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As you might guess from its name, on-page SEO consists of the works done on your website. This means that the optimizations you make will be seen by you and all the users who visit your website. These optimizations contain content, visual elements, title, description, URL, keyword research, and internal linking. These are the basic requirements of on-page SEO to meet the ranking factors. 

On-page SEO is done for both search engines and users because these optimizations facilitate the users' experience. For example, nobody likes to look at a web page with too much text and no images. It is not good for the eye. That's why including images will help you keep the visitors on your website and have a look at your content. So, how will it help the search engine? By including an alternative text to images for search engine crawlers to read. Now, let's take a look at the optimizations you can make for on-page SEO, starting with the crucial content optimization. 

How To Do On-Page SEO?

Content Optimization
Content Optimization

Content is the base of everything on a website. In on-page SEO, optimizing other things but your content is not going to be enough because, without an infrastructure, there wouldn't be a structure at all. If your content is not good enough or not SEO friendly, your website will have less chance to rank high on SERPs. So, why is that? If you write quality content that is SEO friendly, you will have the chance to attract visitors and the search engine. SEO friendly content meets the ranking factors. The use of keywords is very important for creating the best content. Also, giving what the searchers want in your content is crucial as well because search engines like Google can understand whether your content gives the answers or not. If you do it well, you may even be featured in the FAQ section of Google. 

Writing good quality content is important but not enough. You should also write SEO friendly content. You can do it by doing good keyword research and using the keywords in the right way. How can you implement the keywords? Let's say you're writing an article, and you have gathered your keywords. There will be one main keyword that you're going to use several times in your article. Using this keyword in the first 100 words and last 100 words and using it in the most suitable parts of your article is necessary.

Of course, not to mention, your content must be all unique and shouldn't have any duplicated content from any other website. Spinning is also something that can keep your website from getting good rankings.

Visual Elements

If you want to offer the best user experience on your website, you have to have visual elements. If you have too much text on your website but no images, it will not look good for visitors. Having the right number of images on a web page is eye-pleasing, and it also shows how professional your site is. To make your website look professional, not just include images but also make them in the best quality you can. You may learn to use design tools or hire a professional designer or a team to create images for your website. It is also important to make these images SEO friendly. 

To make your images SEO friendly, you have to add alternative text to them. In this alternative text, you should use your main keyword. Alternative text is not the only thing to consider for your visual elements; you should also consider:

  • Using high-quality images and videos.
  • Using appropriate sized images.
  • Compressing the visuals and reducing the file sizes.
  • Writing descriptive file names for images and videos.
  • Using descriptive subtags.
  • Finally, being sure that your visual content is related to your keyword.
Title & Description Optimization

If you want to impress search engine algorithms besides users, you have to consider making your title and description SEO friendly. If you optimize these elements according to ranking factors, your website or web page will have more chances to rank higher and get featured on the first page. Optimizing title and description is a huge part of on-page SEO because you can make the tip of the iceberg shine. Then, content marketing kicks in. 

A search engine's job is to offer the most relevant results when a user searches for something. You can make things easier for search engine crawlers by optimizing the title. Then comes the description. A description is a piece of writing that explains what your page is about. It is featured under the title on SERPs. However, the description you wrote may not always get featured under the title. Search engines can bring another piece of writing that it finds relevant under the title. Yet, it is best to optimize the description because you can use the necessary keywords.

URL Structure

Like title and description, URL is one of the fastest ways to inform search engines what your site is about. If you want your pages to rank higher, they should meet the ranking factors. One of the main ranking factors is the use of keywords. So, in order to have an SEO friendly URL, you have to use your keyword in it. 

URL should be as short as possible. Search engines don't approach too long URLs very nicely. An SEO-friendly URL should only include what the page is about, not anything extra. Of course, the use of keywords is important here. 

