How to Write an Effective About Us Page?

The number one mistake that most businesses make is not minding the “about us” page.  Many businesses tend to create short and only focus on their brand on this page. However, the About Us page is more than that. It is a great space you have to convince your potential customers to do business with you. That means, through the About Us page, you can actually create trust among your customers and yourself. Overall, it is 2024 and we need to trust someone to invest in their business. 

To be able to create a trusting relationship with your customers and so on, you need to be honest, engaging, and persuasive about your business. You need to tell honest but effective stories, keep your promises, and show proof of how qualified your product is. Even though this seems like hard work, the About Us page is the best space on your website to achieve that. Today, we will talk about what an About Us page is and how to write an About Us page effectively. Without further ado, let’s jump into improving our websites!

What Is an About Us Page?

First things first, we need to define what an about us page is. If you want to become one of the leading companies in your niche, you need to have an effective and high-quality About Us page so that you can intrigue customers. An About Us page is a space within your website in which you can talk about the story of your business and so on. This page should express your brand’s institutional identity and the people behind that business. An effective About Us page can include:

  • How you started this business
  • What makes your business or company different from others
  • Values and beliefs your brand employs
  • Why customers should invest in your business

You might be thinking “Aren’t values and beliefs irrelevant?” Actually, no. When you share your story and beliefs with your customers, it is an influential way of creating a trusting relationship with your audience. After reading it, they tend to be more emotionally invested in your business, find some personal aspects of themselves, and can relate to your business as well.  If everything is clear, let’s discuss what are the components of an About Us page so that we can create the most intriguing one.

Components of an About Us Page

Components of an About Us Page

To create an engaging and attractive About Us page, we need to know its components. You can simply think of it as 5W1H questions about your business. By answering those, you can have a detailed and persuasive about us page, which will help you to create an emotional bond with your audience. Let’s check those questions, now.

  1. Who are you? First things first, you need to write about your personal story. You can mention who you are, your educational background, where your ideas coming from, and so on.
  2. What is your uniqueness? That means, what makes you different from others. There are lots of companies in many niche markets in the digital world. So, there should be a difference between others and you. This is one of the important reasons to choose when it comes to your potential customers.
  3. When did you decide to start this business? Was it a childhood dream or in university? These personal details will help you to create a more emotional bond with your audience. They can think about your history, your ideas, and your entrepreneurial personality based on that information.
  4. Why did you found your business? The answer to this question is probably what makes your audience believe in you. Are you just after money or are you a knowledgeable person in this field? 
  5. Where are you now? Where is your office? Who is your team? Who do you work with currently? You can answer the question “where” in many ways to inform your audience. 
  6. How are you going to convince them? Well, at the heart of this job, you need to convince someone to buy your product. Thus, you can mention a turning point for your business and how did you find a solution for that. 

How Does an About Us Page Help Your Business and SEO?

We mentioned that an About Us page is more important than it is thought. Based on the research we made online, the About Us page is the second most important element on your website. That’s because customers are expecting to see an About Us page and they first read it to learn about the website or business. To compare, an About Us page ranks higher than pictures, videos, social media accounts, and so on when the customer thought is considered. These are great reasons to consider optimizing your About Us page. However, there are more reasons to come. Here, we collected some benefits of creating an effective About Us page. 


Brand transparency is one of the most important factors that customers pay attention to. Most potential customers want to learn about how you operate, who you work with, who is your staff, how you achieve your success, and so on. Thus, having an informative About Us page can help you to stand a base for transparency. 

Values and Beliefs

Potential customers may love to see that you share the same or similar values and beliefs with them. Thus, sharing your values and beliefs as a brand can be in your favor. Based on the research, 84% of the customers prefer buying products from companies that share the same values as them. For example, if you are against animal testing and if you are a company that does not do experiments on animals, you can mention that on your About Us page. Thus, you can take the attention of the people who support the same idea. 

Bonding with Customers

Writing an informative and transparent About Us page can help you bond with your customers emotionally and professionally. Especially in their first-time, the information you gave about your vision, mission, values, beliefs, and your story can help them to learn more about you and connect with you. Do not forget that bonding with customers is crucial in today’s digital world. People are looking for ways to trust a company, especially with proof of previous services. Thus, you should find ways to bond with your target audience.

Enhance Your SEO Strategies

When it comes to SEO, we know that it stands for optimizing a web page so that it can rank higher in SERPs. However, the About Us page does not necessarily make you rank higher regarding SEO. About Us page helps you to enhance your E-E-A-T, aka, experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. 

