Mobile-Friendly Test

Mobile-friendly testing is a tool that helps you analyze whether your websites are mobile-friendly within the framework of search engine criteria. Our mobile-friendly tester works free of charge and helps you see critical bugs and incompatibilities in your theme. This way, it gives you an advantage in terms of mobile compatibility and site speed, which are the most important of Google SEO criteria.

Mobile-Friendly Test

What Is Mobile-Friendly?

Mobile friendly or mobile compatibility is the ability of websites to be integrated according to phones, tablets, and various devices. Mobile-friendly web designs can be easily used on mobile phones, tablets, and other devices. You can easily find out if a website is mobile-friendly by using our mobile compatibility test. Well, let's see how mobile-friendly websites look under 4 headings;

  • Responsive Design
  • Pop-Up Menus
  • Readable Fonts
  • Auto-Sized Images
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mobile-friendly test tool

What Is a Mobile-Friendly Test?

A mobile-friendly test is the name of the test by which you can measure whether your websites are mobile-friendly or not. With this test, you can easily measure how mobile-friendly your website is. In this way, you can more clearly manage how you will work on your mobile compatibility practices. Having a mobile friendly website offers advantages such as:

  • Mobile-friendly websites work faster on mobile devices.
  • The mobile-structured ads you will apply on your mobile-friendly website will give you the chance to earn more advertising revenue.
  • Mobile-friendly sites are ranked higher by search engines such as Google because they meet the criteria.
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free mobile-friendly testing tool

How Is Mobile-Friendly Testing Done?

In order to be at the top of Google search engine results, your website must be mobile friendly. To measure your mobile compatibility, you should put your website through the test. Using the mobile friendly test consists of some very easy processes;

  • First of all, paste the URL you want to scan and measure mobile compatibility in the URL field on our tool page.
  • After the data is finished loading, click on the "Web page analyzer" tab on the "Dashboard."
  • When you enter the web page analyzer page, you will scroll down and see the "Mobile compatibility" heading.

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Mobile-Friendly Test Tool F.A.Q.

Click the questions to see frequently asked questions and their answers.

A mobile friendly test is the test that you can measure whether your website is mobile friendly or not.

Our mobile friendly test is prepared by secure software programs, and it is totally reliable. You can use it however you want.

The mobile friendly test is totally free. You can use it without paying anything, just like all our other tools.

Having a mobile-compatible website is very important as it allows you to be more visible in searches made from mobile devices.

Mobile-friendly testing allows you to test your website's mobile friendliness.

The advantage of this test is that you can measure your site's mobile compatibility in detail, and you will be sure of its mobile compatibility.

You can learn whether your website has a responsive design and mobile friendly or not.

You can do the test by scanning your page URL from the web page analyzer section of our tool page. After the analysis scan is finished, information about the mobile compatibility status is also presented in the report.

Performing the test at certain periods allows you to progress in a better way. You can set certain time intervals for yourself and do it.

A mobile-friendly website is a site design that is compatible with screen resolution and mobile devices.

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Mobile-Friendly Test Tool is awesome. It pinpointed exactly what I needed to fix to ensure my site was optimized for mobile users.


Thanks to this tool, I realized my website wasn't as mobile-friendly as I thought. I will need to deal with this problem urgently.


The Mobile Friendly Test Tool is a must-use for anyone serious about their website's performance on mobile devices. It's also great that it's available for free.

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