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One of the best ways to make money online is to start an e-commerce website. If you have enough money to invest in and a place to store your products, you can start e-commerce. Is it that simple? Of course not. That is just the beginning. You still have a long way to go before you can succeed in this business. One of the two main things that can help you on this path to success is to find the right products to sell. The other is your ability to market these products. Today we will talk about the first of these, namely, the most trending products you can sell in 2024. You can use these popular products we will talk about to start your new e-commerce venture. Or you may add them to your existing online store as the top products of the year.

What Are Trending Products?

The chain of events that determines the fate of every business venture begins with finding the right products to sell. Every product sold through successful marketing activities also adds another ring of success to this chain. We are with you at the very beginning of this journey today. We’re sure you’ll find trending products suitable for almost any startup, big or small, on our list. So, without further ado, let’s start our list of the most trending products of recent times.


It is quite natural to call this age, in which the internet has spread to the depths of our lives, the information age. However, it became even more challenging to understand whether the information would be helpful. If you had a question about why books should be among the trending products in 2024, that was the answer because most people want to access the full body of useful information. Surprise. That’s what books do exactly. Let me prove to you with statistical data why books are among the trending products in 2024.
In 2021, the global book market was close to $26 billion. Everything started to change towards the end of 2021. During this period, sales of e-books increased by nearly 350%. This increase was almost 25% in the sales of printed books. That was explosive growth for the global book market. From the US perspective, you may encounter a similar picture. Here, too, book sales showed a significant increase across than one category. E-book sales here also increased almost four times.
On the other hand, the sale of printed books still maintains its dominance in the market. The sales of hardcover books have a share of almost 3 billion dollars in the market. On the other hand, there is an increase in the sales of paperback printed books every year.
As you can see, books are among the basic needs of people. They exist in our lives to inform, entertain, and keep us relaxed. Research also confirms this thesis. For American adults, the first reason for reading is that it gives pleasure. The next most common reason to read a book is to learn about a subject. There’s no reason for you not to make money selling such a popular product.

electronic books

Portable LED Projector

They have many types and styles. That is the most important feature of portable LED projectors that makes them saleable. They are also quite versatile. Thanks to these features, they are suitable for selling in more than one category in your online store. We may list their most common usage areas as follows:

  • Teachers use it at school.
  • People can use it to watch movies at home.
  • Employees can use it to make presentations in the office.
  • People use it to project landscapes or starscapes onto walls for decorative purposes.

Let’s take a look at how useful these products are for busy people on the go. What makes them so useful and popular is that you can set them up on the go with minimal equipment. Minimum equipment requirements mean that people can also set them up with minimal effort. There are also models that people can integrate into their laptops and mobile devices. In this way, people on the go only need to carry two things with them to make a presentation. These are a laptop and a portable LED projector.
The intense interest of consumers in them has been on the rise since 2019. One of the best ways to profit through a portable LED projector is to buy them at a low price when demand is low. And then, you may sell them when demand increases. Honestly, it’s up to your trading ability.

DJ Systems

Are you asking what to sell online? So, I present one of the most trending products of recent years. To profit from DJ systems, you need to follow the selling trends closely. Because the way you can get the highest profit from them is to wait for them to enter sales trends. Thus, you can sell the DJ system that you bought cheap when it isn’t trending for almost double when it is trending. So, what about the statistics? Don’t worry! We don’t talk nonsense, especially when it comes to business. Here are the statistics to prove why they are one of the most high-demand products.
First, let’s talk about Google’s data. The term DJ equipment for sale has a monthly volume of more than 5000 searches in the US during trending periods. In addition, users also perform more specific searches that include this search term. Here are some examples:

  • DJ equipment packages
  • DJ equipment for beginners
  • The best DJ equipment

Such specific search queries also have a monthly search volume of almost 1000. More specific search terms than these have a monthly search volume of 100-200 or more. As you can see from here, there are many options for DJ systems where you can make good profits. If you target these specific search terms, it is possible to make money from the sales of accessories for DJ systems of major brands. It is an opportunity that can provide you with considerable profits that requires a smaller investment budget. On the other hand, let’s consider you’re a bigger investor looking to earn more money. In that case, you can offer a DJ system as a whole in your online store.