That means, the About Us page boosts your trustworthiness and authority by explaining your background, giving some inside information about the operation of your business, your personal and professional story, and your differences in your niche. You might be thinking about how these are related to SEO. Even though they are not directly related, an expert, authoritative, and trustworthy website tends to rank higher and reach more potential customers.

Where Should About Us Page Be Located?

Where Should About Us Page Be Located?

In addition to its content, an About Us page’s location is also crucial so that it can be reachable for customers. Generally, there are two possible spaces to locate an About Us page. These are:

  • Top navigation bar: This is the most common place for an About Us page, along with “Home”, “Contact” and so on. 
  • Footer Navigation: This option puts the About Us page at the end of a website. That means, when the customer scrolls down at the end, they can access your About Us page. 

Ultimately, we cannot recommend the best location because it depends on the situation. Based on your website’s design and needs, you can choose one of those two locations for your About Us page. 

How to write an About Us page

Thankfully, we learned all the important background information about “About us page”. We know that we need to connect with our audience, become trustworthy, and share our story in detail.  However, do you think these are enough? I don’t think so. In this section, we will delve into the intricacies of writing an influential About Us page in line with your SEO endeavors. If you are looking for those, you are in the right place. Stay tuned!

Step 1: Start with a Design

Your About Us page should be as eye-catching and attentive as your whole website. It needs to be aesthetic and coherent to the eye. The last thing you want is to tire your potential customers’ eyes with a confusing design. To have an aesthetically pleasing About Us page, you should consider: 

  • The coherent color scheme
  • Consistent and high-quality images and videos
  • Animations
  • Creativity
  • Accessibility & Reachability

Step 2: Share your unique experiences & story

Every business has its own story and identity, we know that, and we believe that. We suppose your business’ story is also different from others and unique on its own. Well, if we suppose that, why not your customers? So, you should share your generic and original story which constitutes your brand identity. With this story, you can attract your customers’ attention and can form an emotional bond with them. Moreover, this way, they can trust you and your services since they get a little background information about your business. 

If you do not know where to start, you can follow our sample questions to answer on your About us page: 

  1. Why did you start your business? What was the point in your life that made you make that decision?
  2. What did you aim for when you started your business?
  3. What kind of difficulties you have experienced and how did you approach those problems?
  4. How did you survive those problems and become successful?
  5. What’s your message to the customer?

While answering these questions, even though you are the hero of your own story, please do not forget your customers. In that story, where do you place your customers? You should also answer that question and explain how you can help your customers. In other words, you should also mention how can you solve their problems as a company or business. 

Step 3: Choose a High-Quality Image 

Images on your website and especially on your About Us page are crucial in order to have an eye-catching design. If you do not put pictures related to your business, the About Us page will only look like a page for a whole chunk of text. However, the image on that page will be the first thing that captures your potential customers’ attention. Thus, you should have not only an engaging but also a high-quality image that will represent your company.

These images can be about the background process of your business, you and your personnel, or your picture if you have a personal website. The choice depends on you, but it is important to remember the effect of images on a website. If you think images are not enough, you can also upload a video about your business or yourself on that page.

Step 4: Use an Emotional Tone

As we said earlier, your About Us page should make your customers believe in you and trust you. Moreover, that page should be the reason for your customers to connect with you. When you achieve this, it will become easier to convince customers to do business with you. 

In order to get your customers to connect with you, you need to write in an emotional tone. How? Well, let’s see:

  • When you are mentioning your customers’ problems, you can use phrases like “are you tired of…”, “frustrated”, “sick of”, and “had enough of…”.
  • You should try to raise their curiosity by using words like “hidden”, “fascinating”, “our secret…” and so on.
  • Lastly, you should give guarantee and reassurance to your customers by using phrases like “you are in the good hands”, “since we are in this business for X years”, “as professionals in this business”, “let’s walk through this process together” and so on.

Step 5: Do Empathy towards Your Customers

Your customers, or potential ones, are the ones you are addressing on your About Us page. When you create About Us page like that, you should understand your customers’ needs, opinions, feelings, and problems. You should think about who your audience is and why they might be interested in your business. 

You should be able to address every customer’s major problem. The best way to do this is by creating buyer personas. A buyer persona is a hypothetical person who represents the key traits of your audience in general. Once you created your buyer persona, you can start mentioning the problems and needs of your audience. That is one way to create a relatable and sincere About Us page for your customers.

Step 6: Mention Your Value Proposition 

Your value proposition is the statement in which you talk about how you can make your customers benefit from this service. In other words, your value proposition should inform your customers about the benefits and advantages of buying your service in the long run, clearly. 

