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As Dopinger.com, we attach great importance to digital marketing and SEO, which is developing day by day. We offer you the tools that we believe will be useful in the sector free of charge. One of these tools is the “Rank Tracker Tool.”

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What Is Rank Tracker?

Rank tracker is one of our free tools that allows you to monitor the position of your keywords on the search engine results page or SERP. All you have to do is enter the URL of your website (or a competitor's) and hit analyze. Apart from simply monitoring queries, you can get detailed information on each of your keywords. Moreover, you can filter by keyword or URL, choose between TOP 1 and TOP 100, and get a comprehensive report. All for free!

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Why Is It Important to Know Your Site's Ranking?

Learning the ranking of your site and tracking it regularly will help you in your SEO work. With “Rank Tracker,” you can see the efficiency of your work or observe its inefficiency and develop analysis and strategies accordingly. For these reasons, it is of great importance for SEO studies to learn and follow the ranking of your site.

What Are the Advantages of the Rank Tracking Tool?

As Dopinger, we offer you tools that will help you in the field of digital marketing and SEO. They are free of charge. The Rank tracking tool, which helps you learn the ranking of your site on Google, has many advantages. Some of these advantages are:

1. avantaj

It is a free and reliable SEO tool. It does not ask for any specific information from you and does not store your information.

2. avantaj

The results we show on the Rank Tracker tool are 100% organic Google search results.

3. avantaj

There is no specific daily or weekly limit to follow your site's ranking. You can use our tool unlimitedly.

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How to Use the Rank Tracking Tool

The rank tracking tool is straightforward to use; with a few simple steps, you can see your site's ranking on google for free.

This will bring up the results of the site you searched for. From here, you can see your site's ranking and analyze it accordingly. As you can see, finding your site's ranking is quite easy with the Dopinger Rank Tracker.

Dopinger SEO Tools

Dopinger offers free SEO tools to analyze your websites and create strategies to increase their performance. Here are the tools that we offer that can give a boost to your websites:

SEO Checker

SEO Checker Tool

SEO Checker tool is a tool that allows your website to be analyzed and reported according to all SEO criteria.

site analysis

Website Analyzer Tool

The Website Analyzer tool lets you find out the missing or faulty parts of your website and also informs you about the technical SEO details.

competitor analysis tool

Competitor Analyzer

This tool helps you analyze the competitors in your sector that share the same targeted keywords.

website speed test

Website Speed Test

With our site speed test tool, you can analyze the page opening speed of your site in detail, both on mobile and desktop.

rank checker tool

Rank Checker Tool

Rank Checker is a professional tool that allows you to determine the position of your website in search engines.

duplicate content checker tool

Duplicate Content Checker

The Duplicate Content Checker tool lets you see if you have any copy or duplicate content on your site.

mobile-friendly test tool

Mobile-friendly Test

It performs the mobile compatibility test of your website and presents the errors to you.

Structured Data Test Tool

Structured Data Test

It allows you to check whether there is structured data marked on your site and the validity of this data.

Rank Tracker F.A.Q.

Click the questions to see frequently asked questions and their answers.

Rank Tracker is a completely free tool.

You can use all the tools on Dopinger.com with peace of mind.

No personal data will be requested from you for any vehicle. We advise you to stay away from sites that ask for your personal data.

SERP is the results pages that appear when you enter a word or any word into the search engine.

It is the score given to your site based on certain factors such as your site's domain age, SEO techniques, and IP address.

With the Dopinger Site Tracking Tool, you can see the ranking of your site, analyze accordingly and produce strategies.

We talked about how to use the tool above, if you complete the steps thoroughly, you can use the tool efficiently.

Thanks to the Dopinger Rank Tracking Tool, you can track the ranking of your site and observe the ups and downs of your site.

Rank tracking is the process of tracking a website's search engine ranking positions for a chosen set of keywords or search queries. It is about tracking and analyzing the organic positions of keywords over time.

Tracking how your keywords rank gives you an idea of how Google feels your content stacks up against the competition. And that's extremely useful knowledge! It can assist you in determining whether or not your optimization efforts are effective.

A rank tracking tool is vital for an SEO who is in charge of a website's organic traffic. Knowing how a site ranks and how those rankings have changed over time can help an SEO expert to figure out what methods to employ to boost both rankings and organic traffic.

Google's personalized search is the main cause of ranking differences in our tool and in your browser.

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When doing keyword analysis, I also needed the volumes of the keywords. Thanks to Rank Tracker, I can access search volumes for free. Thank you!


I can also analyze my competitors with the Rank Tracker tool and see which keywords they are ranking for. I will check out your other SEO tools as well.


It's great that the Rank Tracker tool is free. This way, I can see my ranking for each keyword and the volumes of the keywords. If you sign up, you can also download the report for free.

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