Content Writing Examples

Content writing examples are unique pieces of content written based on a specific subject, heading, or topic by sticking to SEO rules. They don’t have to involve appealing-to-ultra-experts information but have to be prepared in a way that every visitor can read and understand -at least- the overall idea. 

This type of content should be written according to the following criteria in order to increase the user experience – and thus the SERP ranking.

  • Mastering the standards of the language used in the article.
  • Following SEO rules.
  • To have the ability to interpret different sources after researching them.
  • To be able to customize the information obtained from different sources.

These written contents are very important for ranking higher in search engines or introducing your services to people. 

How to Write Content

You have the qualifications listed above. But how should you write content? We have made a shortlist of how you can write better content:

  • The quality of the text takes priority.
  • It should appeal to the target audience:
  • You should prefer industry-appropriate content.
  • Use the correct keywords.
  • Select an interesting and relevant title.
  • The article should contain quality images related to the subject so as not to bore the visitor.
  • Enrich your content with links.
  • It should include currency or up-to-date topics.
  • The script should not extinguish and confuse the reader.
content examples

Content Writing Examples You Can Use

From now on, we will be listing content writing examples that can be found on a website.

Blog Contents

Blog sites have become one of the most important web page types of the last ten years due to their positive effect on SEO studies and increasing user experience. In addition, the high number of organic visitors it provided reinforced its importance. Thanks to blog posts, you can turn the tide for your advantage through keywords used in queries and acquire high rankings. After that, once you have visitors, you can turn them into loyal users on your website with an engaging title, enjoyable readability, and quality content.

social media posts

Social Media Posts

Another of the most popular and interactive content is social media posts. This is because all social media platforms now offer different options to share visual or video content alongside texts with enough characters to explain something. Besides, social media has a wider range, including a young person who has a personal page to international companies. That’s why social media content will always help you create content that will increase user experience, increase your SERP ranking and acquire organic traffic to your main site.

White Paper Posts

White Paper posts are the writing contents that can be prepared to introduce products, services, and events. These texts, in fact, are advertising texts containing a “call to action” masquerading as an informer. However, they do not advertise obviously, instead they focus on describing the product and service. Thus, promotional texts can easily be used as content when advertising is not possible. Thanks to the information they provide and the call-to-action aspect, they are very useful in both increasing the conversion rate and increasing organic traffic.

product description posts

Product Description Posts

Product description contents; They are informative texts produced by e-commerce sites to advertise products. These texts contain general information about the product and technical information such as how to use/how to implement. Also, since these descriptions are directly related to user experience, they positively affect SEO rankings when prepared with quality. On top of that, if these contents contain relevant keywords while avoiding duplication, they directly increase the conversion rate.


When product description is not enough, e-books can allow you to elaborate on what you offer to the customer. They are rich-with-information tools that convince the customers while providing an in-depth examination opportunity. Despite requiring a more technical approach to describe services and products, they are your ally to convert visitors into loyal customers. 

website content

Website Content

Website content is a type of content that appeals to every user accessing the information on the internet. Most of them contain the FAQ part or the dictionary related to the subject they have. What makes them valuable is that they contain satisfying and rich information. As long as these contents are suitable for each user’s level while being attractive and entertaining, they will directly increase the traffic on your website. If you would like to learn about website content in detail, don’t forget to check out our Website Content Checklist!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Content Writing Examples

Now, we are going to answer frequently asked questions about content writing examples.

Concluding Content Writing

Contents in writing have found a place in the digital world for themselves for almost 20 years. This is because content writing provides a smooth communication channel between internet users and those who offer services. For this reason, every brand desiring to have a presence on the internet and increase its SEO ranking should allocate time for content writing examples.

Content writing examples will help you to have better SEO rankings and user experience. Explore them now! If you don’t know what to write, take a look at our article about how to find new content ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions About

Content writing is a type of content that allows to present the idea and information about a subject to be the user in written form. A website, person, or institution utilizes content writing on a specific subject by bringing together visuality and words directly affecting its target audience.

A content writer is a person who creates original content for a website voluntarily or at a price, and shapes the content according to customer demands when requested, and fulfills a website project’s requirements.

There are different types of content writing on the internet. However, types such as promotional articles, product descriptions, blog content, internet news, advertising content, visual and video content, social media contents are some of the types you will see most in daily internet use.

Usually, companies, personal / brand-related blog pages, e-commerce sites, forums, social media pages, and news sites use this kind of content.

You can increase your SEO ranking through content writing examples as long as these contents fulfill the SEO requirements. 

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