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As someone who wants to develop their website and increase its potential, you look for ways to do it ?  After a while, you discover that SEO is something that can be very useful for your website and even on a long-term basis. However, if you don't have enough knowledge or time to do SEO yourself, you either try to learn SEO or hire an SEO agency to do the work for you if there is no time to learn. SEO consultancy is the service that professional agencies provide to make your website get good rankings and organic traffic. So, what can expert SEO consultants do to help your website to grow?

A professional SEO consultancy service includes the processes of analyzing, planning, and mentoring all steps to be taken in line with the goals of the websites by a professional team.

With this consultancy service, which aims to make websites more visible in Google, Yandex, and similar search engines and reach their audience more easily, you can achieve your goals faster. Search engine optimization consulting services are one of the services that should be carried out by an expert and professional team.

Dopinger SEO conculting

What Are the Advantages of SEO Consultancy Services?

SEO is a major part of digital marketing, and in the digital marketing business, there is a lot of competition. Everyone wants to promote their website and pass other rivals in the race to success. So, the best way to overcome your competitors is to work with professionals. If you want your website to be one step ahead of others, it should be offering something unique, or the way your website offers the product or service should be unique. This is where a professional team comes in. An SEO company with expert consultants can help you build uniqueness in your website. 

However, you should also keep in mind that SEO is a long-term process. It doesn't end when you hit the first page, or the first place on search engine results pages (SERPs). It is important to continue optimizing because your competitors wouldn't stop trying to make their websites better than yours. Also, search engines like Google keep changing and updating their algorithms. Ranking factors may change due to these updates. When it happens, you should be ready to adapt to the new changes and optimize the website suitable to the changes. What to change and how to adapt to search engine algorithms are best known, again, by the experts. 

How Do We Manage the SEO Process?

We have a roadmap prepared by our professional analysts and SEO experts for our business partners who have decided to take advantage of Dopinger consulting services and achieve their goals. We apply all the necessary strategies. Our professional SEO service works as follows;

Detecting Errors

Detecting Errors

These are the operations done to detect the existing errors on the current situation of your website. We use professional analysis tools that are approved by the authorities. Then, the analyzes made by our SEO experts are reported.

Content Recommendations

Content Recommendations

The way to make a website different for users is to ensure that it produces quality content. Our experts will carry out practices to produce SEO-compatible content, create the appropriate keyword pool, and offer the most up-to-date content.

UX Recommendations

UI / UX Recomendations

Our expert designers examine your website in order to increase the user experience and create a more responsive design. As a result of this review, we will prepare reports to reveal and improve the design steps.

Website Speed Analysis

Site Speed Analysis

In this part, we determine the factors affecting site speed. In order to eliminate these negativities, we put out a road map and present it to you. This way, your user experience will be improved, and you can add value to your website acceleration efforts.

Keyword Strategies

Keyword Strategies

It is the process of strengthening the competitive keywords required to achieve the goals, determining new target words, and expanding the long-tail keyword pool. Thanks to these processes, it is aimed to respond to many search queries and to ensure ranking.

24/7 Live Support

24/7 Live Support

As, we provide live support to our customers in all SEO processes. In this way, we provide continuous contact about the work done, the reactions given in response to the recommendations, and increase the efficiency of the practices.

Get Your Website Fully Optimized! 

Take a look at our on-page SEO services. We can offer you the best optimizations to improve your website's performance!

On-Page SEO Services
Enterprise seo consultancy company

Dopinger's Enterprise SEO Consultancy

As, we offer consultancy services in all types of SEO. Our SEO consulting services include on-page, off-page, and technical SEO. From link building to page optimizations, we aim to drive traffic to your website. Dopinger can help your company optimize its website the best way and get the desired rankings. 

With its internationally qualified SEO experts, Dopinger carries out the optimization work of corporate companies in a first-class manner. Especially as a solution to all the needs of corporate companies, all the steps to be taken due to all the necessary analysis are designed according to SEO algorithms. In this way, a new happy customer is added to our portfolio every day, and it is getting one step closer to their goals.

Thanks to the professional SEO consultancy that our corporate customers can benefit from, regardless of the sector, increasing brand awareness and reaching the desired organic traffic in search engines will be more than a dream; it will be a success.

How Are the Prices Determined in SEO Consulting?

The pricing policies carried out for search engine optimization practices and consultancy services contain certain changes. There are some criteria taken to determine these price policies, and they are usually the criteria accepted generally. Some of the most important criteria are as follows:

target keyword difficulty

Target Keyword Difficulty

An element that directly affects the price policy of SEO practices; is the difficulty of the targeted keyword. In order to achieve ranking in the target keywords with high difficulty, it is necessary to spread the practices over a long period, to create extra effort and difference. 

site errors

Site Errors

The errors of the website are very important for planning the process of SEO practices and the effort required. Too many site errors will require a more comprehensive plan, long-term work, and the testing of different methods. Therefore, it affects SEO consulting practices.

Site Width

Site Width

The number of URLs the websites have, the number of categories, and the variety of targeted keywords affect the basic process of the work. This is reflected in the pricing due to creating a work plan specific to the structure of the site.

Link Building Service

If you want to increase your website's performance with off-site SEO practices, why not try our backlink packages. Please contact us to find out more about our backlink services.

Link Building Service

Why Dopinger is the best seo company

Why Dopinger? 

Dopinger is an SEO agency that has contributed to global projects in terms of SEO and digital marketing. It promises a future to its customers, especially thanks to the great projects it carries out and the successes it has achieved in SEO works. Here are the factors that make our service unique:

  • Offering 24/7 customer support,
  • Providing creative and up-to-date solutions,
  • Great knowledge in algorithms and criteria,
  • Caring about customer satisfaction and respecting goals,
  • Ensuring the use of all professional tools,
  • Always with you with expert SEO consultant staff,
  • Adding value to analysis and planning,
  • Focusing on brand volume and ensures organic growth,
  • Offering you the highest efficiency thanks to our backlink packages and our Internal SEO service.


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An SEO expert should have experience in SEO, understanding all three SEO types, a proven record of success, marketing knowledge, a wide perspective, the ability to fit in with different causes, good communication skills, and curiosity.

Not exactly. You don't need to know coding to do SEO. However, a bit of software knowledge would help you in SEO practices. 

SEO consulting is carried out directly by our SEO experts. All SEO recommendations are determined according to the needs of your websites and reported to you. In addition, you will be able to ask all your questions about the SEO processes of your site directly to our SEO experts. SEO consulting services proceed directly in the form of interviews with experts. Customer-expert communication is established by both telephone support and e-mail. The whole process is carried out with transparency and professionalism.

SEO consultancy is the service given to clients that want to improve their website's performance by optimizing for the ranking factors. 

Corporate SEO consultancy is the service of SEO consultancy done for corporate companies. To be able to offer this service, SEO agencies must have very experienced consultants that can manage the SEO process of a corporate company's website. 

You can ask for the consultant's past clients, methods that they will apply, how they adhere to webmaster guidelines, if there is a guarantee, or how they approach local SEO, and so on. Consider your priorities when asking these questions. 

An SEO consultant's job is to guide his/her client through certain SEO practices and follow the results. Then the consultant analyzes the results and makes recommendations about the actions to be taken.