Structured Data Testing Tool

Structured Data Testing Tool checks the validity of the structured data configured to make your web pages more meaningful. It gives you information about your structured data and lets you check up on your markups. In short, it is the tool that helps you understand how you are doing in terms of structured data. With the structured data testing tool, you will be helping the search engine spiders by measuring the comprehensibility of your pages and content. By assisting the search engine bots, you can present your site in a more meaningful way and affect your rankings positively.

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What Is Structured Data?

Structured data are code markups that make your information intelligible to search engines and enable them to understand your site's content better. Google reads the signals of these codes and uses them as rich snippets in search results.

Generally speaking, any additional information found next to a website's description is structured data. Creating structured data helps search engine bots to understand your site better. The better Google understands your site, the higher it ranks.

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How Is Structured Data Testing Tool Used?

To rank high in Google search results, you must use structured data markups in your pages and content. In the next step, you must proceed to the testing stage. Taking advantage of the structured data testing tool in specified periods will help you progress systematically. Using the structured data testing tool consists of a few simple steps;

  • Firstly, paste the site URL into the box that says "URL" on our tool page.
  • Once the data loads, click on the "Web Page Analyzer" tab in the "Dashboard."
  • When you scroll down in the web page analyzer, you will see the results of your structured data test under "Structured Data."
  • Structured data test is presented under three subheadings; these are, open graph protocol, and microformats.
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Why Is Structured Data Necessary for SEO?

The use of structured data is of great importance for SEO, as it allows the Google search engine to understand your content better. Because, through the use of structured data, Google can obtain accurate and intelligible information about your content on your site. No matter how thorough your content is in your SEO work, it is imperative that it is in a crawlable and understandable structure. Structured data processes are a quick and easy way to describe the data you provide about your site.

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Structured Data Testing Tool F.A.Q.

Click the questions to see frequently asked questions and their answers.

It is a type of code dictionary that can be added to HTML for formatting pages to improve how websites rank in Google search engines.

Structured data testing is the process of checking the structured data of the content and pages on your site.

Our structured data testing tool is created with secure software, and it's completely harmless.

You can learn whether your content is fit for structured data or not with the structured data testing tool.

Our structured data testing tool is available entirely free of charge.

You can test your structured data by scanning your page URL in our tool page's web page analyzer section. After the web page analysis is completed, you will see your structured data markups in the analysis details.

The use of structured data helps search engines to understand and crawl your site better. Therefore, it carries great importance in terms of SEO.

You can do your structured data test when you perform a new markup or when you get an error about your structured data on the Google console.

The structured data testing tool allows testing the structured data on your website.

The advantage of the structured data testing tool is that you make sure the content on your website is more understandable, thanks to its structured data control feature.

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I was struggling with schema markup, but this tool made it so much simpler. I also thank you for providing it free of charge.


I use Structured Data Test tool occasionally to audit my website's structured data. I will also try Dopinger's other tools.


I love the simplicity of this tool. It's helped me optimize my site's structured data for better search engine recognition.

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