8 Alternatives to Linkedin in 2024

If you are a business in the business world or an expert who wants to create your personal brand in the digital environment, some social media applications will help you. LinkedIn is a very effective platform for both employers and job seekers. Professional networking sites can help you connect with the right jobs. Although Linkedln is the most popular among these sites, there are also many different similar platforms.

In this article, we will give you information about Linkedin alternatives. You can also create a business profile for your business or yourself on these sites. You can share your work or showcase your expertise here. In this way, you can find new personnel or contact an employer. You can choose an app that your industry uses more or look at alternatives to develop your audience.

Here are 8 platforms that can be alternatives to Linkedin;



If you are looking for a platform instead of LinkedIn, Meetup is an option you should try. This platform allows you to find local meetups. After registering, mark your interests and the platform will inform you about local meetings that may interest you.

You can learn about meetings on professional topics, hobbies and areas of expertise. In this way, people who think locally in a certain region and are experts on a particular subject can come together through Meetup. People with common interests, professionally and personally, can interact together through this platform.

Users can host events with a unified platform through Meetup. People come together through this application for purposes such as sharing information, encouraging personal development, and finding new areas of interest.

If there is no event around you that interests you, you can also create your own event. When you create an event, information is sent to people who are interested in similar topics. For people who want to create a network, the best LinkedIn alternative to connect with others will be Meetup.

The platform has been connecting friends and business partners for 20 years. Apart from professional use, you can gather online or face to face for games, sports and various events. This platform has over 50 million active users in 190 countries.



Opportunity, which claims to be a professional matchmaker, is a good alternative. This platform aims to engage people with each other based on their needs. They can match when someone in your target market mentions what the user offers and needs. Users can also follow employment opportunities through this platform.

Additionally, professionals can find different professionals based on their chosen preferences. Searches can be made based on factors such as age, gender, interests, personality and expertise. One of the best options among alternatives to Linkedin is the Opportunity platform.

The platform brings together special job opportunities, sales opportunities, job candidates and business contacts with its advanced algorithm. It attracts attention as a leading service in its own operating system. The algorithm enables connections to be established based on many data such as geographical location, industry type, skill set or different signals received from the internet.

As a user, you will receive notifications if there is a listing for the products or services you need. At the same time, professionals can receive notifications about job postings. This platform can be used not only by employers and employees, but also by those who want to benefit from professional networks.

Here, it gives you five different profile types to help you build your network and business relationships, discover job and career opportunities, build meaningful relationships, create turbo-charged sales opportunities, and recruit top talent. The platform also has a free feature.

You can easily register to the application, which costs $29 per month. By optimizing your profile, you can easily start building your network. To date, more than 85 billion connections have been established worldwide through this platform.



Let’s explain one more in the list of networking websites. Serving to make the first impression easier, Sumry is an application that allows you to create online resumes and portfolios. With this platform, you can bring together your certificates, skills and work experiences.

Sumry, which is among the sites like Linkedin, also allows you to add your references and full work experience to your timeline. If you use the premium version, you can introduce yourself before applying.

When you want to submit a job application, the platform gives a link to your profile and the employer gives you one-click access to the PDF of your resume for the job.

Considered the world’s first best promotional tool, Sumry enables you to establish professionally effective connections. It allows you to highlight your education, expertise, certifications and work experiences by creating online job portfolios and resumes. Additionally, it allows you to see recommendations from people who may have worked with you at your past workplace.

If you find a business that interests you, you can meet the company before making a formal application. This platform is also among the most effective LinkedIn alternatives for those who want to be found by employers. The StoryTeller process site guides you through the entire process. When you use this tool, you will have a professional and neat one-page resume that an employer can access. You can use the platform in a free trial version for 79 days. After this period, there is a $7 annual fee.



One of the alternatives to LinkedIn among social media applications for professionals is the Xing application. Once you register on this platform, you can network and join groups of like-minded experts to share your ideas.

It also helps you to follow the latest news of your sector and to learn about fairs, seminars and conferences in your sector. You can create job postings and search for jobs on the platform. You can also do research about businesses.

Xing is actively used in over 200 countries around the world. However, it is a more effective practice in Europe than in America. You can use it for free and choose the premium version to use additional features.

This platform is a Europe-based career-oriented networking platform established to create close professional networks more easily. It also has a multilingual interface so you can network in culturally diverse environments.

You can create personal profiles, engage in group interactions, participate in discussion forums, and coordinate events on the application. You can also use other standard social community tools.

If you have no information about a business, Xing stands out as a great tool for getting to know the business and looking for a job in a sector. It has an information section about each company. This platform is more effective in German-speaking countries. It also offers you opportunities for remote working.



If you want to look for a job, you can choose the Jobcase site, which provides infrastructure for more than 100 popular job sites. This platform has been in service since 2009. It allows you to track a lot of data about open roles and businesses that are hiring based on roles that may interest you instantly.

