What Is eRank? (Etsy Rank)

What Is eRank? (Etsy Rank)

Although we may not realize it, the internet radically changes every aspect of our lives. One of these aspects is trade. Perhaps no one could have predicted this since the internet came into our lives. However, traditional trading methods have lost their strong position to online platforms thanks to the internet. What eRank is and what it does is that it represents artists, craftsmen, and collectors among these e-commerce platforms. In fact, there is room for much more here. Moreover, the features that every e-commerce platform has are also here. The most striking feature of the platform is that 4 out of 5 sellers are women. This platform, which reflects the power of women in e-commerce, manages to compete with the giants of the market.

Of course, there are some tips you can apply to become a successful seller on this platform as well. By evaluating these tips, you can ensure that your products rank higher in eRank. But first, let’s explain more clearly what eRank is.

Etsy Rank Guide

Etsy Rank aims to improve the ranking of sellers’ listings on the platform. The tool uses SEO so that sellers can push their listings higher in the rankings. First of all, let’s say that this tool is completely free for Etsy sellers. Let’s start taking a closer look at the tool now. It works in a format that displays different metrics for rankings to sellers. This table is called dashboard. Here you can move between different tabs. Each tab provides important insights to develop your online store further. Thus, you may push your listings higher. Besides, you can also learn more about Etsy trends by browsing these tabs. So, what are the most prominent features of the tool?

The tool specializes in detecting long-tail keywords that consumers use while searching for products across all online platforms. It also provides important reports by comparing your Etsy store with your competitors on the platform.

Let’s say you have made the necessary changes to your lists with the insights provided by the tool. How would you know which change how effective? For this, it also provides the ability to track the changes you have made to your lists. Thus, you will be able to understand how much a change contributed to the ranking of your listings. Let’s start using this tool now.

Etsy eRank

Getting Started with eRank

Before you start using the tool, you need to register. Don’t worry. It’s completely free to register. After you register, you need to integrate the eRank tool with your Etsy store. You can easily do this via the eRank menu. But before we do that, let’s talk a little bit about what you will encounter in eRank. Next, we’ll talk about how to connect your Etsy shop to eRank.

Before you link your Etsy store to your eRank account, the data the tool will provide you can help you gain solid insights into the platform. First, it shows the best-performing stores for each category on the platform. Not only that. It also provides users with data about the sales of these stores. So, how exactly can this data help you?

First of all, thanks to this data, you may evaluate the performance of competing stores in your category. On the other hand, this data will also provide very clear insights into which products are selling the most. That is valuable data that may provide you with solid ideas about which products to make and sell. Another advantage of this data is that it can also provide you with valuable insights into trends. Finally, thanks to eRank, you may analyze the sources from which people who follow your store come to you. Let’s now explain how you can connect your Etsy store to eRank. For this, simply follow these steps:

  1. Log into your eRank account and your Etsy shop.
  2. Click on the Settings option in the upper right corner of your eRank account.
  3. Go to the Your Shops option.
  4. Here, you will see a blue Connect Another Shop button. Hit it.
  5. That will lead you to your Etsy shop. Approve this notification by hitting Allow Access.

In-Depth Review

The main purpose of eRank is to optimize your listings for Etsy search results. In doing so, it benefits from the power of SEO. It focuses on a number of elements to improve your listings in terms of SEO. Headings come first among these elements. In this context, it evaluates how well the titles match your keyword. The closer the match, the better the SEO of your titles. The tool also inspects your tags for character limitations. The platform allows sellers to use up to twenty characters for tags. That encourages sellers to be careful while using long-tail keywords in their titles.

Let’s talk about labels in a little more detail because they are important. The Etsy search algorithm considers tags to understand what any product is about. In this context, while preparing tags for a product, you should use tags that will specify the product as much as possible. In this way, you will ensure that your product tags can also appeal to more specific searches. That will undoubtedly increase your competitiveness on the Etsy platform significantly. I think that’s enough to explain how important tags are to your listings.

Another important topic related to eRAnk is the tools it provides to users. It offers users a keyword tool and a rank checker. These tools are an essential part of using eRank. Therefore, we should move to another subheading to talk about them deeply.

eRank Keyword Tool

Most Useful eRank Tools

Keyword Tool

The keyword tool shares the search volume data of the keywords it finds related to the relevant search queries. So, how can you evaluate this information? First, keywords with high search volume provide solid insights into which products are seeing the most demand in the market. That will give you a good idea of what products you should sell in your online store. Besides, data on search volumes may also help you gain insight into which keywords are more competitive. You may access the keyword tool on the dashboard page. Then, you may type the keywords you are interested in or curious about in order.

eRank Rank Checker

Rank Checker

To use Rank Checker, you first need to type a keyword. Then, the tool will provide you with a report evaluating your competitiveness for the relevant keyword. At the same time, the demand power for the keyword is also included in this report. That is the kind of data that will provide insights into the future. In addition, data about your current situation is also in this report. So, you may find your current participation in the relevant keywords here. You may also view how optimized your listings are in this tool. The tool has another big advantage. It shows how much your competitors are paying to place an ad for a particular keyword.

