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Throughout the journey of improving your website, the best thing about websites is that there are a lot of ways to implement new things into your website because not every website works the same way when it comes to the improvement of the website. Among every possible way one of the most efficient ways for your website to attract the attention of visitors is the appearance of your website. If you customize your website’s cover to the visitors’ liking, you will attract visitors. Even if it seems easy to attract visitors and rank up your website, it still requires a lot of time to take effect on your website. You decided to customize your website’s appearance. However, you still do not know where to buy WordPress themes. Rest assured, we are here to help you. In today’s article, we will tell you the best places to buy WordPress themes. 


If you created your website not a long time ago and are also a beginner, you cannot be an expert right after the beginning. So it is good for you to start with basics because if you cannot grasp the function of WordPress, there is no point in you to level up the themes you will use in your website. 

WordPress.org helps you to submit a lot of free WordPress themes that you can use for your website. Since these themes are checked by the community, you can use them from the WordPress dashboard. As we mentioned recently, the most useful aspect of wordpress.org is that it allows you to use different themes for free. However, this is not the only aspect that WordPress is offering us: 

  1. Plugins: WordPress.org hosts conserve too much free plugins. These plugins are extras to be a part of your WordPress website. Plugins’ sole purpose is to help you to enhance your website with SEO optimization. It would be great to learn how to install WordPress plugins.
  2. Forums: Like most websites, wordpress.org also has a support forum where you can ask for help from users about WordPress theme problems. Simply put, forums help both users looking for help and assist with WordPress itself. 
  3. Resources: WordPress.org provides theme and plugin resources for developers who want to improve their websites. These resources are not only limited to themes and plugins but also include guidelines and coding standards. 
  4. Documentation: WordPress provides user guides for beginners and experienced users. This documentation includes configuration, installation, and themes for two types of users.  


You have learned about the basics of WordPress theme by using its free theme options. However, you are making progress every day, and in time, you will need further upgrades for your website. Naturally, the free themes’ opportunities for your website are different from the premium ones. So you can discover where to buy WordPress themes.


ThemeForest is a popular marketplace that offers its users premium WordPress themes to purchase better WordPress themes. Since Themeforest includes premium WordPress themes for users, they provide a great variety of themes to buy, such as e-commerce, blogging, and business. Anonymous users are the ones who share their themes with features to support ThemeForest and help the users customize their websites. 

The best thing about Themeforest is the various categories it offers to its users. However, this is not the only thing that Themeforest provides its users. Let’s look at what Themeforest is offering its users: 

  • Quality: Regarding the website’s appearance, it is crucial for marketplaces to offer their useful themes. Reviews decide the premium themes in Themeforest if these themes are efficient for websites to be used by users. 
  • Updates: Premium themes of Themeforest are constantly getting updates from the creators of certain themes. The creators of these themes pay attention to the users’ reviews and fix the problems occurring in them. Updates will help creators upgrade their themes to the users’ liking, and users will be satisfied with the results, so both sides will be happy about the results. 
  • Payment Options: ThemeForest has different options of payment methods. One of the payment methods is purchasing a subscription. The users supporting ThemeForest’s service can purchase a subscription and access more premium assets. 

Elegant Themes 

Like Themeforest, Elegant Themes is also popular in the WordPress community to buy WordPress themes, mainly creating premium assets for its users. Their most popular product is the “Divi” theme, which is well-known for its flexible usage. Elegant Themes has a wide range of themes for their users’ liking.  

If you are in the WordPress community and running your own premium theme marketplace, you will realize the importance of offering different types of themes for your users. However, providing different types of premium themes is not the only thing Elegant Themes does for its users. Let’s look at what Elegant Themes is also providing its users. 

  • Divi Theme: We recently mentioned the Divi theme. The Divi theme’s popularity among users is not only because of its flexible usage but also because it offers users a customizable theme. In addition, Divi theme helps its users to create authentic website layouts, so you do not need to do coding to adjust your website’s layouts. 
  • Bloom and Monarch Plugins: Bloom and Monarch are the most popular two plugins of Elegant Themes. The plugin “Bloom” is for email usage to enhance email lists, and “Monarch” is for adjusting social media engagement.  
  • Updates: The already well-known themes and plugins of Elegant Themes are also getting updates constantly to be presentable to users. Elegant Themes pays attention to updating its themes and plugins to fix bugs. However, not only is it for fixing bugs to increase the quality of their digital assets but also for improving and adding new features in both plugins and themes. 


StudioPress is a popular Marketplace in the WordPress community to buy WordPress themes where you can purchase WordPress themes. A famous brand is mainly known for its Genesis Framework. For bloggers, Genesis Framework is a recommended choice if they want to create their website appearance more seriously and professionally. Not only does Genesis Framework help users to make their website look professional, but it also helps them benefit from SEO optimization.  


