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Rank checker is an expert tool that allows you to discover the keywords and position of your site on Google search engines. You do not need to be a member to use the Google keyword rank finder tool, and you can make unlimited queries. With the rank checker tool, you can quickly and easily learn which keywords rank well and which keywords fail. In addition, you have the opportunity to see these metrics in detailed reports with monthly, daily, and weekly scaling.

rank checker

What Does the Free Website Ranking Checker Tool Do?

The website rank checker tool determines the positions of the keywords that the sites rank in the google search engine results page (google serp) and helps to analyze and follow the organic positions of the keywords in real-time, in certain google rankings.

What you can do with our keyword rank checker tool is as follows;

  • You'll see the rank of your page in search engine results page (Google, Yandex, Bing)
  • You can see the keyword distributions on the page
  • See if keywords are indexed
  • You get results with detailed scaling according to monthly, weekly, and daily periods
  • You can see your rankings by keywords

google rank checker

Why Should You Track Your Website Keywords Ranking?

Tracking your ranking is part of the process of analyzing your SEO performance. It gives you information about the your website ranking on the internet. To find out where your website is, you need to follow up and analyze it with the sequence finder tool.

Knowing keyword ranking and your rank allows you to stay informed about current industry and competitive trends. It shows in detail how you can easily reach your target audience and what marketing steps you need to take, and provides analysis.

If you focus on the right keywords with the Google rank finder program, you can collect data to better optimize your site. If you use the right rank finder programs in different keyword strategies in the content of the pages, you will be successful.

You can check our PDF guide for Why You Should Use Rank Checker.

What Is Google Rank or Keyword Rankings?  

Google Rank or Keyword Rankings is a website or page's position on the search engine result pages (SERPs). When a user queries a keyword on Google, the search engine utilizes algorithms to retrieve the most relevant and valuable content associated with that particular keyword. Factors like page quality, relevance, and SEO strategies determine the rank of a webpage on the search engine results page.  

Keyword rankings are crucial because they directly impact the visibility of a website on the internet. Websites on the first page of SERP get the most clicks, traffic, and potential business. Therefore, improving keyword rankings through strategic SEO practices is a significant part of digital marketing. You can monitor the website keyword rankings with our free Dopinger Keyword Rank Checker and improve your strategies for your website's keyword rankings thanks to detailed reports.  

Why My Ranking is Important?

To analyze your website in detail, it is of great importance to find out which keywords you rank and in what order. To increase the efficiency of your SEO efforts, you need to know the position of your competitors and your site very well. For this reason, knowing which keyword and position your site is in will allow you to determine new strategies. Thanks to our tool, you can closely follow the progress of your site and find different keywords.

How Do I Use the Free Keyword Rank Checker Tool?

Using the keyword rank finder tool consists of straightforward steps. Here are the steps you need to follow to track your website positions with our keyword rank checker tool:

  1. You can begin by entering the URL of the website you wish to analyze.  
  2. Then, click on the "check" button. The analysis results will then be displayed, providing insights into keyword distributions.  
  3. If you need, change the search engine and location and then click on the "Apply" button. In this way, you can customize the insights according to the location.   
  4. Then, you will see a graphic that shows the general keyword performance. If you wish, perform time zone scaling based on day, month, and week.  
  5. Scroll down the page and determine how many ranks your website should be checked on Google between options 1-100. It is possible to search for certain keywords.  
  6. And finally, analyze your keyword's position and distributions in detail. You will be able to change the time period and analyze the keyword rankings.  
  7. After analyzing keyword ranks, you can download the report by clicking on the "Get Report" button and examine the reports whenever you want.
You can reach our tool user guide from this link: Rank Checker User Guide. By following these steps and making the necessary adjustments, you can access the detailed report on keyword rankings easily and free of charge and take immediate steps to get better results.  

Data You Will Obtain with Keyword Rank Checker  

You can obtain data free of charge with the keyword rank checker tool and create new strategies by examining your website or competitors' websites.  
  • Number of Keywords in TOP: You can examine how many words are at the top of the rankings and the rise or fall of these words over time. You can shape the chart on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to see this data more effectively and spread throughout the process.  
  • Keyword Rankings for Any Website or Web Page: It is possible to see the top 1-100 words with detailed data. You can view the URL, volume, and popularity of the word with numerical data within the date range you want.  
  • Detailed Reports: You can view in detail the keyword rankings and changes between dates of any web page, from your pages to your competitors' pages, and you can download these reports to your device and review them whenever you want. 

Can I Check My Blog Rank with Rank Checker?

With our Dopinger rank checker tool, you can check the rankings of any website you want for free. You can check all your rankings on behalf of your blog sites, E-Commerce sites or corporate websites for free. The Dopinger Rank Checker tool will help you, especially to see the ranking improvements and instant ranking changes of your blog sites. 

Can I Check My Website's Global Rankings? 

With our Dopinger rank checker tool, you can check your website's ranking in any location. There is no location limitation in our tool. After entering the tool, you can instantly check your rankings by selecting the location you want. In this way, you can track the keyword performance of your international SEO efforts for free. 

Can I Make Historical Comparisons of My Web Page Rankings? 

You can track comparisons of your rankings with our website rank checker tool offered to you free of charge by Dopinger.

For example, you will be able to see the differences between your rankings 1 month ago and the rankings you achieved 1 month later and report them if you want. And you will be able to do all this for free. 

