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People turn to podcasts to get daily information, have fun and spend time. The number of people who want to discover new podcasts is increasing day by day. As the number of people producing content in this field increases, the competition becomes stronger.

In order to get in front of more listeners, you need to do podcast SEO. Google also announced in 2019 that it will display podcasts in search engine results and make them playable. These two developments have made podcasts more important.

In order to get more visibility in search results and make your content more visible to listeners, you need to develop specific podcast SEO strategies. We will give you more information about this process. If you are going to implement an SEO for podcast strategy, we have prepared a guide for you here.

What is Podcast SEO?

Podcast SEO is optimization work done to make your podcast content more visible in search engine results or on various platforms. With these efforts, you can stand out in podcast listings on Google Search and be more visible on platforms such as Spotify and YouTube.

To gain an advantage in marketing your brand and reach more listens, you need to know how to SEO your Podcasts.

To be visible in the rankings for voice searches on Google, you need to optimize your podcasts with the right keywords. We see the term SEO for podcasts as a subcategory of audio SEO.

Since Google starts ranking podcasts directly, you definitely need to apply certain SEO strategies. We have prepared a detailed guide for you on how you can do this.

Do Podcasts Help SEO?

Do Podcasts Help SEO?

Seo podcast always supports. If you want your website to show effective search engine performance, you need to develop a versatile SEO strategy. In addition to basic SEO strategies, you should also have visual SEO, video SEO and audio SEO strategies.

Podcasts also strengthen your website’s SEO if you apply the right strategies. The number of podcast listeners is increasing day by day around the world. A larger list of interests and more people are trying to access content in that area.

If you want to become a podcast producer, you will be able to reach a certain audience no matter what niche topic you choose. Nowadays, podcasts are listened to mostly by Generation Y. This shows that businesses can use podcasts to reach a more targeted audience.

Both businesses and personal website owners should do podcast SEO for better rankings and traffic. Google launched its own podcast platform in 2019. For this reason, it has become mandatory to find best practices in podcasting in SEO processes. Because Google now also ranks podcasts in its search results.

In summary, when you start producing a podcast, you should implement SEO strategies for ranking and organic search traffic. If you don’t do this, you won’t be able to reach new audiences. Google shows podcasts and episodes in SERPs. Therefore, invest in podcasts to improve your overall SEO and achieve more effective rankings.

How to Optimize a Podcast for Spotify?

Spotify is among the largest podcast programs in the world. Here, many content producers produce podcasts on many topics and present them to the listeners.

If you become a successful podcast producer, you can attract more listeners and start earning income based on your number of listens. Spotify has a paid plan and creates a revenue model for producers with certain strategies.

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Let’s discuss in detail how to highlight a podcast on Spotify;

Keep Your Show Page Updated and Optimized

Keep Your Show Page Updated and Optimized

To reach more listeners on Spotify, you need to optimize your show page. Spotify site offers a show page for the podcast. Imagine here that the podcast is a landing page.

Here the platform asks you to inform the purpose of the demonstration page. It is important here that you give the listeners all the necessary information about the podcast;

  • Come up with an effective, interesting and relevant title for the podcast.
  • Design a quality and attractive cover image related to the podcast topic.
  • Provide detailed information such as podcast topic and content in the show description.
  • Get people to follow you by placing a “Follow” button on the page.
  • Share a list of episodes you’ve recently released.

If your show page is not adequately optimized, it may be difficult to reach more people. Every item here must be accurate and up to date. You also need to create an engaging show page.

Important Information Should Be at the Front of the Department Description

Episode description is a very important area for Spotify podcast SEO. Your podcast can stand out with the right episode description. Many manufacturers do not fill this field correctly. You can catch many keyword opportunities in this section. Here you can list your episodes and provide striking information about the podcast.

Spotify tells you to choose the first 20 words of your description carefully to reach a new listener and attract attention. Use the most striking information and keywords about the content here. Avoid rewriting information from the episode title and general podcast description. Provide extra information by providing information such as the subject of the episode and the guest.

Use Playlists

You can use playlists to promote podcasts on your Spotify profile. Add your similar content to these lists. At the same time, you can attract users’ attention and collaborate with other producers by adding different podcasts with similar content.

Optimize Images

Optimize Images

You can apply new images and image galleries to keep your profile updated. 690×500 pixel images are recommended for Spotify in an image gallery. At the same time, there should be no logo, text or busy background.

The podcast title image must be 2660×1140 pixels. The image gallery and podcast header image should not be the same. Your podcasts can be more visible on Spotify if you promote them well visually.

How to Optimize a Podcast for YouTube?

One of the most effective interaction areas for podcasts is YouTube. You can also apply some YouTube-specific SEO strategies for podcasts that appear in YouTube and Google search results.

