Website Speed Test

Site Speed Test tool is a tool that allows users to check site speed for free and in the most reliable way. You can easily analyze your page load speed with our Site Speed Test tool. This way, you can increase your site speed, take a look at your page insights and see your errors and work on the solutions for fixing them. It is very easy to use our tool. It doesn't have a complicated structure like the Google speed test.

website speed test

How to Perform a Website Speed Test?

Measuring the speed of your site on Dopinger is quite easy. You can do a site speed test in just a few steps. Here they are:

  • Log into the vehicle via Dopinger.
  • Enter the URL of the site you want to test the site speed in the box below the URL text.
  • Click the "Control" button, and you will see the results.
  • You can analyze the improvements you need to make in the bugs to be fixed section.

Values between 90-100 indicate good website performance. 50-89 indicates the average upload speed. If you are in this range, your site speed is ideal. If it's in the 0-49 range, you need to improve your site performance.

What Are the Advantages of Dopinger's Site Speed Test?

It is very important for users that your site works fast with good performance. The high connection speed of your site keeps the user on the site. Most site owners and SEO experts conduct SEO page tests by observing the opening speed of the site, technical values, and points that need improvement. Such site tools help improve your website. Some of the advantages of the Site Speed Test Tool are;

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Test Your Site Speed Instantly
Even though site speed is not a direct ranking factor, the negative effect it creates may cause your site to be ranked lower than expected. With our free site speed test tool, you can quickly see the page load speed of your website and take action immediately.
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The ideal site speed is between 85 - 89.

When you check site speed from Dopinger's tool, you can see the parts you need to change and start working on fixing them.

It is all free to conduct a website speed test through our tool.

Not using the images in the right format, large image sizes, using old codes, and excessive advertising are some of the reasons why your site loads slowly.

It is safe to use all tools on

You will not be asked for your personal data for any tool on our site, and we advise you to stay away from sites that ask for your personal data. We will only need the address of your website to test site speed.

No, it is very easy to use this tool. You can use it without any problems if you follow the steps we have explained completely.

Yes, you can use this tool on your mobile devices as well.

You can take a look at it from the command prompt with the ping command. Type ping and add your website's IP address. Press enter and see the results.

You can see the way to measure your site speed under the 'How to Perform a Site Speed Test' title.