Create a Jobcase profile to use. Then access the huge business database. You can also take action on joining groups and participating in discussions. It is an application with over 80 million users in the world.

Compared to LinkedIn, this platform allows you to showcase your professional profile more comprehensively. You can create a detailed portfolio in areas such as education history, work history, salary preference and relocation requests. You can also add your personal qualities to your portfolio.

The platform is available for free use. You can also easily register and log in with your Facebook, Google and LinkedIn account. The difference between this application and its competitors is that it has a comprehensive history. Job seekers can connect with potential employers by showcasing their qualifications here. In this way, the job search process becomes simpler and more professional.

On the platform, users can ask and answer questions. In this sense, it lends itself to community participation. There are also sections on career opportunities and connecting employees and employers. It also has a blog page with a very solid resource section to help you get the most out of the platform. Websites like LinkedIn help you create a portfolio.



Lunchmeet is a good option for those looking for a mobile application alternative to LinkedIn. On this platform, local professionals with similar interests can come together. With this feature, we can describe it as a mobile version of the Meetup application.

What makes this platform interesting is that it allows you to identify local professionals to meet for coffee or lunch, rather than attracting the crowd. You can post your availability for an impromptu meeting on this platform. This way, you can reach other local professionals who are available in the same time zone as you.

The application is an effective mobile application that works as a networking site. It can be used as a social media application for business professionals who want to make new friends. You must have a LinkedIn profile to use this platform. After registration, you can freely determine the hours when you are available to meet other people. At the same time, you can reach like-minded professionals who are vacant in the nearby area. You can contact these people and make coffee and meal plans.



Bark is also included among sites such as Linkedln. This platform aims to connect local professionals with people seeking their services. At this point, those who want to get support from a professional can use the application. This way you can shorten the time it takes to find a professional.

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By using Bark, you can reach professionals in your vicinity and receive professional service. You can also create your own profile as an expert and reach potential customers looking for your services.

You can provide local services in many sectors through the application. You can provide services in many areas such as house cleaning, gardening, accounting, web design. It provides employees with the opportunity to find job opportunities from local companies and personal experts.

If you are looking for a powerful alternative to the LinkedIn application in the recruitment process, you can reach thousands of applicants with Bark. If you want to reach a professional, you can make a direct call, or if you want to be hired, you can create a profile.

You can register to the Bark platform for free. You will reach many professional customers here. You only pay a certain commission to the application if you find a customer from here.



For those new to the professional business industry, Gust is among the most effective platforms. This platform offers features mostly for employers. It offers fewer features for job seekers than other alternatives.

The main purpose of the platform is for business owners to connect with other businesses and create business partnerships. Additionally, it provides businesses with the best matching and angel investor opportunities.

If you are a business owner who wants to expand your business, the Gust platform will be among the best LinkedIn alternatives for you. Additionally, if you are a sales professional targeting startup founders, you can find plenty of opportunities here.

The platform gives business owners the opportunity to connect with other founders, build a network of partners, match with top accelerators, and apply to angel investment groups.

The connections you’ll find here will support you in the growth and financing process. In this way, potential candidates and financing come together through this professional network. There are annual usage fees starting from $300.

Final Thoughts

One of the most effective platforms to see professional job opportunities and showcase your portfolio is LinkedIn. If you are looking for other networks instead of this platform, we have listed the opportunities for you.

If you want to see local opportunities and meetings, you can use Meetup; if you want to use this feature as a mobile application, you can use Lunchmeet. Social media for professionals offers great job opportunities.

Bark is a good choice to reach potential customers who want to benefit from your professional services or to receive service from professionals. You can also become a member of the Gust platform to find business opportunities, partnership opportunities and financing for your business.

If you provide local services, you can showcase your services with Xing. You can also try Jobcase, which has the largest database and provides infrastructure for the job site. With this platform, you can showcase your professionalism more comprehensively than LinkedIn. If you want to create a professional portfolio online, you can also try the Sumry app.

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Frequently Asked Questions About

If you want to build a professional network, it will be difficult to tell the best option. Linledln is a sector platform in this field. This provides the infrastructure that will provide you with the most data. But you can use it on different platforms depending on your needs, industry and goals. While Meetup and Lunchmeet are good choices for getting to know local professionals, Sumry may be better for building a portfolio.

Linkedln is the most well-known and most popular professional networking platform with the most users on the Internet. But this platform also has strong competitors. In this article, we introduced you to sites that can be alternatives to LinkedIn. We have discussed the prominent aspects of these sites. Depending on your goals, you can also use different professional networking sites along with LinkedIn. In this way, you can discover new job opportunities, introduce yourself better and make connections with experts in your industry.

Professional platforms such as LinkedIn each have different advantages and features. Some of the platforms on our list will help you find a job. Some of them can also provide you with opportunities and connections for your business.

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