Best Freelance Website to Find A Job Or Work Remotely

Best Freelance Website to Find A Job Or Work Remotely

Do you want to work remotely? Maybe you want to build a new career path for yourself, a freelance job is an option. With freelancing, you can focus on the field you are passionate about and also manage your time. People can work as freelancers as they create time for new projects. Freelancers can work part or full-time and manage time for online freelance jobs. Freelance is a self-employment job meaning that people can work for themselves. They do not directly have a contract with a company but work per project. Freelancers set both working hours and keep track of the different types of projects they are involved in. Do you want to start freelancing but do not know how to start? You can use this article to learn about the best freelance website to find a job and then start freelancing.


Upwork is one of the well-known freelancing websites. It connects freelancers to clients around the world. It also offers various range of online freelance jobs. This online self-employment category includes web design, software development, and accounting.

Clients can find freelancers in multiple ways on the website. The first way to find a freelancer is to post a job and then hire talent. Another way to find a freelancer is to buy a predefined service from the project catalog. Freelancers can also offer services to sell on the job board.

How to Start Freelance With Upwork?

To start freelancing on Upwork, you need to register on the website. All you have to do is just start creating your profile. Make sure to include details about yourself, your expertise as well as your work experience on your profile.

Remember that the clients will look for a freelancer to be qualified. They will be scanning your profile when they get notice of you. You will get noticed when you bid on a job or bid on a project. 

What to Know About Upwork

Upwork has a sliding scale, so the harder you work, the less you pay.

The commission fee starts from 20% for the first bill of $500. As you get more money, it will decrease. 

Upwork offers several withdrawal options. You can choose a direct transfer, PayPal as well as a wire transfer.

Freelance Jobs on Upwork

  • Typical Freelance Jobs
  • Development and IT
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Admin & Customer Support
  • Engineering & Architecture
  • Admin & Customer Support
  • Sales & Marketing


  • Credible client, payment protection in addition to budget-based projects


  • A high service fee, lengthy selection
Fiverr Freelance Website


Fiverr is another freelance platform for clients and freelancers. It provides services in website design to writing besides various online freelance jobs. Fiver offers both interactions among freelancers and clients with streamlined service. Fiverr calls freelancers sellers, as well as customers as buyers, and the services offered by freelancers, are called gigs.

How to Start On Fiver

Freelancers (sellers) can sign up for free, list gigs, and then set prices. Freelancers are not supposed to send bids.

Clients(buyers) can simply browse in different categories to purchase.

When a buyer purchases a gig, the system charges their account and puts the money on hold.

What to Know About Fiverr

  • Freelancers can take up to 14 days for each freelancer to withdraw their earnings. 
  • Fiverr takes a commission fee, and freelancers receive 80% of the offered price.
  • Fiverr’s Freelancers get paid with wire transfer or PayPal.

Freelance Job Types

  • Graphic & Design
  • Writing & Translation
  • Video & Animation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Programming & Tech
  • Music & Audio


  • Fiverr offers free registration, online courses, and diverse category. 


  • It can take a long payment process and get a high commission.
LinkedIn Hire


LinkedIn may be the most popular among job sites. It is one of the social media platforms where you can connect with professionals. It also offers different kinds of jobs, including freelance jobs from home.

How to Start Freelancing On LinkedIn?

Create a profile and then add information about yourself, your education, skills, and experiences. A complete LinkedIn profile can lead to more job opportunities for you. You will have more opportunities if you post on LinkedIn in order to make your profile known. You may get noticed as you post about yourself as a freelancer. Also, do not forget to attach your work portfolio for clients to discover you.

Another way is to find a freelance job on LinkedIn is to browse the listed jobs opportunities. Find the best described related keywords to search for a job. 

Freelancing Jobs

You can find any freelance job such as social media manager, graphic designer, copywriter, and Illustrator. 


  • You will get updated with the recent changes and chances to grow your network.


  • Malicious users might harm by spam.
Toptal Freelance


Toptal is a freelance website that aims to connect highly qualified freelancers with clients. It has many freelancers, from designers to product managers.

How to Start Freelancing With Toptal?

To apply as a freelancer on this platform, you need to pass the steps of the qualifying process. That includes comprehensive English assessment to project assessment. The qualification process eliminates freelancers in addition to ensuring that the top 3% make it to the website.

Once you have passed all the examinations, you will see the various job posts. If you fail the tests, you will then hold for up several months.

These online freelance jobs are from top clients and companies like Motorola and Airbnb. 

What to Know About Toptal

  • It offers TopTracker. It is a special service for time tracking as well as billing. This allows freelancers to get the total price they offer and also receive from the payments. 
  • Withdrawals are offered via local bank transfer, Payoneer, Paypal.

Example of Freelance Jobs Categories

  • Healthcare and Life Science
  • Consumer Products and Services
  • Financial Services
  • Industrial communication
  • Media and Entertainment Technology.


  • Top-tier companies and freelancers.
  • Get free invoicing and payments.


  • Evaluation process
  • Only big projects
FlexJobs Goals


Flexjobs is a freelance website that provides freelance jobs opportunities, including both part-time and full-time jobs. It has various online freelance jobs, from journalism to education. Flexjobs assures to display only the legitimate freelance jobs on the website. In order to provide that, it both verifies and scans jobs for scams and fake companies.

How to Start Freelancing On Flexjobs?

You need to sign up for a subscription as a freelancer. Flexjobs offers four plans that start from $6.95/week. After you have subscribed, it then gives unlimited access to the job listings. It also provides a personalized work portfolio, free skill testing, and career advice.

