How to Use Google Keyword Planner Tool?

A high ranking on search engine results is essential if you are an online business, website, or blog owner and want to show your online presence. You will need a keyword planner tool to assist you in achieving your goal, whether it be increased online traffic to your website or a high ranking on Google searches.

Without a doubt, keywords strengthen your content, draw in your target market, and thus help your business. How do we discover the keywords with the highest volumes, then? How can we make sure to choose the ideal keyword for our business, or how can we increase our website rankings in Google search results and increase traffic?

All these questions lead to one answer: Google keyword planner tool. To answer your questions and help you strengthen your online presence, we will talk about the Google keyword planner today. This article will find the definitions of Google keywords and keyword research. We will explain the Google keyword planner tool and provide you with the steps to use it. 

A Brief Introduction to Google Keywords: What Are They? How Do They Work?

Keywords or SEO (search engine optimization) are the words or phrases people type into search engines to find a certain subject or piece of content. The top result will always include the relevant keywords when entering a single word or a long sentence in the Google search box. Your website’s authority, quality, and relevance will affect how highly your page ranks in search results.

Using the right keywords might help search engine results indicate to users what they can expect from your business or website. They make sure that your target audience sees you in search engine results. By using the right keywords, you can make sure that your business gains recognition and popularity. Utilizing keywords will therefore aid Google in recognizing your website and increasing organic traffic.

You must conduct keyword research if you are unaware of how to identify the right keywords, how to look up the search volumes for your keywords, or how much traffic your keywords are likely to drive to your website. Check out the following section to better understand keyword research and how to perform it.

What Is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is the process of identifying the phrases or words your target audience uses. By doing keyword research, you may target SEO, rank highly online, attract a large amount of traffic, and determine the demands of your target audience.

Keyword research plays a crucial role, especially if you plan to optimize your website for SEO (search engine optimization). It isn’t easy to downplay the significance of SEO because it helps you choose keywords and rank higher in search engine results. This is why you may want to think about doing keyword research regarding your products, target market, industry, and competitors.

It’s crucial to pick the right keywords. This is the main reason why you should carry out keyword research. However, you could get lost in keyword research if you don’t know where to start. You can create a keyword research checklist to avoid getting lost.

How to Perform Keyword Research

If you’re unsure how to perform keyword research, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Brainstorm about what your target audience and competitors are thinking
  2. Write down any words that come to your mind, be creative
  3. Select the research keyword planner tool you will use
  4. Analyze your keywords and look for the ones that are long-tailed and low on competition
how to perform keyword research

You have it now! You now know the simple requirements for beginning keyword research. As you can see, selecting a keyword planner tool is essential while conducting keyword research. Without making a decision, you can find it difficult to analyze your thoughts, find new keyword ideas, or forecast the effectiveness of your keywords. Because of this, we shall describe what a keyword planner tool is in the following part.

What Is A Keyword Planner Tool?

The Keyword Planner Tool is a tool that enables you to explore keywords and evaluate their potential for your company and campaigns so that you can plan your campaigns. Its major objective is to support your keyword research and analysis. This tool offers essential data on the keywords that will aid in the creation of your SEO plans.

A keyword planner tool can help you understand the competition and its keywords. You can concentrate on the keywords with little competition by keeping an eye on the ones your competitors are already using and the ones your competitors aren’t using.

google keyword planner tool

A keyword planner tool is essential to optimize your website for search engines (SEO). Some third-party tools and search engine tools could assist you in researching and analyzing the terms you’re looking for. Causing you to be unsure of which one to pick.

We advise checking the Google keyword planner tool. We’ll discuss in the following section if you want to improve your Google ranking and ensure your website has keywords that will drive online traffic from Google searches.

Advantages of Using Google Keyword Planner Tool

Google Keyword Planner Tool is a free keyword planner that assists you in researching and analyzing keywords in terms of their typical monthly searches, level of competition, and seasonality. Using this tool, an SEO professional types in the search terms they wish to use and receives a list of results. The SEO specialist can then understand how well the keywords might perform if they were to be used in the campaign.

You might be perplexed as to why you even need to use the Google Keyword Planner tool. You can gain insight into possible keywords and their performance using keyword planner tools. However, using the Google keyword planner tool, you can learn more about how new and potential terms are performing in Google search results.

