How Long Should a Blog Post Be?

If you started writing a blog, you probably have some questions in your head. And one of the most important things that you should decide is “How long should a blog post be?” The reasons why this question is so important are various. Let’s see a few points to find the ideal blog post length.

Tips for Deciding the Length of your Blog Post:

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Considering the tips below may help you while deciding on your blog post:

  1. How many words long a post influences search results.

    You probably have too much effort on your blog, and you want it to be seen by people. That will be possible by search engines. You should always keep in mind that search engines are your best tool for your blog post to be spread, and you should set a great SEO to achieve that goal of yours.

  2. Word count should meet the content.

    Your content is another different point on deciding word count. If you have thin content, you may want to prepare short posts for it.

  3. Use keywords about your topic various and frequently.

    If you want search engines to boost your results, you should use keywords properly. Keyword research is widespread among users, which is a perfect path to show your content to them.

  4. Using SEMrush SEO content template will help you the most. 

    Boosting up your blog post is basically a content marketing process. You want more people to read/consume your post/product. SEMrush SEO Content Template is an excellent tool for digital marketing.

blog length affects search results

The Length of a Blog Post Affects the Search Results

SEO research is essential for this process. SEO means search engine optimization, which is also related to article word count. Search engines may apply different algorithms during the search process of your blog post. A 1500 words post and 300 words post can have different alignments in the results, or even the search engine may omit to search 300 words article since it is too short. It would be best to remember that it is not a social media post (like a tweet on Twitter or a Facebook post). So, writing longer than 200 or 300 words may be beneficial. There are short posts on particular topics, of course, but if you have a much shorter article than other articles on the same topic, you may have some difficulties. 

word count

Word Count 

As said in the previous paragraph, if other posts have similar word counts, it probably will not create a problem. Besides the search engine optimization, the relationship between content and the word count has a reciprocal effect on the attention spans of the reader of your post. If you believe that your topic is interesting enough to keep the reader to read 2500 words, you may prefer to write a longer blog post. Otherwise, if you think this topic is more like a “read-in-need” post, which means people want to read quick information about a topic to cope with another stuff, even 1000 words may be too much. 

Various and Frequent Keyword Use

If you use different variations of your keywords, there will be higher possibilities for your content to show up. Keywords may consist not only of the synonyms of the keywords but also may consist of related words. Some users do not precisely know what they are looking for, so using related words will help your post show up in search of other keyword searches made by these people with these associated words. You can evaluate different possibilities and find these words. Using smart keywords will help you a lot. 

semrush seo content template

One Useful Example: SEMrush SEO Content Template

SEMrush SEO Content Template is highly useful to determine the major components of your blog post. It will help you find keywords, reach statistics about these keywords, set ideal search engine optimization, etc. You can track all statistics about your content and decide on the different paths to boost your blog posts. When you start a blog, you may find it very difficult to be lost between all the numbers and charts, so SEMrush will help you begin. Moreover, not just starting, It has a bunch of tools for professionals.

It is free to use for seven days with no restrictions, so you can always try the SEMrush SEO Content Template’s fantastic features.

Concluding the Lenght of a Blog Post

To sum up, if you want your blog post to be seen and famous, you should consider the word count. It is because of the search engine optimization, attention span of the readers, and keywords research. These variables are hard to set together, so you can always get help from SEMrush SEO Content Template. 

Frequently Asked Questions About

Even though the answer to this question is very dependent on the topic, you can try a method to decide this for almost all subjects. You may try to create subheadings. If there are many subheadings, this may mean that you have a dense topic to discuss on. Other than this, it would be best if you researched your subjects to find whether it is thin or thick content.

There are a few; for example, you may avoid too long sentences. It will be your reading very hard-to-read. Also, you can try to use subheadings to facilitate navigating your post. It will make your post much more comfortable to read. It may attract some readers who don’t want to read all the article, but just want to read related part with oneself. 

Today, it is effortless to start a blog. There are a lot of free websites that allow you to create your own blog. You can always express yourself on very different sites with different methods of blogging. 

You can create different scenarios that you don’t know, or you can’t think of keywords at these moments. You will automatically start to think of an alternative or related keywords with your topic. Think it wisely; it is a great helper. 

Some yes, some no. Social media posts are generally consumed very fast, so they should be as short as possible. However, also the critical point must be intriguing. Attention span works very differently on social media than searching on a search engine. But it is the topic of another article. 

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  1. Dylan Coleman
    Dylan Coleman

    This blog post is a great starting point for understanding how length affects the quality of a blog post. However, it’s important to remember that there is no one-size-fits-all answer – it depends on the topic, audience, and purpose. Keep experimenting to find the right balance for your blog!