Face Masks

Face masks have been among the best-selling products for many years. Because people have cared about how their faces look for a very long time, you can be sure that this will continue for a long time to come. That will keep them among the trending products at all times. As people keep caring about their beauty, you will keep selling them face masks. Face masks are an extremely versatile product. Therefore, it is easier to sell face masks for more specific needs.
Selling items online often requires investing in shipping and proper storage. Face masks are also advantageous in this regard compared to other products. Shipping costs are generally quite low compared to others. However, they do not need sensitive storage conditions. Considering their size, keeping face masks will not cost you extra storage. Now, consider that they are in such high demand. Thus, you will realize that there is no reason not to include them in the products in your online store.

google trends

Air Humidifiers

Here’s a health product on our list of the best things to sell. The demand for such products is quite high. Because they help people suffering from some health issues to minimize their health problems in their living spaces, or they offer solutions to these issues without the need for medication or treatment. So, what kind of health problems can an air humidifier help people with? It may alleviate the symptoms of throat and skin dryness and some allergies. Demand for air humidifiers is quite high, especially in regions where terrestrial climate conditions prevail. Because these climatic conditions bring cold and dry air, let’s listen to what Google Trend has to say about air humidifiers.
Google Trend reveals that users’ searches for air humidifiers tend to increase significantly towards the end of each year. Also, the monthly search volumes in these periods exceed one million worldwide. These data prove that people started to need them as the weather started to get colder. This feature makes them one of the seasonal products with the highest demand. Due to this high demand, it’s possible to find air humidifiers in a wide variety of sizes and features in the market. For this reason, you should consider the specific need for the air humidifier you will sell.
For example, let’s say you want to sell an air humidifier that will alleviate the symptoms of health problems. That’s why you should sell an air humidifier with antibacterial properties. If you’re targeting people on the go to sell a humidifier, you have to make sure it’s portable.

Wireless Charging Stations

Nowadays, we are deprived of many things due to our dependence on the phone and the internet. I’m not talking about addiction like overuse. What I’m talking about here is our need for them for our lives and our jobs. That is why many of us need access to a 24/7 internet connection and a full battery. Fortunately, thanks to wireless tech, we can now have both freely. Wireless internet access has been in our lives for a long time.
On the other hand, stations that can charge our mobile devices wirelessly have recently entered our lives. In this respect, we can say that both of them free us by reducing our dependencies. But here are wireless charging stations with resale value in an online store.
Thanks to a wireless charging station, you don’t have to depend on the location of the power sockets to charge your mobile devices. At this point, let me note that this tech is not new. It is only a new situation that it is in high demand from consumers. The main reason for this increasing demand is that consumers can now afford to buy this new tech. In this case, the performance of the manufacturers also plays a key role. Research predicts that this high demand for wireless charging stations will continue to increase. For this reason, according to many experts, this sector will appeal to a market of almost 50 billion dollars by 2027. Why not start getting your share of this huge pie now?

car organizers

Car Organizers

Due to the increase in possibilities, automobiles with perfect design, high performance, and maximum efficiency are emerging in the industry. The new cars that big companies put on the market may often make you dizzy. However, there is something that these automotive giants often forget. That is the convenience of drivers and passengers. What am I talking about? Many of you, of course, know that many cars do not have a suitable place to put our smartphones. It is not the only example. I am sure that most of the time you cannot find a place to put your other personal belongings too. This need may turn to an industry that appeals to a huge market if you consider car owners around the world.
They allow drivers to keep their personal belongings neatly in their cars. Thus, they make these personal items accessible and prevent their loss. There is such a variety of car interior organizers. Therefore, it is possible to find a suitable one for almost any model and any size car.


Sport has now become a lifestyle for many people. Traders were also quick to turn this into a good opportunity to sell more. Many brands produce interesting clothes by adapting fashion to sportswear. The main point of view here is to target customers who value comfort rather than appearance while dressing. What do you think happens when you offer these people clothes that make them realize they don’t have to compromise on comfort to dress trendy? Of course, they will prefer sportswear that is both comfortable and fashionable. So, what kind of variety can you offer your customers in this clothing style? Let me answer that question:

  • Gym shorts
  • Sports bras
  • T-shirts
  • Yoga pants
  • Leggings

Let’s give an important tip to those who will sell fashionable sportswear. We can say that the young generation is most interested in these products. For this reason, using social media marketing effectively to sell your products can provide a significant increase in your sales.

pet trending products

Pet Products

People have recently become much more fond of the comforts of their pets. It has created a fairly stable market when it comes to pet products. So much so that by focusing on the sale of pet products, you can generate a quite stable income over long periods of time. It is the dream of every e-commerce entrepreneur to achieve lasting success. So, what’s in the pet products industry? First, let me note that the product range this sector offers today has much wider than just pet food or a kennel. This sector allows you to sell many products, from pet fur care materials to toys. Let’s take a closer look at the industry’s most popular products.
Pet Food
You can find special food for almost every type of pet in the industry. In fact, these products are quite popular with pet owners because people are now much more willing to spend money on their precious pets.
Pet Bathing Tools
As much as we love them, it’s an obvious fact that they can get quite dirty. For this reason, we often have to wash them. So, no one can deny that doing this often turns into a real challenge. That’s what pet bathing tools are for exactly. People can wash their pets more efficiently thanks to these tools.
Pet Carriers
It is one of the most important products that is increasing its share in the pet market. Because they offer the perfect solution for walking your pets, taking them to the vet, or not leaving them alone at home. Pet owners want these carriers to be sturdy, lightweight, and comfortable to use. Fortunately, you can offer them pet carriers made from different materials and in a variety of colors.