All you need to do for this will be to make date selections after entering our Rank checker tool. After making these selections, your ranking column will increase to 2 and you will be able to make comparisons. 

Who Can Use the Rank Check Tool?

Our rank checker tool can be used by website owners, SEO experts, Analysts. In short, it is a tool that can be used by anyone who is curious about the positions of their websites.

The reporting option that comes with our rank checker tool can also be easily used and shared by anyone who wants to create a membership. 

Can I Check Multiple Keywords with Rank Checker Tool?

Yes, with our Rank checker tool you can check all keywords of your websites in one go. Our rank finder tool will give you all the keywords of your domain as a list and you will be able to check them all at once in a comparative way. 

Can I Detect Potential Words With Rank Checker Tool?

Yes, you can identify potential keywords with our Dopinger rank checker tool. Thanks to our tool, you can identify keywords that you have not worked on before but you have received impressions and gained rankings.

In addition, you can check the ranks of competitor sites with our tool and determine which keywords your competitors are focusing on and working on.

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Rank Checker F.A.Q.

Click the questions to see frequently asked questions and their answers.

Rank finder is a tool that reports to you the rank of your website on the SERP page of the keyword you entered.

Your site ranking is significant for your products or services on your website to be more visible.

Our sequence finder tool is produced with safe software programs. It is completely reliable.

Serp is the abbreviation of the word “search engine result pages”.

With the Dopinger rank finder tool, you can find out which words your website ranks in. Our Dopinger analysis tool offers you detailed rankings according to keyword distributions.

The rank finder tool analyzes and reports which keywords the sites rank in the search results.

You can understand the ranking of your site through the keywords searched in the search engine results. Thanks to the rank finder tool, you can see your rankings by keyword distribution.

To use the sequence finder tool, enter the URL you want to analyze in the relevant field and press the "Analyze" button. Then you can make your analysis according to the keyword distributions on the opened window.

With the Dopinger rank finder tool, you can find out which words your website ranks in. Our Dopinger analysis tool offers you detailed rankings according to keyword distributions.

Yes, you can view the historical ranking of any keyword using various rank-checking tools such as Dopinger Rank Checker, Ahrefs, Semrush, Moz, etc. By using a rank checker, you can track and monitor the keywords your website ranks for in the search results. By entering the URL, you can get a report on the historical position of your keywords ranking. In this way, it'll be much easier to see which keywords are having any progress, whether some keywords need more improvement than others, etc.

Search terms in the report refer to keywords you wish to track for your website's search ranking. These terms, also known as keyword terms, are the words people use when they search for information on search engines such as Google. The ranking report displays your website's ranking for keywords and any changes in ranking that may happen over time. You can get a detailed report on search terms your website's keywords rank for.

There are several online rank-checking tools you can use to check your keyword's Google rankings. Dopinger Rank Checker allows you to view how the keywords in your website rank in the Google search engine. To check your Google ranking, you can simply enter the URL of your website and examine the report provided to you.

The time period for any change in the results of your efforts in terms of rank checking varies in many important factors, such as the competition levels, on-page and off-page SEO criteria, and the quality of content on your website. However, you can still see concrete changes in your website's ranking in weeks and months' time, depending on the changes you've made or any updates in the search ranking algorithms.

Our tool is entirely at your service, free of charge.

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5 \ 5
Erik M. Glass

It’s a great tool if you want to track your website’s keywords on Google. You can even see the historical positions of your keywords!

Brandon J. Banks

Keyword checker tool helps me optimize my content. I have seen incredible results. I’m so glad to have found this tool. Highly recommend it.

Natosha A. Krueger

I've been using the web page rank checker for quite a while and I'm very impressed with its detailed reports. It's an absolute must-have keyword analytics tool for any website owner.

Sandra R. Bogart

If you want a ranking checker tool for the keywords on your website this is an amazing tool! I always keep a track of keywords from here.

Omar J. Lawson

I wanted to view the progress of the keywords my website rank for. This tool is excellent as a web page rank checker. I can easily see which areas need improvement etc.

Alice C. Bonilla

I've been using this rank checker for a few months now and I can definitely say that it's been a must-have SEO toolkit for anyone. Keywords checker’s provided insights are absolutely great!

Oscar L. Rosa

The keyword checker is an excellent way to see how your pages are performing on Google. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to use a solid Google position checker tool.

Josefina Cotten

I've tried a lot of rank checker tools but this one stands out. The web page rank checker is simply the best for tracking and monitoring keywords.


I regularly use the Dopinger Rank Checker tool to check my website ranking on google daily. The data I get always coincides with the current values and I think it is very efficient. Of course, it is an incredibly good advantage that it is free compared to other seo rank check tools.


Although it is a free website rank checker, the results it gives are actually quite good. However, sometimes there is a 1-2 row deviation in the results. Despite this, I check my keyword rankings on dopinger rather than other tools because it is both free and fast.


No need to search for more tools. I use the Dopinger rank checker tool daily to check ranking of my website. When I compare the results I get with google keyword planner, I don't see a problem between them. Very close results.


I use the Dopinger website ranking checker tool extensively both for my own sites and on behalf of my clients' sites. It gives spot-on ranks and the keyword data seems to be quite large. Frankly speaking, I see keyword data and ranks here that I don't see in some paid tools.


For a rank finder tool, it actually gives good results, but it seems like there needs to be an improvement in the United States location, sometimes it doesn't bring accurate results


I think it is better than many free rank checker tools


You guys are great, man, really great! I came to check rank but I can also check history thanks a lot!

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