SEO Plagiarism: Fiverr Content Writing

SEO Plagiarism: Fiverr Content Writing

Fiverr is a website dedicated to providing a platform for freelancers to find and conduct their work. It is relatively straightforward to use, and anybody can create an account and start bidding to win freelance projects. Fiverr works well for many freelancers. You send your offer to the potential client, and they can view your profile before deciding to give you the work. But there is a pitfall that one needs to watch out for; Fiverr SEO plagiarism.

However, because anybody can join, you should be aware that the people bidding for your project may not be entirely trustworthy. As with all things, there is the potential for a few to take advantage.

There are reports of some content writers committing plagiarism on Fiverr in this case. These users offer a low price for their services and then just copy the SEO content from other places online and send you the copied work.

This article will explain SEO plagiarism from content writers on the Fiverr platform. Happily, the fraudsters are in the minority on the platform. Apart from SEO plagiarism, we’ll also give some tips for finding genuine content writers that don’t copy other people’s work.

How Fiverr Works

Fiverr works by providing a platform for users to post jobs or bid on them. Freelancers enjoy using Fiverr’s platform because they can bid on the projects of interest to them. Therefore making their work more appealing to them and potentially more rewarding as you can submit your offer for the price of the work.

Anyone can sign up to be either a buyer or a seller on Fiverr. This inclusivity also creates a problem. There is nothing stopping users from creating multiple profiles to bid on the same job and increase their chances of winning the bid for the project.

Fiverr: SEO Plagiarism

Most websites use SEO (search engine optimization) to increase their organic ranking in the SERPs (search engine results pages) of search engines such as Google. SEO plagiarism undermines companies’ attempts to provide users with unique and engaging content so you should be careful on Fiverr. It harms the company that is unknowingly releasing duplicate content and the content creator of the original content.

You can check and see if the content on Fiverr includes SEO plagiarism. There are tools available online to help you check the similarity of your content with other published content to give it a similarity index. The similarity index then gives you an idea of the uniqueness of the content you submitted for checking.

Avoiding Frauds and Plagiarisers

There are a few ways to help ensure that you hire high-quality professionals using the Fiverr platform. No one wants to pay for work to discover later that the seller had copied the content elsewhere. Some of the fraudsters using Fiverr to exploit people use a clever system to avoid being caught out by plagiarism checkers.

They use a text that looks like a text but is actually made up of special characters and appears to Google and other sites as gibberish. If the bots indexing for the search engines cannot read the content, they penalize your site’s organic ranking in the SERPs. Due to these factors, it is challenging to identify and avoid many fraudsters frequenting Fiverr. Some key things to keep in mind to help are as follows;

Keep initial content short, retype the content you receive and then check it for plagiarism. They cannot trick the plagiarism check if you don’t use their special characters. If you think it’s weak content, you can do a content audit and optimize it.

Only send larger orders to writers you have built relationships with over multiple short orders. This will help you avoid many fraudsters as you won’t communicate further with any accounts you find the content they provide you with as plagiarism.

Use Google image search on profile pictures to ensure the seller’s profile is unique and not one of many. If the account has links to other platforms or previous content, feel free to check those out, similar to a background check.

professional services

Fiverr Services

Fiverr offers freelancers from virtually any industry a platform to sell their services to other people. Some of the services available on Fiverr include; proofreading, editing, design, virtual assistants, content writing, copywriting, logo creation, and many more.

Fiverr creates a large audience that becomes sellers themselves while simultaneously buying other work by offering access to these services. Due to individuals not often having access to all of the services themselves.

For example, you could be looking to use Fiverr’s copywriting service to get good quality written content to help you market your new product. Similarly, not everyone is creative enough to design their own logo. Still, they may be incredibly talented at running their own business. So, they want to collaborate with other users to ensure their success.

The offer of collaborating with other people to help create high-quality content to boost different aspects of your business is a very appealing selling point for Fiverr. Unfortunately, this attractiveness also acts as a beacon for scammers and fraudsters to try and make some quick money. They tarnish the hard work that many freelancers conduct on the platform.

Common Fiverr Scams

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Modern scammers are creating many new creative scams all of the time. Some of the most common scams found on Fiverr are;

I am trying to pressure or trick the buyer into transferring money outside the platform, sometimes before completing the work. Phrases such as ‘the platform haven’t sent my money. Can you transfer it directly?’ or ‘I require an upfront payment to start the work’ are both red flags that you are the victim of a scam attempt.

Bids that have a suspiciously low price for the amount of work or that promise a lot more than expected for the price are often scams. Due to people enjoying a good deal, scammers often set their prices low to entice people into trusting them. After payment, they leave you with copied work, poor quality work, or nothing at all.

If a bid or profile contains many spelling and grammar mistakes, then the account belongs to a scammer is a higher chance. If the profile isn’t a scammer, then the quality of work they provide will be lower, and you still need to avoid it.
Profiles with many negative reviews are another red flag for either being a scammer or constantly providing customers with low-quality work.

Conclusion on Fiverr Content Writing

In conclusion, there are scammers and fraudsters tarnishing the reputation of Fiverr by scamming other users. However, they are in the minority, and the platform otherwise works as it should. By taking precautions against these scammers, you can enjoy a great deal of success using the Fiverr platform to find work for yourself as a freelancer.

It is prudent to check any paid work for plagiarism. Because any duplicate content found by search engine crawlers will penalize both your organic ranking as well as the ranking of the original page. Awareness of the common Fiverr scams is an effective way to help you avoid them. It’ll keep you enjoying access to good quality freelancers that ply their respective trades on Fiverr.

By following our advice on spotting and avoiding these scammers, you give yourself a higher chance of finding authentic freelancers to work with and enhance many aspects of your own business. Hopefully, you have a clear idea of SEO plagiarism and how to spot other common Fiverr scams. Stay safe using Fiverr’s platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the platform Fiverr provides is legitimate and acts as a middleman between buyers and sellers for freelance work. It is due to individual users that have tarnished Fiverr’s reputation as there are some scammers taking advantage of the site. If a seller’s offer seems too good to be true, then it is likely to be a scam.

Plagiarised content is content provided to you by a seller that is not original or unique content. Most often, the content is given to you that is plagiarised has simply been copied from elsewhere on the internet.

The easiest way to avoid scammers is by using common sense when reading through the bids on your projects. Look for anything out of the ordinary or things that look too good for a low price and then avoid them.

Fiverr has a process laid out for filing complaints to their customer support team. Navigate to the customer support page, submit a request and enter all of the details associated with your complaint. They usually begin by trying to convince you to work things out with the seller, but they have the power to cancel payment to the seller if you need to, for example, when you’ve been the victim of a scam.

A similarity index of less than 15% is ideal for creative content. The lower it is, the better for indexing from search engine crawlers. The more unique content you have, the higher your site ranks within your niche.

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