Couch Covers

One of the trending products that made the best debut in 2024 is couch covers. What makes them so popular is that they are pretty simple solutions. This simplicity offers a great solution for people who want to change the mood of their homes often. The fact that they are nearly one-size-fits-all products also increases their usability.
You may be wondering how they became such popular products. In the beginning, they were quite popular with Airbnb hosts. As the posts shared by the guests in the Airbnb houses became viral, the couch covers in the background became famous. It seems that the power of social media has given life to another industry. So, for which buyer persona are they a suitable product?

  • Couch covers are great for parents who are in trouble with their kids constantly messing things up.
  • They’re also great for pet owners troubled by their pets constantly messing things up.
  • They’re suitable for people who don’t want to buy new couches while changing the look of their home.

The most important feature of these products is that they must be stain-proof and stylish. If you have enough money to invest, you can also choose to sell more luxurious options. Let’s share our tips that may help you sell them now.
Although they’re mostly preferred for protective measures, they are also products that appeal to the style. For this reason, do not neglect to take photos of products from the angles that best reflect their styles. Besides, provide a free swatch service to help your customers decide on the most suitable color. If you work hard enough, you can help your indecisive customers find the right product to buy.

blue light classes

Blue Light Glasses

Digital screens cause one of the most common health problems of our time. It has a triggering effect, especially for people suffering from health problems such as astigmatism and migraine. However, for most people, it also has a blocking effect on the brain’s secretion of sleep hormones during sleep hours. These situations especially affect people who spend most of their days in front of their computers. As the name suggests, blue light glasses can filter these blue lights emitted by digital screens. What gives them the ability to filter blue light is their specially developed lenses. Thus, it protects the eyes from the glare caused by blue lights. That is important for people who have to spend hours in front of computers or mobile devices because they can minimize retinal damage caused by long-term exposure to blue light.
Let me share the results of a study conducted by the University of Houston in 2017. It reveals their success in filtering out blue light, which prevents the brain from secreting sleep hormones during sleep hours. Research data reveals that participants who use blue light glasses near bedtime have a 58% increase in melatonin hormones.
One of the biggest advantages of blue light glasses is that people who don’t have any eye disease can also use them. So, people don’t have to use their blue light lenses for prescription glasses. That makes them among the trending products that appeal to a much wider market. We may define this market simply as anyone who uses a computer or mobile device.

Portable Dryer

You can take them with you wherever you go. Whether traveling with your caravan or going on vacation to another country, you can take them. They are quite suitable for daily use. Thus, you will not have to search for how to dry your laundry. The two countries that show the highest demand for them are Canada and the US. Sales of portable dryers in these two countries have increased by almost 25% in the last six months. The average monthly search volume for the term portable dryer on Google is over 11,000.

workout trending products

Workout Equipment

Fitness equipment and apparel sales have had a great increase in recent years. Because the pandemic that has been effective all over the world in recent years has imprisoned people in their homes. For this reason, during these years, people began to exercise at home. The search volumes of terms related to home exercise on Google also confirm this. The end of the pandemic does not mean that this trend will also end. Because people are still worried. For this reason, search volumes for terms related to home exercise equipment were still high in early 2024. That was enough to make them one of the most trending products of 2024. The fact that exercise equipment has a wide range of products makes them salable products. The following list will be enough to reveal the variety of products included in this category:

  • Dumbbells
  • Bicycles
  • Yoga mats
  • Resistance bands
  • Pilates ball
  • Kettlebells
  • Bumper Plates
  • Elastic bands
  • Jump rope
  • Foam Roller
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There are dozens of other gadgets that will make it easier for people like these to exercise at home. Along with them, you can make significant sales by adding exercise apparel to your online store.

Laser Hair Removal

This product addresses a large market, the epilation problem of all women around the world. By selling them in your online store, you can increase your profits considerably. It seems like the trend of hair removal products will never end because Google Trend statistics reveal that the search volumes of terms related to hair removal products continue to increase every year. As such, make sure that laser products that offer a more permanent solution to the epilation issue will be in high demand. Let me note that many e-commerce entrepreneurs make quite good money from an online store that focuses only on this subject. To increase interest in your products, you can post videos that explain how people can use them. Do not also forget to post them on social media channels.