How to Use Keyword and Rank Checker

As we have mentioned, eRank is a web-based plugin. It checks the optimization of your products. Thus, it offers the best listing optimization suggestions by platform. Before you start using this plugin, you need to integrate it with your Etsy store. But, we have also shared with you how to do this at the beginning of this article. So, we may start using this tool directly now.

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You can measure the competition for specific keywords with the Keyword Explorer. First, type your relevant keyword into the tool. The tool will show you the results that match your search query in green. You can use these keywords by selecting the appropriate ones for your products. So, how will updating your listings and product descriptions using these words give you benefits? First of all, you may expand the search queries to list your products by using these keywords. In this way, you will ensure that more people see your products. Second, these keywords can also give you an idea of new products to sell in your store.

How to Use eRank for Pricing Your Products

One of the most basic issues that may help you increase your sales in an e-commerce platform is pricing. In this regard, Etsy rank also has solutions that can help you optimize your product prices. However, you will have to roll up your sleeves in this regard first. Before starting this business, first, perform your own price research. Then, you can start calculating the pricing for your own products by using eRank. Begin the calculate the pricing using the eRank ROI Calculator. This tool helps you calculate the cost per product of your ad campaigns. Another tool you can use while pricing your products is the Profit Calculator. You may enter your labor, material, ad, and logistics costs per product in this tool. The tool automatically calculates the fees you have to pay to the Etsy platform while calculating your profit.

Another feature that can help you significantly with pricing is the Compare Listings feature. This feature allows sellers to compare four listings with metrics, including product price. Besides, we recommend that you make use of the Price Range bar chart in the Keyword Tool while determining your product prices. Just type your keyword related to the product you want to know about the popular price ranges. You may view the number of products in the relevant price group by hovering the mouse cursor over the price bars.

eRank Pricing

ERank Premium

Up to this point, we’ve tried to explain how to optimize your Etsy listings using the free version of eRank. However, like every online SEO tool, eRank has a premium version. And this premium version comes with much more advanced features to further enhance your Etsy shop. One of these prominent premium features is known as the Trend Buzz report. This report includes data about consumers shopping on the Etsy platform in six different countries. The most important of these data is the report that shows which words these users search for to buy any product. ERank premium users can review this report in two different periods, the last 15 days or one week. However, users can also perform this search via other online trading platforms with eRank premium.

Another important feature of the premium version is the conversions data it provides. Thanks to the data in the conversion report, you may analyze the source of the traffic that contributes to the conversion. For example, a user may have accessed your Etsy store list through a post you made on Pinterest. Or, they may have bought a product by coming to your list with the promotional campaign you’ve carried out on other social networks. Despite these possibilities, the most common way a consumer accesses an Etsy listing is through Etsy searches. So, the conversion report shows which of these sources your shoppers reach your list from. Using this information, you may focus your efforts on the channels that contribute the most to your conversion rates.

Final Thoughts on eRank

In order to be successful on the Etsy platform, you must develop your Etsy store. There is a comprehensive plugin that may help you with this issue. This plugin is called eRank. It contains a lot of data to help you improve your Etsy ranking. It also analyzes this data and offers you SEO tips. So, we have tried to explain how to improve your Etsy store by using eRank Etsy. We have also mentioned in detail the eRank tools that may help you in this regard. We hope this guide will help you find solutions that can make your Etsy shop successful.

Frequently Asked Questions

These tools are the Keyword tool, Rank Checker, ROI Calculator, and Profit Calculator.

It provides you with data about consumers shopping on e-commerce platforms in six different countries. It mainly shows which words these consumers use to search for any product. The data in these reports can go back a week or two. It totally depends on your preference.

Yes, that’s what eRank is for exactly. The tools included in the plugin have been developed to help you improve your Etsy SEO.

You can use the Keyword tool’s trend graph to gauge timing. The data contained herein covers a period of 15 months. By examining this data, you can understand which keywords are trending in which periods or special days.

You can use Keyword Explorer for this. It analyzes demand, clicks, competition, and market share for a specific keyword.

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