Outcomes of Using Google Keyword Planning Tool

It’s quite difficult to dismiss the importance of Google search engine results. Because most users turn to Google while conducting online searches. Consequently, if you use the Google keyword planner tool, you can get the following outcomes:

  1. New or additional keywords
  2. How your keywords will potentially perform
  3. Potential clicks, impressions, or views your keywords will get
outcomes of using google keyword planning tool

It is difficult to ignore the numerous advantages of the Google Keyword Planner tool. Not only does it offer unique keyword suggestions, but it also provides a notion of the phrases that rank highest on Google. As a result, it significantly affects your SEO rankings on Google search results.

A Guide on Using Google Keyword Planner Tool

Although the Google keyword planner tool is great at giving information, its layout and appearance may be confusing. This is why considering the information we have provided above; there are a few steps you must take if you intend to use the Google Planner Tool. 

To help you follow the right steps through your goal of searching and analyzing keywords and use the tool smoothly, let’s now look into the following steps you must take while using the Google keyword planner tool:

Access to Google Keyword Planner Tool and Choose Your Action

To access the Google keyword planner tool, you must first have a Google Ads account. After registering to Google Ads, follow these steps to access to Google keyword planner tool:

  1. Go to your profile
  2. Click on the “tools” button
  3. Tap on the “keyword planner.”
  4. Choose between “discover new keywords” or “get search volume and forecasts.”
google keyword planner

Select “discover new keywords” if you want to find new keywords. You could attempt to locate keywords in your field in this way. While searching for new keywords, remember to be specific when describing your business.

If you have a list of keywords and want to see their search volumes, the “get search volume and forecasts” option will work best for you. Although you won’t find any new keywords by taking this action, you will be able to see how frequently each of the keywords you came up with is searched for. You might also guess how many clicks or impressions the keyword you typed might receive.

Filter The Keywords and Analyze Them

This time, you will filter the information you obtain from the tools for “discovering new keywords” and “getting search volume.” Filters are available for location, language, date range, and search networks. By doing so, you may specify the country and language in which your company is based and decide whether you want to get results from Google alone or Google and its partners.


The next step is to assess your results after receiving them, depending on the filters. You must look through the results list and sort them according to relevancy, level of competition, and average monthly searches to examine them. You can use this to select the ideal keyword for your company.

Choose Your Keyword

It’s time to choose new or additional keywords that will aid you in completing your intended campaign now that you have information regarding search volumes and keyword competitiveness. As mentioned earlier, what you will do with the knowledge you acquired through the processes may be something you ponder. Although they may be useful, the keywords you gather at the end of your research may not be the ones you want to employ.

After generating a list of potential campaign-helpful keywords, you should consult your team to determine whether they fall inside your marketing budget. Depending on your budget, you may decide to exclude specific terms or search for alternatives that might get better user feedback.

Note that you don’t have to employ certain keywords just because they appeared in your search results. Your choice of keywords will also be heavily influenced by your business plan, marketing budget, and website’s online presence. You might seek alternative keywords if the one you found doesn’t fit them.


Finally, this article covered Google keywords, keyword research, and the Google keyword planner tool. We gave you instructions on using the Google keyword planner tool to help you discover new keywords and analyze the search volumes and forecasts for your existing keywords.

We hope you now have a better grasp of how Google keywords operate. Also, the significance of keyword research and how the Google keyword planner tool may assist you in finding keywords for your business. Let’s put everything you’ve learned about using Google keywords into practice now that this article is at an end.

Frequently Asked Questions About

Absolutely. Google keyword planner tool is a free-of-charge tool for Google Ads.

Using the Google keyword planner tool helps you discover new keyword ideas and helps you categorize the keywords you found regarding your business. Additionally, it shows average monthly searches on Google and displays past data and forecasts for the future.

You can use the filters when utilizing the Google Keyword Planner tool to determine your target market. You may specify a location, language, and keywords you want to neglect while making your investigation. And you might also locate the people you’re searching for in this method.

Checking your Google ranking should be your first step. You might determine which keywords need to be enhanced by observing which are successful and which are not. By doing so, you can concentrate on the keywords that will attract visitors. You should also pay attention to the visual appeal of your website by working on your layout and navigation to keep visitors.

You should conduct keyword research to find new keywords. While doing so, try to brainstorm with your team. Follow the latest trends, read online forums, and observe the market and your competitors. Also ask the opinion of your target audience. Make sure to find long-tailed keywords that are low on competition.

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