What to Know About Flexjobs

  • Freelancers get paid with a card or PayPal.
  • Flexjobs guarantee 30-day satisfaction to refund if you are not happy with the services.
  • There are no advertisements on the website.

Popular Freelancing Job Title on Flexjobs

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Program Manager
  • Copy Writer
  • Copy Editor
  • Data Engineer
  • Tutor
  • Accountant


  • Flexjobs both offers reliable support and a scam-free and money-back guarantee.


  • There are no premium jobs on the website. is a freelance website where you can collaborate with people from around the world. The website has many types of specializations that almost all online freelance jobs.

How to Start Freelancing On

Sign up on either as a freelancer or client.

If you want to sign up as a freelancer, you need to fill up a registration form. You are required to give details about your educational background, work experience as well as skills.

There are projects and also contests as visual and design work. You can both take part in one of these competitions and earn more money.

What to Know About

  • You will get paid after completing a job. gets a commission of 10% of your total earnings.
  • You get your payments with a wire transfer or PayPal.

Some Freelance Jobs On

Web development, social media marketing in addition to translation.


  • offers live chat, progress tracker in addition to customer support.


  • has a complicated interface, fake clients and spam applicants.
Freelance Platform Guru


Guru gathers companies and freelancers in different places around the world. The site provides professionals with skills in various fields. The guru is easy to browse freelance jobs. It also has a very basic interface to search throughout the job listings and send quotes to clients.

How to Start Freelancing On Guru?

Start freelancing by signing up and then create a profile on the website. As you complete your profile, it will recommend you the best freelance jobs based on your background, experience as well as skill.

What to Know About Guru

Freelancers can fix the price to each bid for long or short-term projects. 

Guru provides withdrawal with wire transfer and PayPal. It wants to be sure that freelancers get paid on time with SafePay protection.

Freelancer gets free basic membership as they sign up. If they want to access more services, then they need to change with the paid membership plan.

Some Freelancing Job Examples On Guru

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Programming, digital marketing as well as administration.


  • Guru allows free membership, customized job listings in addition to provides secure payment.


  • There might be fake clients on the website. 
Behance Freelance


Unlike other freelancing websites, Behance creates a networking platform for creative talent. The website allows freelancers to both build and share their portfolios and work. For example, it consists of graphic design and animation in various creative works. Behance is great for clients to discover potential employers.

How to Start Freelancing On Behance?

Sign up on the website and create your profile. Behance is a networking platform, and as you follow more people, the more you see posts on your feed. So, they will make you discover more freelance projects and jobs.

There are also job lists on the Behance. It provides personalized job recommendations to meet your skill. Overall, it makes it easy to match the right freelance work.

Some Creative Freelancing Job Categories

  • Art Direction
  • Branding
  • Fashion
  • Illustration
  • Motion Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Web Design


  • You will have personalized content with large audiences as well as great networking opportunities.


  • It can be a competitive platform.
People Per Hour

People Per Hour

People Per Hour is a freelancing website to hire people by projects or Hour. There are many freelance projects in different industries. 

How to Start Freelancing on People Per Hour?

Create an account and then set up your profile on the website. Freelancers will be reviewed by the moderators. As you approved, you can then start browsing jobs in categories.

What to Know About People Per Hour

● To work on projects, freelancers need to send both their offers and bids to job posts. After the job is finished, freelancers can easily invoice from their dashboard.

● Freelancers get paid per service they completed. People Per Hour takes a fee depending on the earnings. For example, it will take 20% of the earnings for $350. The payment fees will go down as freelancers work more.

Freelancing Job Categories on People Per Hour

  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Design
  • Technology & Programing
  • Video, Photo & Image
  • Music & Audio


  • It provides both secure payments and automated invoices.


  • It has limited free bids of 15 bids per month.
SimplyHired Freelance Website


SimplyHired is a freelance job board that companies create job opportunities for. It also gathers freelance jobs on the internet and displays them on the website. The website has a clean interface to make it easy to search for jobs in each category. On the website, there are different freelance job posts. You can also narrow down your job search with related keywords on the fill out the search box. Freelancers can then get access to the company pages. Consequently, they learn more about the company and the job.  

How to Start Freelancing On SimplyHired?

You can browse without creating a profile. But if you sign up, you will get other services such as access to resume builder and salary estimator.


  • It provides both helpful guides and free job tools for freelancers.


  • There maybe have third-party issues on the website.

Conclusion About Best Freelance Website to Find A Job

In this article, you find the best freelance websites in order to find a job. Freelancing is a great way to make money online. Besides, looking for easy online jobs doesn’t have to be difficult. Many freelancing websites only require signing up and then creating a profile. There are different types of freelance job categories, so make sure to choose the relevant jobs. However, learn about each freelancing website before starting as a freelance. Check the website, how it works, services fee in addition to the withdrawal method.

Frequently Asked Questions

Search for the easy online jobs on any freelance website that you look for. Choose a website that does not require to be professional or take exams. You may also consider starting freelancing on People Per Hour, Fiver,, and Flexjobs as a beginner.

Social media manager, content writer, web research, data entry as well as virtual assistant allow you to work freelance as a beginner.

Search for the best online jobs on freelancing websites. Find the website you want to freelance, sign up, and then browse on the site for a job.

Decide on a freelancing job that you feel qualified for. Search for the freelancing website, learn more about how they work. Choose the best website for your online job, and then sign up.

Most freelance website is free to sign up, create a profile, receive projects and talk with clients.

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