Buy Quality Backlinks

If you don’t want to mess around with all of the ways we have mentioned or don’t have enough time, you can buy backlinks. Yet, be careful; not all backlink providers are do-gooders. You might end up with low-quality or broken backlinks, after all. That is why it is important to know where to get this service. 


We have covered how to get quality backlinks. There are 10 standard ways to get them. It is important that you follow these ways because, as we have mentioned before, quality backlinks carry an important role in SEO and search engine rankings. 

Frequently Asked Questions About

All of the ways that we have listed are free, except buying backlinks. Building connections and guest posting are the best ways to get your links for free.

The number of backlinks matters. Yet, how you get them is the most important part. If you buy a high number of spam backlinks in one day, Google might penalize your website. Yet, if you do the same in a natural way, there wouldn’t be a problem.

To do that, you will need to use an SEO tool to make a competitor analysis. When you do that, check the backlinks section and see your rivals’ backlinks. There are many tools that you can use to do this.

There is no certain way to get quality backlinks. You should create a strategy by using more the one method. You should create high-quality content at the first step. Then, promoting, guest posting, replicating competitors’ backlinks, telling broken links, providing original information, and buying backlinks are the best strategies for getting quality backlinks.

If you get backlinks from a website with high domain authority and are seen as trustworthy by search engines, you get high-quality backlinks.

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