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SEO reporting is a part of an SEO strategy to keep track of the workflow or determining the necessary steps to take before starting SEO practices. Either way, reporting is a necessary part of the process because nothing would be complete without SEO reports. If you are receiving a service or conducting a strategy, you would want to see the results as soon as possible. So, SEO reports will give you the required information to continue working on your project. Of course, another type of SEO report is made after the practices have been completed. 


With the SEO reports prepared by our SEO experts, we will determine the needs, errors, and deficiencies of the websites. These errors can be used later to be integrated into SEO work. In this way, we can build a stronger structure for our SEO strategy and work more efficiently. You can also check our SEO consulting service for more traffic!

What is SEO Report
Why Is an SEO Report Necessary?

SEO reports can be used to start an SEO practice for a website or measure the results of a completed process. With the data gathered by expert SEO analysts, it is possible to get the results quicker. This data is provided by using the most respected SEO tools. That is why the information gathered is important and effective. 

SEO report service is a great opportunity to see the current situation of websites, especially for website owners who are unsure about receiving an SEO service. Thanks to the reports, it will be possible to have a preview on behalf of the website, and website owners can decide whether they want to get an SEO service or not.

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What inclued seo report

What to Consider When Getting an SEO Report

When receiving an SEO report, there are two main things to expect. One and the most important thing to consider is finding a reliable source that can provide you correct results. It is important because there are many sources you can use. However, it is crucial to know the ones that can give you the exact results, not the ones that you want to hear, perhaps. That is why the tools we use are the ones that every professional SEO specialists use.

The other thing to consider when getting an SEO report is the ability to analyze it the best way. Fortunately, our team is experienced in making the best interpretation of SEO reports. A professional touch is crucial, especially if you are at the beginning of your SEO strategy. Think of starting your website's promotion with the right steps only.

Preparing the SEO Reports

We will start the practices by prioritizing the preferred tools for the stage of preparing SEO reports. Your website will be analyzed from A to Z, so it will not be possible to miss any data. The path followed in our SEO reporting service is as follows.

web site analysis and report

Website Analysis

Our SEO experts start website analysis with the help of professional SEO tools. Analysis processes may vary depending on the number of pages the websites have.

reading the data

Reading the Data 

In the section of reading the data, the data obtained during the analysis phase are examined in detail by SEO analysts, and the order of importance is determined.

dopinger reporting services


The reports prepared will be delivered to the website owners via e-mail in PDF format.

What is SEO Report
What Is Included in an SEO Report?

Actually, what you want to see differs in an SEO report because it can vary due to your strategy. However, there are still some things we can call the main elements in an SEO report. These are:

  • Problems on your website, such as technical issues,
  • Types of backlinks (good quality or harmful ones),
  • Site speed,
  • Domain metrics,
  • SEO errors,
  • Website's ranking history,
  • Pages that drive the most traffic,
  • ROI of your sales and leads.

What Are the Details?

In our SEO reporting service, we pay attention to very important details. Thanks to these details, we can create insights for the websites we are working on. Thanks to this insight opportunity, it will be much easier to set up optimization studies. Here are some of the details that we pay attention to:

  • Determining the technical errors on websites.
  • Finding out the duplicated titles and meta descriptions.
  • Finding out organic keywords.
  • Determining the existing backlinks.
  • Bringing out the best-performing pages on the website.
  • Detection of external links provided from the website.
  • Analyzing the quality and the quantity of the backlinks.
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SEO Report F.A.Q.

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We are using the most professional tools used by the experts such as Ahrefs, SEMrush, Moz, Screaming Frog, DeepCrawl, and so on. 

There are three main SEO types, on-page, off-page, and technical SEO.

There are many tools, but some of the most popular ones are Ahrefs, SEMrush, Moz, Ubersuggest, and Google Search Console. 

It is a type of report that shows how well your website is in terms of SEO. It is a good way to start a strategy that can improve your website's performance.

You will need an SEO tool to bring out a report. Yet, it is important to find a reliable tool and analyze the report in the best way. 

SEO reports created by Dopinger SEO experts include identifying technical errors of websites, internal SEO problems, and important details that need to be resolved.

The optimization processes of websites should always be followed. The reports created from these analyses are of great importance, especially to detect existing errors and discover keyword opportunities. In this way, it is possible to follow SEO gains closely and take the necessary actions quickly.

With their transparent and simple style, our SEO reports can be clearly understood by our customers who do not have any background in SEO.