The features and opportunities that StudioPress offers its users already have an attention-grabbing energy. However, just like the other famous brands, these are not the only things StudioPress provides its users. Let’s look at what StudioPress provides its users: 

  • Genesis Framework: Genesis Framework can be considered the main source of StudioPress, and the reason for that is what Genesis Framework offers to its users. It is a WordPress framework that offers its users a foundation for creating websites. Genesis Framework is responsible for creating the appearance of your website along with the extra themes it provides to its users. 
  • SEO: One of the important things about StudioPress is its SEO-supported optimization. StudioPress can be the best choice for the ones who want to increase the website’s discoverability and improve the appearance of their website. 
  • Child Themes: StudioPress has a lot of child themes that are supposed to be used with the Genesis Framework. These child themes are pre-designed templates, so you can take inspiration to create your website theme.  
  • Security: Genesis Framework has a security system that helps its users secure their WordPress websites.  
  • Performance: Genesis Framework is always working on the optimization of its themes to offer its users the latest version of its premium themes. 

WooCommerce Theme Store 

WooCommerce Theme Store is an e-commerce plugin well-known in the WordPress community. If you want to create an e-commerce website and buy themes, WooCommerce Theme Store provides e-commerce themes for e-commerce websites. The best thing about WooCommerce Theme Store is that it contains every kind of theme for every kind of product for e-commerce websites. Users who want to create their e-commerce website should consider keeping up with their users’ product history and adjusting their website’s appearance according to the information they got from their users’ recommended product transactions. 

Since WooCommerce is a well-known e-commerce plugin in the WordPress community, we think this will be useful for e-commerce website owners. So let’s look at what else WooCommerce Theme Store offers to its users: 

  • WooCommerce Plugin: WooCommerce plugin is a public e-commerce plugin popular in the WordPress community. It helps you to customize your website as an e-commerce online store. 
  • WooCommerce-Compatible Themes: These are the themes that you will choose for your e-commerce website. Every theme in WooCommerce Themes Store is optimized for only e-commerce websites. That means you will be able to sell your products to your customers. 
  • Design: According to your website’s product types and brand, you will decide which theme is best for your e-commerce website. In addition, these themes also provide special customization options. 
  • eCommerce Features: These features can be useful for pages such as account pages, shop pages, and product pages. In addition, eCommerce features can also include tax settings.  
  • Display: You need to customize your product’s display to run an eCommerce website. WooCommerce Theme Store allows you to use authentic displays for your e-commerce website. 


MyThemeShop is a WordPress brand that performs the services of making their users purchase WordPress themes just like every other WordPress brand. The one thing about MyThemeShop that makes its brand more precise is its target of SEO optimization. MyThemeShop aims to help its users decide which theme would be the best choice while focusing on their website’s SEO rankings. 


MyThemeShop not only provides WordPress themes for sale but also provides SEO management to their users’ websites. Here is what else MyThemeShop offers to its users: 

  • Premium Plugins: MyThemeShop also has premium plugins in its theme shop. These premium plugins are extra features for your website. 
  • Responsive Design: The themes from MyThemeShop are optimized to be responsive, which will adjust the screen sizes for every device so it is possible for others to visit your website through different devices. 
  • Community: MyThemeShop has an active community. That means you will be able to access the latest version of themes and people from the community who are willing to help the new users how to use MyThemeShop. 
  • Pricing: Including membership plans that allow you to use all of their themes and plugins, MyThemeShop gives you different pricing options. 

Let’s consider every aspect of these WordPress theme brands. MyThemeShop guarantees their users proper themes for their website’s content and gives them a higher rank in terms of SEO management. 

Choose Your Theme and Release Your Imagination 

In today’s article, we talked about where you can buy WordPress themes for the content of your website. It is possible that you can even achieve your goals with only limited resources. However, if you want to create your website and customize its appearance related to its content, you have to remember that it will require some time to achieve what you aimed for. Even if you are impatient, that is still not enough reason to limit your imagination. So do not hesitate to release your imagination to make your website look better! 

Frequently Asked Questions About

Free themes can easily be found without paying for these themes in WordPress.org. On the other hand, the premium themes provide extra features and can only be bought with price. 

Of course! You can choose your website’s appearance to your liking. Since WordPress themes have customization options, you can change your website’s appearance through the customization option. 

A child theme helps you to make your customization without changing the original theme. A child theme also helps you to save your changes. 

Yes, most of the WordPress themes are optimized with an SEO system. 

Yes, WordPress saves your progress in the theme you are working on. As a result, your content remains with your progress, and you can switch to a different theme.  

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