Keyword Research

The best way to do keyword research is to start with analyzing your target audience, then your competitors. Your product or service is also important when finding keywords because what you're offering may depend on the time of the year or month. There are four types of keywords:

  1. Seasonal keywords
  2. Regional keywords
  3. Competition keywords
  4. Long-tail keywords

When we say the keywords you want to use may vary from time to time, we've meant seasonal keywords. For example, if you're selling caps, your business is busier during the summer months. So, the search volume of your keywords will be higher during those months.

Regional keywords focus on users in a certain location. It is a major part of local SEO. Regional keywords are perfect if you are using Google My Business. If you have a local business, keyword research can help you a lot, especially if you're a new starter. 

If your business has a lot of competitors, it would be best to determine the best ones and search for their keywords. When you search for keywords, you will find ones that have a high or a low search volume. The higher volume is not always the best option. Sometimes it is necessary to focus on lower volume keywords that are related to your field. You can find them by doing a competitor analysis, and these are the competition keywords. 

Long-tail keywords are the ones you find when you narrow down to your niche. They are like the competition keywords, but the difference is, they don't have to be competitive. If that's the case, you're lucky because narrowing down without competition is a very good opportunity. 

Internal Linking

Another important part of on-page SEO is internal linking. Including links on your web pages that lead to other pages in your website is going to make things easier for search engine crawlers. It is also helpful for people who visit your website to find and reach what they need to see. Internal links are good for user experience and crawlers, that's for sure, but they will also be helpful for building domain authority. To make the best internal linking on your website, you have to follow some guidelines. 

First of all, your internal links should be made through anchor texts that are related keywords to the page you're leading the users to. Second, they shouldn't be completely unrelated to the page that they are on. Otherwise, it would look like spam. 

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What Are Dopinger's On-Page SEO Services?

Dopinger offers solutions for all your optimization needs with its SEO professionals who are experts in their fields and have up-to-date training portfolios. Our on-page SEO works, which are among the SEO services we offer, can be shown as the most important sub of all our optimization works. Let's take a closer look at our on-page SEO services:

  • Analysis
  • Discovery
  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Reporting
  • Revision


For the on-page SEO services for websites of ours, we first analyze and decide what should be done. As a result of the analysis to be carried out by our SEO experts, we will detect the errors in the internal dynamics of the websites. 



After the analysis we make for websites, we start the discovery part. With our discovery of errors, we can create solutions to them and can carry your website one step further than your rivals. 

On site SEO planning


After completing the analysis and discovery works, we will start the planning part. We will use the information we've gathered from the analysis and discovery phases to create a roadmap. 



After the previous phases, we start the most crucial step in terms of on-page SEO works. In the implementation part, All the planning made in this part will be implemented by considering the most up-to-date solutions and goals. 



The reporting phase is important for the transparency of on-page SEO. All the planning made during the works, all the steps taken, and all the methods chosen are reported to our business partners. 



As a result of all the work done and submitted reports, we will start a reviewing process after the time period determined for the project. We analyze the distance traveled and the success achieved. 

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On-Page SEO Services F.A.Q.

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Yes, SEO is very important, especially these days. Organic results continue to gain importance in the eyes of search engines. Soon, everyone will need SEO. 

As Dopinger.com, we are in a position to dominate the SEO processes and the future. All the services we provide are services that are thought out and planned to the finest detail. Our on-site SEO work has been planned by our expert team and has been made to provide you with the greatest efficiency. You can choose Dopinger.com and never worry about SEO.

Creating unique content that gives the information to searchers can put your website one step further. It can increase the time visitors spend on your website, and search engines appreciate content that really gives information.

No, if you want to get good rankings, you have to apply all methods of SEO. Even if you get a good ranking without on-page SEO, it will not be permanent.

There are three SEO types. On-page, off-page, and technical SEO.

Off-page SEO is the optimizations you make according to the ranking factors off your website. Link building can be shown as an example. 

SEO tools are software products that can help you analyze your and your rivals' websites to build up a strategy and implement it. 

On-page SEO, perhaps, is the most important SEO type. Making the internal structure of a website perfect is a must to rank high on search engines. On-page SEO is necessary for meeting the ranking factors.