YouTube Video Ideas: Finding the Perfect Niche

YouTube Video Ideas: Finding the Perfect Niche

On YouTube, each channel has a theme that they have focused on. It may not be easy to choose the perfect niche or category for your channel. You should think about the factors like your profession, money, and popularity. You can think that you have chosen the perfect niche, but it does not bring money to your channel. It means that you should find more appealing content or change your niche. Hence, you need to prepare strong YouTube video ideas and pick the right niche. 

What Does A YouTube Niche Mean?

There is a recommendation algorithm on YouTube. Channel owners try to follow the rules of algorithms so that YouTube display and suggests their videos more. That’s the point that makes niche important. 

The specific category or subcategory that your channel focuses on in terms of content is your channel’s niche. YouTube distinguishes your channel better when you have a niche. Broader categories make the classification harder. It means that you should be more specific.

Niche Examples for YouTube Video Ideas

Some niches on YouTube are more appealing to users. If you pick one of the popular ones, it is possible for YouTube to display your content more. Here are some examples of popular niches:

  • Beauty
  • Gaming
  • Do It Yourself (DIY)
  • Fashion
  • Technology
  • Innovation
  • Travel
  • Animals
  • Fitness and Sport
  • Cooking
  • Music
  • Economy
  • History
  • Comedy
  • Business
  • Real Estate
  • Online Marketing
  • Investing

These categories are the most popular and profitable niches in YouTube Video Section. If you are indecisive about your purpose and familiar with a category, you can go with it.

YouTube Niche

Finding the Perfect Niche

If you have not decided what your channel’s niche is, you can follow our YouTube video tips to decide on one. These steps also can help you to determine your strategies.

Niche in a Niche

As mentioned above, it is better for you to get more specific about your Content. It leads to having a more particular audience as well. Let’s say you are interested in automobiles. You want to shoot videos about cars and their features. Thus, you can create a channel in which you share videos that you introduce and drive new automobiles of various brands.

Competition in the Sector

Once you decide on your niche, you should do research about your competitors. Especially for popular categories, you will have powerful competitors. 

It does not mean that you should fight with your competitors when there are some. It is because they already have an audience and resources. You should compete with them indirectly with your unique ideas. Once you demonstrate your specialty and gain a certain number of followers, you can get into the competition too.


Sometimes, following new trends may not be the best because trends can end easily. The important thing is that the term popular does not mean temporary trends. You should find a category that will last for a long time. If you become out of ideas, you must waste your time on another niche that can help you to get impressions.


Of course, you should pick a niche from which you can make a profit. However, do not ignore your interests and passions. People love when they see fresh and interesting content from people who are motivated. Do and work on what you love to get yourself motivated. It is also important for sustainability. It will be easier for you to produce for a category you like.

YouTube Subscribers & Viewers

YouTube Tips for More Subscribers and Viewers

Once you find the perfect niche, you should focus on creating content and getting more subscribers and viewers. Even if you create the best content, it may be struggling to reach high numbers of visitors. You should take the proper steps for YouTube’s algorithm and visitors’ appreciation. Once your channel and Content are liked, the possibility of being shared also increases. 

Thus, let’s examine some tips and suggestions from which you can understand YouTube’s algorithm. Besides, it is crucial to be aware of connecting with your visitors.

Respond to YouTube Comments

Reply to Your Followers

Engaging with your followers and replying to their comments and questions make them feel understood and seen. They appreciate the encouragement and effort that you spend to contact them. Besides, YouTube understands that you are an active channel and open to criticism and connection. 

Stick to Your Niche

Sticking to your niche makes it clear that you are a consistent and organized channel. It makes it easier for YouTube to put you into a category and suggest other users. It certainly will help you to grow your channel and increase viewings. 

Produce Content Regularly

Determination is significant on YouTube. If you forget and ignore a regular posting, your subscribers will forget you as well. Keep reminding that you are still here and producing more.

Keep Your Content Fresh and Unique

People do not like to see and watch the same things again and again. Even if you recreate a video format or a topic, you should add new parts that will make people want to see your video. Repeating the same things would not be appealing at all.

Not Bore Your Viewers

It is normal and necessary to update visitors about your channel and your life. However, people want to see what the title says. Mostly, visitors complain and get bored when openings are too long. You can add long speeches at the end. Users who are enthusiastic about watching them will wait till the end. 

Interact with your subscribers

Encourage Engagement

It is good to remind your visitors to subscribe, like, and give comments. They may forget to take action even if they want to. Or they may like your channel but did not subscribe yet. It would not hurt to encourage a little at the beginning and end of the videos. 

Use Other Social Media Platforms

You should always announce new Content on your other social media profiles. Your followers may not subscribe to your channel on YouTube, or they may not have seen it yet. Therefore, announce your new videos and wait for users from these platforms to come to your channel.

Add Subtitles

Add Subtitles

If you want to go global, subtitles are necessary. Your Content would be more accessible and understandable. Moreover, YouTube’s algorithm carries subtitled videos to higher rankings. 

Pay Attention to Visuality of Your Channel

Creating a theme for YouTube’s algorithm is crucial. It is better if the thumbnail and your channel’s banner are coherent. Besides, you can add an introduction video for visitors who have seen your channel for the first time. 

Understand the Copyright Rules

YouTube has strict rules for copyright issues regardless of the Content of your video. If you do not pay enough attention, YouTube can take down your video, which is not good for the algorithm and subscriber numbers. 

YouTube Video Views

How to Boost Your Views on YouTube

After taking each step right, it is time to learn how to increase your viewing number. Instant viewings can carry you to trends, and your channel can grow more and more. 

  • Use powerful titles that can introduce and sell the video. Users click on videos mostly when they are appealed by the title and the picture. 
  • Keywords are important on YouTube, like any other online platform. Putting your keywords into titles and captions of your videos will help you to optimize your video. It would be a higher possibility to have higher visuality.
  • Contests are one of the best tools to get instant viewings and likes. You can decide on awards for people who give likes and comment on your videos. 
  • YouTube has playlist options, and they are extremely useful. You can classify your videos. Therefore, users can watch the series that they are interested in.
  • If you have decided on a certain niche, you will probably shoot videos that have some similar characteristics. You can put the links to related videos of your channel into captions so that users can reach them immediately after they have finished watching.

Picking a YouTube Niche for Beginners

Overall, finding the perfect niche may not be as easy as it sounds. It is because you are diving into a category that has a lot of the number of creators and trying to be unique. Therefore, try to listen to your passion and interest. You can be enthusiastic about learning more about them as well as developing yourself. You can grow your channel easier as much as you develop yourself. 

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Of course, your interests may not be sustainable or popular on YouTube. Therefore, you can check the suggestions above and find the perfect niche that you can both love and profit from. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Popular niches change as time passes and trends change. However, there are some niches that do not go old and still get a profit. For instance, earning money online, finance, educational videos, and marketing videos do not get old and are still being watched.

DIY format does not have an expiration date because there are always people who need instructions. Even after years, you can still be watched DIY videos if they are appealing and have enough details.

Currently, the most popular niche is about making money online, with $13,52 on average. After the online world became this huge, users wanted to learn about making money easier without leaving their seats. 

Producing for a profitable niche means that you create content that can sell. Different parameters and factors can help you earn money from YouTube, and profitable niches are compatible with all these parameters.

Solar energy and eco-friendly products have the lowest number of creators. If you have unique ideas about these sectors and believe in yourself that you can make a difference, do not hesitate to create for them.

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