False Eyelash Accessories

Here is another beauty product that has been in great demand by consumers recently. Multiple platforms have confirmed consumers’ high demand for false eyelash accessories. Their sales increase steadily every month, especially on e-commerce platforms such as AliExpress and Shopify. However, with each passing year, more and more people are searching for false eyelash accessories on Google. People mostly prefer to buy them along with some other beauty accessories. For example, people are more commonly choosing to buy them with applicators and brush-on adhesives. That makes them the ideal product to sell alongside your other beauty products. All you have to do is create the right product bundles that you can include them in.
Make sure to support the sales of your beauty products with posts on social networks. You can increase the demand for your products through the videos you take of people or influencers while using them.

smartwatches trending products

Smart Watches

Giant manufacturers of mobile devices now produce their smartwatch models. For this reason, smartwatches are now quite fashionable devices among consumers. However, there is good news for you. You do not have to choose the devices of these big brands to sell. Start by investing in more affordable models first. Thus, you will not strain your own budget. Also, you will give a chance to consumers with lower budgets to try them. To capitalize on the high worldwide demand for smartwatches, sell products that appeal to people who cannot afford high-end models.

UV Sanitizers

Here is another health product. It would be more accurate to say that it is a cleaning product aimed at protecting health. These are among the products that have been in high demand in recent years due to the effects of the great pandemic. They mostly serve to sanitize the objects that people have to carry with them from bacteria and germs. UV sanitizers sterilize these objects in table-top boxes or with hand-held lights. We can say that they are in high demand, at least as hand sanitizers, because people are now aware that they have to sanitize more than their hands to keep bacteria and germs away. Google data also reveals this high demand for UV sanitizers. With the onset of the pandemic, the volume of UV sanitizers and related searches continues to increase by 50% each year.
UV sanitizers are a great product for those new to e-commerce. Because they are cheap, they require less investment cost. However, shipping costs are also less than other products. The last big advantage for new entrepreneurs is that storing and shipping them is also quite simple. Moreover, it is possible to obtain them simply from almost any wholesale point.

Smart Home Devices

After all, we live in the age of tech. If you have more money to invest to earn more, you can sell smart home devices in your online store. One of their biggest advantages is that people can integrate them with other devices. So, what do you think are the most popular smart home devices of 2024?
One of the most popular online products of recent days is smart plugs. So how can a plug be smart? Everyone can manage them through their mobile devices. Moreover, they are quite affordable in price. So, you can start selling smart home devices with them in your online store.
One of the smart home devices that have been in high demand in the market for a long time is smart LED bulbs. As you know, LEDs are highly efficient light sources. That’s why almost every home now has LED lights for lighting. Moreover, they offer a wide variety of color options for lighting. It is possible to set the colors of smart LED lamps from mobile phones.
Another product you can sell in your online store is smart temperature sensors. Thanks to them, you can take the climate control of any indoor environment into your palms. They transmit climatic data such as temperature and humidity of the indoor environment to other smart devices via your cellphone. Then, other climate control devices connected to your cellphone use this data.

Recent Trending Products to Sell, In Short

Making a lot of money by building a successful e-commerce website is almost everyone’s dream. Of course, there are many different ways every entrepreneur can achieve this. However, everyone will agree that the key to success in e-commerce is to find the right products to sell. In this article, we have prepared a detailed guide consisting of the most trending products of 2024 for you. In this guide, we have included trending products suitable for the investment budget of every entrepreneur. We hope this guide was able to introduce you to new products that’ll enable you to sell more in your online store.

If you want to sell on Shopify, you may be interested in our article on Shopify SEO.

Frequently Asked Questions About

These are Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Shopify, Etsy, Wix, Square, and WooCommerce.

There are three methods you can use for this. The first is to use tools like Google Trends. You can also follow niche-specific influencers. Finally, you can follow the e-commerce news about the best-selling products worldwide.

Before starting this business, you should definitely conduct market research. Then, conduct the target audience research for the products you decide to sell as a result of your research. Finally, determine the e-commerce platform that is suitable for both your target audience and your products. After you set up your online store, you can start making money by uploading photos of your products.

The best product research tools are Google Trend, JungleScout, Ahrefs, Exploding Topics, and SellZone.

Product reviews are one of the most important factors consumers consider before purchasing something. In fact, most consumers especially read the negative reviews about the product before they buy it.

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