What Is ClickFunnels? How Does It Work? Advantages of ClickFunnels

We have a pretty self-explanatory title for today’s article. As we’re about to welcome a brand new year, this might be the right time for a treat that would render your marketing efforts more flavorful. After all, every new year is usually filled with new hopes regarding our careers, too, right? The following paragraphs interest those of you who are willing to work with (or are willing to work with) sales funnels.

We will naturally start with the first question in our title: What is ClickFunnels? As an introductory definition will help us see clearer, we will then be ready to explore the functionalities. Last but not least, we will try to pinpoint the advantages awaiting us.

What Is ClickFunnels?

You are probably familiar with what is funnel, aka the representation of the buyer’s journey from mere acquaintance to loyalty toward a given brand. Schematically put, it’s the gradual process that turns possible leads into recurrent customers. Well, ClickFunnels is an expert sales funnel creator. But not just one among many. It’s been a leading reference brand in the sector for almost a decade. Indeed, the funnel concept wasn’t born yesterday. Marketers across the world spent decades trying to come up with truly effective solutions regarding it. We employ the term try on purpose here because things used to be somewhat disorganized for a long while. So much so that, in the end, ClickFunnels was created to systematize the process and make it more professional.

clickfunnels homepage

So again, what is ClickFunnels, or to be more exact, what are ClickFunnels? Why the use of plural? Well, it’s because we have a whole arsenal here. ClickFunnels offers marketers and entrepreneurs a comprehensive toolbox. Website creation, memberships, landing pages, opt-in pages, squeeze pages, webinar setups, and so much more await you under the same roof. You may think of it as a smart personal assistant helping and guiding your sales process.

How to Use ClickFunnels

Time to find out how this marketing wonder works in concrete terms. Let us give you the good news and say that it’s pretty easy to use, to begin with. So if overly technical tools tend to scare you, we believe that ClickFunnels may be a relief. You won’t have to juggle several complicated software here. Everything you need is already integrated and ready to be used. A few clicks will suffice to initialize the process.

One important thing to know is that the tool has been recently upgraded. The newborn goes by the name of ClickFunnels 2.0. As with any upgrades, this has also resulted in improved features and smoother functioning. We will keep our tutorial simple and not bomb you with too many details. After all, simplicity is the motto of ClickFunnels.

Sign Up for an Account

Pretty predictable, don’t you think? You first need to create an account to obtain ClickFunnels login credentials. This is a necessary step to ensure the privacy of your data but also to make it customizable for and by you only.

clickfunnels pricing

To do so, just visit the official website clickfunnels.com. You’ll notice the login section in the upper right corner.

You may benefit from a 14-day free trial period, provided you accept disclosing a credit card number. Also, you need to choose a plan.

Select a Goal

For starters, ClickFunnels will ask you to choose between the following:

  • Collecting emails
  • Selling a product
  • Hosting a webinar
choose goal on clickfunnels

You will be redirected to the relevant funnels depending on your chosen goal. Be warned: ClickFunnels is crazy rich regarding the number of proposed funnel types. Especially the sales option is an oasis of abundance, so to speak. It has the ‘right’ funnel for almost any kind of product or service one may want to sell. Take the time to explore the menus and see what fits your project.

Give Your Funnel a Name

This recommendation may sound almost childish at first sight. However, the more you accumulate projects, the more you will need to differentiate them.

name of funnel

Once you have named your funnel, you also need to tag the people involved. That’s how you will collect and store the email addresses of the specific audience you are dealing with through a specific funnel.

Build Your Funnel

ClickFunnels proposes several templates to choose from. Explore them by clicking ‘Preview’ and pick the one you like. Then you are ready to customize and adapt it to your campaign project (via the ‘Edit’ button). For example, you may add new steps if you think they will be useful for your funnel goals.

We also recommend you run an A/B test. By doing so, you will be able to visualize 2 pages, aka 2 versions for the same funnel. Then you can choose the one that works best for you.

Interconnect Your Tools

Your funnel is meant to work hand in hand with different tools that represent the different steps of the journey. For instance, when you sell something and earn money, you need to transfer that money somewhere, right? So, in that case, you have to connect a payment account.

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The same goes for the different groups of people involved in your funnel. Say, your prospects and their email addresses. You need to connect those. Or, if you have an ongoing affiliate program, you should not forget to set up the dedicated ClickFunnels affiliate features.

Don’t start to panic by imagining complicated scenarios. The platform is user-friendly enough to guide you through this integration phase.

Don’t Forget The Traffic Source

That’s actually the whole point of it all. Your funnels aim primarily to follow specific traffic and orient your campaigns accordingly. The traffic in question may come from email exchanges, social media, blogs, paid ads, etc. You will thus need to set up your account to fit your traffic source(s).

That’s pretty much what you need to know for now. Once you become more familiar with the ClickFunnels platform, you will discover newer aspects automatically. Why ‘automatically’? We told you: It’s so easy to use that you won’t even realize the pace of your progress!

ClickFunnels: A Go-To Marketing Support in 2023

So now, if we ask once again our initial question, ‘what is ClickFunnels?’, the first answer coming to mind is valuable marketing support. Honestly, who would refuse an easy-to-use, well-integrated, and almost fully automated toolbox nowadays? And lucky you, you’re right on time for an upgraded version that will enhance your campaigns even more. So do yourself (and your business) a favor to start this new year on a high note.

Frequently Asked Questions About

The ClickFunnels pricing details vary from one package to another. When this article was written, package costs were as follows: $127/month for the Basic package, $157/month for the Pro package, and $208/month for the Funnel Hacker package.

Select the funnel you want to share. Click on ‘Share Funnel’. Then all you have to do is copy and share the URL assigned to that funnel.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is indeed one of the components of ClickFunnels. As a comprehensive toolbox, ClickFunnels also tracks your relationship with your audience. This is made possible thanks to campaign tracking software.

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