What Are the Best Sales Funnel Tools?

If you’re a marketer, you’ve probably heard about sales funnels. Also known as purchase funnels, they serve as a graphic representation of the buyer’s journey. The journey in question is the one that gradually leads the customers to purchase by nurturing them step by step. The role of marketers and entrepreneurs is to ensure this nurturing process and to increase the ‘dose’ at the right moment. This is doable thanks to the various content types available nowadays (social media posts, retargeting ads, etc.). A sales funnel is similar to a marketing funnel. Their main difference resides in their focus: The former prioritizes the client’s progression, whereas the latter is more about the products and services an entrepreneur wants to sell. But since you are here, we assume you already know all that. Isn’t your current question rather about finding the most appropriate funnel tools? Then our article is here to help you see more clearly. 

Free Funnel Tools

Implementing the right funnel vision and making the most of it doesn’t necessarily require you to spend fortunes. That’s right; funnel tools are available for free (although limited in terms of time and number of users). 


Available at the following address: https://systeme.io/it, Systeme is quite a well-equipped marketing platform. Available in 7 languages, it also proposes a free funnel-building service. Overall, this tool cares about details and lets you build 3 sales funnels that can include up to 10 steps. Not bad, right? So if you have around 2,000 contacts, this may be the right one. Besides, it comes with a quasi-comprehensive set of features comparable to paid plans. All the dashboards are intuitive enough to fit your marketing projects, including funnels. 

systeme sales funnel tool

Downsides? No actual setup wizard but guiding videos, though. The email interface is also a little outdated. 


Available at the following address: getresponse.com, this one is renowned for its versatility. It makes you create rich-looking campaigns for your business throughout the buyer’s journey. With this pro tool, you can get webinars, effective landing pages, social media content, and more. Let’s not forget that the software allows you to sell your products directly from within the system. 

Downsides? Well, this dreamy plan is free only during a trial period. Chin up, though, because if you upgrade to the paid options, you can do so for less than $50 (for 1,000 contacts). 

Cheap Funnel Tools

Now let us switch to the next category of tools right away. Indeed, we’re somewhat sorry to say that no plan remains free indefinitely or for every feature included. At least not among quality funnel tools. But are there any affordable ones, though? Yes, definitely. 

No need to be harsh with your budget, right? Some pretty attractive options are waiting to be discovered. Let’s check them out: 


Even the name is straightforward. Available at the following address: https://landingi.com/, this company promises, above all, high-converting landing pages. The email marketing tool is also very functional and suitable for automation. Plus, Landingi allows you to integrate several tools that are part of your ongoing marketing strategy. So at the end of the day, you don’t need to spread out your money over a zillion useless software. 

landingi sales funnel tool

There are 3 different pricing plans: Core, Create, and Automate. You can choose the one that matches your needs the most. The price range varies from $39 to $79 per month (with even more advantageous possibilities if you subscribe to annual billing plans). 

Downsides? Not really beginner-friendly. The integration process requires users to be careful, and additional settings must be made. Otherwise, the platform tends to get a little messy. 

Thrive Suite

Looking for both simplicity and affordability. There you are. Available at the following address: https://thrivethemes.com/, Thrive Suite is one of the most all-inclusive-minded sales funnel tools. We got WordPress themes targetting conversion, a headline optimizer, a plugin for testimonials, a quiz builder, a course builder, and various widgets to cite only a few features! 

The price? Only $30 per month, even less for annual payments. No, we’re not even joking. You may have just found your new money-saver. 

Downsides? No free trial, email marketing, and automation options. 

Active Campaign

Available at the following address: https://www.activecampaign.com/, this company is willing to enhance your audience’s experiences. Thus, it will be easier to create a strategy on how to target audience with funnel. The CRM software with lead scoring is probably one of the best. The email and automation aspects are very well handled, and so is the Facebook Custom Audiences integration. You will also probably appreciate the form builder and the variety of cool templates. 

active campaign

Startups can rejoice thanks to the Lite plan, which costs only $15 per month (for 500 contacts). Upgraded plans also remain affordable, such as the Pro plan, which comes for less than $200 per month. 

Downsides? Unlike the other tools, you don’t get to see your sales funnel. Unfortunately, autonomous webinar hosting, membership area, and affiliate marketing support are also missing. 

Concluding Thoughts

No more doubts left at this point: Funnel tools are the ideal modern companions for your marketing projects. Especially when it comes to designing spot-on sales funnels, their usefulness is undeniable. As almost all-in-one formulas, they integrate several aspects of the funnel journey, from email automation to relevant landing page creation. So if you want to accompany and follow your customers throughout the way that leads them to lasting conversion, give those tools a chance. Still skeptical? You may test one of the free trial plans and see how it works. The ones presented in our article are all good places to get started. 

Frequently Asked Questions About

What is meant by funnel tool is nothing but software designed specifically for sales funnels. It also includes any digital equipment that helps you build and monitor your campaigns related to the buyer’s journey. 

Yes, they are. Most of those tools include email automation that allows you to automatically send the right messages to your target audience at the most suitable moments. Why ‘right’? Because the automated system of those tools analyses your audience’s interactions with your website, social media account, etc. It then selects the most appropriate content, the ones your audience will likely be interested in. 

It is not mandatory but highly recommended though. A sales funnel may comprise some aspects too complicated to craft and control manually. So when you work with a funnel tool, namely a dedicated software, you let it handle the complicated stuff. Not only does it save you time, but it also helps you obtain more accurate calculations and, thus, better results. 

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