Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy includes users and customers who purchase services provided on the site. In some parts of the articles listed below, the words 'Site', 'Our Company,' and 'We' are used in reference to

1) User / Customer Obligations

1.1. customers undertake that the information they provide during the purchasing process of the services provided on the site is complete and accurate.

1.2. Users undertake that the information they provide when filling out any form or survey on is complete and correct as stated in the 1st item above.

1.3. In the case that the user or customers provide incomplete or incorrect information regarding the issues in articles 1 and 2. users and customers agree and undertake that they will not hold Dopinger responsible for any disruptions or delays.

1.4. Dopinger users and customers accept that we may record the information they provide due to the nature of the aforementioned processes.

2) Dopinger's Obligations

2.1. undertakes to keep the infrastructure of the website safe and not to share/leak personal information provided by the user/customer.

2.2. Dopinger has the right to record the forms, contact information, and meetings with the customer on the website. The security of the information is committed with the 1st article above.

2.3. Dopinger agrees to delete all information in response to the request of the user and the customer to delete the information.

3) Privacy

3.1. Our company may send campaign information, updates, and promotional offers regarding the services provided to its users and customers in certain periods. Users and customers are deemed to have accepted the delivery of this information and offers to them.

3.2. IP addresses of users and customers can be used in order to identify any problems that may occur on our site and to solve any problems that may arise regarding the services provided.

3.3.  Personal information provided by users and customers can be used to contact the user when necessary.

3.4. Our company accepts and undertakes that it will take all necessary measures to keep the entered information private and confidential, to ensure and maintain confidentiality, and to prevent unauthorized use or sharing with a third party.

4) Security

4.1. The credit card information you have provided during the purchasing processes will be protected with the SSL security protocol and delivered to the bank in question. Our company undertakes that your credit card information will not reach third parties or us in any way.

4.2. Our users and customers accept and undertake that they will not provide their credit card information and passwords to our customer support services provided by our company for any problems they have experienced or may experience; otherwise, will not take any responsibility in this regard.

4.3. Our company accepts that the e-mails that will be sent by us to our users and customers can be viewed by third parties and this situation is notified to the users and customers through this agreement. In order to avoid such situations, users and customers declare that they will not share any personal and private information via e-mail, and will not take any responsibility if they do.

4.4. may give external links to third-party websites along with the contents of the site. Our company does not take any responsibility for the privacy and security conditions of the sites to be accessed through these links. Accessing these links is at the user's and customers' own discretion and responsibility.

5) Exceptional Circumstances

In the limited cases specified below, our company may disclose the information of users to third parties, except for the provisions of this Privacy and Security Policy. These cases are limited in number;

5.1. Complying with the obligations imposed by the legal rules in force issued by the competent legal authority such as Law, Decree-Law, Regulation, etc.

5.2. Fulfilling the requirements of the User Agreement and other agreements concluded by our website with users and putting them into practice.

5.3. Requesting information about users for the purpose of conducting an investigation or investigation duly carried out by the competent authority and judicial authority.

5.4. These are the cases where it is necessary to provide information to protect the rights and security of users.

6) E-Mail Marketing Processes Permission

We, as Dopinger, would like to receive your feedback on a regular basis in order to establish a closer relationship with our customers and to serve you better. For this reason, the e-mail contact information that you shared while filling out the Dopinger feedback form can be used in notification and e-mail marketing processes. This data can be used to learn about your satisfaction with the services and products offered by our company, your feedback, and to share messages such as campaigns and announcements with you.

In addition, the e-mail addresses of users who register for our E-mail newsletter on our blog and website organized by Dopinger or by filling out a similar form can also be used for these purposes.

The e-mail contact information of users registered with their Dopinger e-mail addresses can also be used in the process of sharing campaigns, announcements, feedback, and surveys accordingly.

7) Cookies

7.1. Users and customers know and accept that information about the use of the website is obtained as a technical communication file and will be recorded during their visit to

7.2. Users and customers know that the personal technical information (cookies) mentioned in Article 6.1 of the Privacy Policy can be produced as advertisements and content on user pages specially designed for them and allow the use of the information.

7.3. Users and customers have been informed by the performance of this contract that this personal information to be provided by users and customers will not contain any private information from the main memory, personal files, and e-mails of the said users and customers.

7.4. Technical information (cookies) can be set in such a way that it can be canceled by the users and customers if they wish, or a warning can be received if technical information is shared. This is entirely at the discretion of the user and customers.

You may find more detailed information about the use of cookies from the link below. reserves the right to change the terms of the Privacy Policy presented with the above-mentioned articles, at any time, by notifying the users. The privacy policy and its provisions will become effective from the date of publication or update.

For any questions or suggestions regarding our Privacy and Security Policy, you can send an e-mail to [email protected] or contact us at the following contact information:

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