That statement should be in your About Us page in an eye-catching headline. There, you should give the essence of your service by summarizing what your customers can achieve when you buy your products. Under that heading, you can also describe your service in more detail with 2-3 sentences. For example, a good heading can be “Increase your rankings within 2 months with us!” or “Get 5000 followers in 3 hours!”. 

Step 7: Explain your Mission as a Brand

You should always include your brand’s mission, and probably vision, in your About Us page. Your mission will tell your customers as a brand who you are, what you are doing, and what your objectives are to achieve your goals as a company. An excellent mission statement can consist of three parts:

  1. Brand Purpose: What are your products, what do they do, and for whom they are created? 
  2. Values & Beliefs: What are your values as a brand? Which ideas are you supporting or against? For example, you can mention the environmental precautions you take if you are an environmentally conscious company. 
  3. Aims & Goals: What do you want to achieve with this business or product? What problems are you referring to? Why should your customers choose you? What makes you different from other brands?

Step 8: Prove your Quality & Services

Since we live in the digital world, people need to trust someone or a brand to do business with them. As we all know, there are thousands of scam accounts all around the internet. Thus, proving your services and quality from reliable sources can make your customers believe you. What are those reliable sources? Let’s learn together!

  • Showing the reviews about your products & the best ones
  • Sharing a list of high-profile clients you have
  • Giving a place for the awards and certificates you received
  • Writing down the exact number of customers you have helped until this day

Step 9: Add a CTA (Call-to-Action)

As a last step, you should include a Call-to-Action in your About Us page so that you can attract your customers to do business with you. The CAT you replaced on that page can help your customers to take action on your website. You can actually show them the “next stage” of your business so that they can continue with you. Some of the most known CTAs are:

  • Sign up now
  • Try for free
  • Get started
  • Learn More
  • Subscribe
  • Be a part of our team

About Us Page Examples

If our steps and procedure confuse you, do not worry about that. In this section, we collected the best examples of About Us page on websites. There, you can see how you can create an influential About Us page without worrying about it too much! So, let’s get started!


1. Toyota

Have you seen Toyota’s About Us page? It is actually a successful collection of what we said in this article. On their About Us page, Toyota makes use of a lot of headlines that summarize their service. Moreover, they mention their philosophy and objectives in this business and when you scroll down, you see the explanation of their services and products!

Tarte Cosmetics

2. Tarte Cosmetics

Tarte Cosmetics’ About Us page is a successful example of showing who you are and what you care for. On their page, the company mentions they create natural products and have vegan options. They mention the founder of the company and have a special section for the crew of the Tarte. When you continue to scroll down, you can see the history, or “story” as we said, of the company and which ingredients they use. You can take a good reference from Tarte Cosmetics’ About Us page if you are interested in this niche.


3. Amazon

When it comes to Amazon, their understanding of the About Us page is a little different. Since it is the main domain, “”, is a shopping website, they have also created a new one “” so that you can learn anything about them. They have many sections describing themselves, the process of what they do, their workplace and staff, and the things they achieved in addition to this business, such as their help in STEM education. Moreover, they share articles and stories about Amazon so that you can read and analyze them. Well, we can say that we liked this page a lot!

Electronic Arts (EA)

4. Electronic Arts (EA)

When we look at EA’s About Us page, it is one of the successful ones, regarding design and content. When we look at its design, they give place to characters in their games, which can be really attractive for their customer profile. Moreover, they follow the steps we provided by mentioning their values, their story, their products, their work culture, and the latest news about them. Well, overall, this is EA Sports, it’s in the game!

Museum of Modern Art

5. Museum of Modern Art

When we look at the About Us page of the Museum of Modern Art, we see a more coherent and organized design. They prefer to categorize each topic and when you click on them you can get information. These categories include their mission statement, their staff and office members, career opportunities, contact information, and the values they have. This is another design idea and we loved it!


6. Microsoft

Since it is one of the biggest companies all around the world, its about page should also be prepared with diligence. Is it, so? Yes! When you look at the design, it might look simple but is in line with the company’s aesthetic. When we look at the sections, they give information about who they are, what their missions are, their staff members, their values, and so on. Moreover, they did not forget to add a CTA at the right top of the webpage. Thus, we congratulate Microsoft on this About Us page!

Frequently Asked Questions About

Depending on your brand’s identity, you can actually choose the tone you want. That actually depicts your brand’s outside image. Thus, you can make this decision based on the image you have.

Well, you can add some articles and stories about your brand and business. Moreover, you can add some pictures from your company and products. However, the first thing we will recommend is adding CAT on your About Us page. This way, you can lead your customers.

Why not? If your brand does not have a separate FAQ page, adding them to your About Us page can be effective. Customers can find the answers they are looking for quickly!

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