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The strategies you can use to highlight your podcast in YouTube search results and recommended lists are as follows;

Add Chapters to Your Video

Add Chapters to Your Video

Google and YouTube started displaying Podcasts in search results. Add video segments to your podcast to be more visible on YouTube.

With this feature, you can divide your content into sections. This also helps Google understand your video better. After adding the video sections, you should also do some optimization. Don’t forget to add relevant keywords at the beginning of each section.

After adding the main keyword to your video, you can expand your audience by adding auxiliary keywords to podcast episodes. Dividing your video into sections not only provides search benefits but also contributes to user experience.

Instead of listening to the entire video to find a speech or the topic they are looking for, viewers can click on the relevant sections and find the section they are looking for in a shorter time.

Create YouTube Playlists

If your podcast has a specific topic, you can create a playlist specific to each topic. YouTube uses an algorithm that increases the visibility of videos by adding playlists in search results.

You can also organize your podcast library thanks to the playlist. You can encourage viewers to watch more of your videos by directing them on certain topics. In this way, a listener can listen to all your podcasts on the subject they are interested in.

Add Your Target Keyword to the File Name

YouTube gives you various opportunities to highlight your target keyword. You can optimize your filename before publishing your video.

Be sure to add your target keyword for the podcast to the filename of your video. Since YouTube cannot watch your video to see its relevance, it will do this by reading the filename. With the primary keyword, you can show the YouTube algorithm the topic of your podcast and what it is about.

Optimize Your Video Title and Use Target Keyword

Optimize Your Video Title and Use Target Keyword

One of the podcast SEO strategies for Youtube is to optimize the video title. Your target keywords must be mentioned in the video title. Use your keyword in a natural flow here.

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Your title should be clear, interesting, relevant and short. YouTube recommends creating a video title of up to 60 characters. Therefore, respect the character limit and be sure to include the main keyword for the podcast.

Make Your Video Description Suitable for SEO

Another important area on your YouTube profile is the video description. You should definitely use your keyword here. Provide a rich summary in the description. Include important links and include strong CTAs with the most important information.

YouTube only shows viewers the first 2-3 sentences of the description. For a more detailed explanation, they should press the “Show More” button. Therefore, give the keyword in the first 2-3 sentences and use your most effective expressions.

How to Optimize Your Podcast for Search Engines?

Google has been showing podcasts in search results since 2019. That’s why you need to optimize podcasts for search engines, too. Search engine optimization is a strategy that makes the podcast stand out. Search engine optimization podcast helps you find more customers.

Standing out on search engine results pages is important for driving more organic traffic, getting more views, and creating a more visible podcast.

Podcast SEO suggestions for search engines are as follows:

Plan Each Section Based on Keywords

One of the most important elements for podcast SEO is keywords. People use keywords to find specific podcasts on Google and other search engines. Therefore, you should do keyword research and plan your sections according to keywords.

If you plan each section based on a specific keyword, you can target a specific user base. In addition to the target keywords, you can also use the auxiliary keywords you target in the sections.

Get Google to Index the Podcast by Creating Written Content

Get Google to Index the Podcast by Creating Written Content

Google needs written content to index certain content. Therefore, add an effective title and description to each episode in the podcast. Although this may take some effort, Google reads the sections and can get more information about your content.

The first strategy you can do is to add a transcript to the podcast. When you do this, Google will read the text and index it, ranking it correctly.

When you add your own transcript, either manually or automatically, Google understands your chapters better. Express the topic correctly, use relevant keywords, distribute keywords homogeneously in the podcast and use them at a rate of 2%. In this way, you can create a more visible and discoverable podcast.

Create a Website for Your Podcasts

If you are a content producer who is just starting to produce podcasts, you must have a website for SEO success. You can find many areas on your website to add relevant keywords. Search engines may not fully understand the podcast with just the title and keywords.

You can produce complementary blog content to promote the podcast. In this way, you can cross-promote in different areas and reach more followers.


Google and other search engines give more importance to voice searches every day. At the same time, the number of podcast listeners is constantly increasing. For this reason, businesses and personal content producers are focusing on investing in the podcast field.

This is why podcast SEO tips become important. SEO for YouTube, search engines, and Spotify makes the podcast more visible. It also allows you to reach more listeners. You can ask us anything you wonder about podcast SEO strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions About

Podcasts are among the most preferred audio elements lately. Google and some search engines rank podcasts in SERPs. You can reach more listeners for your podcasts on search engine results pages, Spotify and Youtube platforms.

When doing keyword research for podcast SEO, use Google’s keyword research tools. Also examine the keywords your competitors use on YouTube and Spotify. Additionally, put yourself in the shoes of potential listeners and think about how they might access your content.

As a podcast producer, you can be more visible if you have a specific audience. However, if you are just starting out and want to reach more listeners, you should definitely develop SEO strategies.

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