What Is Clickbank?

Clickbank is an affiliate marketplace similar to Amazon. It links product owners and publishers. Clickbank was founded back in 1998, and it’s a United States-based company. Since 1998, Clickbank has been able to protect its popularity. Like any other Marketplace, Clickbank is also a competitive marketplace.

Clickbank has a lot of categories for products like health products; there are even video game-related products. The best way to experience Clickbank is to go to their website and take a look for yourself. Clickbank is simply an intermediator between affiliates and product owners.

So what happens when a product owner puts their products on Clickbank? It is effortless; the product owner mentions the features of their product and a rate for affiliates. Then the affiliates who find the product and commission rate to their liking begin marketing the product in their way.

Clickbank offers product owners a good platform to advertise and market their products with the help of affiliates. Affiliates can also make some money marketing these products. Though today if you search about Clickbank, it is easy to find people asking questions like ”is Clickbank legit?” or ”is Clickbank safe?” Today we are going to try to answer these questions while also trying to discover how you can make money with Clickbank.

is clickbank a fraud

Is Clickbank a Fraud?

Calling Clickbank a scam is like calling Amazon or eBay a scam. Clickbank is a marketing platform that values product owners as much as it values the affiliates and the customers. There are some claims on the internet saying Clickbank doesn’t pay the commissions of the new affiliates, though these claims rarely are true.

Clickbank doesn’t sell or offer any MLM type of schemes; it is merely a platform for buyers, sellers, and marketers. It is a way to retail digital items while offering to handle the affiliate commission program side of the website. With that being said, there might be some products on Clickbank that can be seen as scams. Though it is true these are true products, oftentimes, they are marketed as miracle products that can do everything. It is especially true with

roducts that offer to teach you how to make money. If a product promises it will teach you how to be a millionaire, it is more likely to be false. After all, if the owner of the product knew how to make millions in a very short amount of time, that person would be making millions instead of trying to sell you a miracle product to teach you to make millions in a matter of a couple of days. So to answer ”is Clickbank safe?” the short answer is yes, it is as safe as using Amazon or any other marketplace on the internet.

Are There Other Websites Like Clickbank?

Affiliate marketing is a big topic on the internet today. Many people are trying to make money using this method. That being said, it is only natural today there are many websites like Clickbank that uses affiliate marketing.
Affiliate marketing is a good way to market products; it is no wonder people want to use this method for their products. Today there are many platforms similar to Clickbank, Amazon associates, CJAfilliate, and many more you can find with a Google search!

How Can I Make Money With Clickbank?

As we mentioned before, Clickbank is an affiliate marketplace. You can begin making money with Clickbank in two different ways, you can either be an affiliate and market products, or you can pay a commission to the affiliates to sell your product. Today we are going to focus on how to make money with Clickbank as an affiliate.

Now let’s see how you can make money with Clickbank with this step-by-step guide!

  1. Sign Up: Signing up to Clickbank is extremely easy; you just have to go to their webpage and fill the sign-up form.
  2. Finding the Perfect Product to Promote: Now it is time to find the product to promote. After signing up, you will be able to see the products that you can begin marketing.
  3. Marketing the Product: There are two ways to market the products you chose. Paid traffic and free traffic.
  4. Create an Affiliate Website: One of the easiest ways to create traffic is to use an affiliate website.

Sign Up

It is good to remember although Clickbank is a U.S based company, they also work with many other countries. You can also use Clickbank with other languages such as German, Spanish, and many more. You will, of course, need to put your banking information, though depending on which country you live in, they can also send you an actual physical check. After you sign up, you can finally log in and go to your account.

There you can also see some guides showing you how to find products to promote. These guides are also extremely useful if you are new to affiliate marketing. Also, you can now get to see the products and the affiliate links the website has to offer.

finding the perfect product to promote

Finding the Perfect Product to Promote

All these products have a commission rate you can see as well as the stats. Here you will see the average sale price. Though it is good to remember, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get the average amount every time someone buys the product through your link. That’s the average and a good way to see how much potential the product has.

Here you can also see the website of the product you want to market. It is always a good idea to look at their website. Usually, they set up rules for the affiliates to follow. Following these rules are crucial as you wouldn’t want to get banned from an affiliate program. These rules might change from company to company; you will need to learn about these rules.

And the final tip about choosing the product is to learn about the product, look into it. You don’t want to cheat your audience into buying the product. There will always be products that are marketed as miracle products that can do everything. The truth, however, is there are many Clickbank scams out there. The best advice would be to promote the products that you can trust. After all, your audience’s trust is extremely important if you want to promote anything.

Learn 4ps of marketing with our article for better understanding!

Marketing the Product

Although these two ways both have their advantages and disadvantages, free traffic is a good way to start. Let’s start with that.

Free traffic sources vary; you can use huge social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. You can also use your websites, blogs, and other sources. One way or another, the best way to promote a product is to grow your blog, profile, videos and gather a following. You can then begin marketing the products. This, of course, takes some time, but in the end, you will see it is rewarding.

Paid traffic is also an option. Today almost every platform you want to market in has advertisement offers for you. Most of the time, these advertisement options are cheap and available. You can use these paid advertisements for your page to advertise the products you want to advertise. For example, you have a blog that you use for affiliate marketing; you can advertise your posts that are marketing the product. Thus this way creates traffic.

Create an Affiliate Website

Though creating a website might look intimidating at first, today, it is not that hard to be perfectly honest. Affiliate websites with proper SEO and good marketing can bring many people in who will buy the products you are marketing.

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For example, you can make a webpage listing ”Top 10 Laptops” in the market; you can then post your affiliate links after every pick of laptops, thus getting clicks to your link.

As we stated before, today, creating a website is not that hard. There are many services available for low prices. Creating an affiliate website is the best way to generate traffic to your links. It is also really important to use every available platform you can use and link them together!

clickbank review

Clickbank Review

So we talked about what Clickbank is and how you can begin making money. It’s time to see how viable of an option Clickbank and other affiliate marketing strategies are for you to start making money. It is true; affiliate marketing is usually seen as easy and a good way to create passive income. Though it is always useful to remember before you begin marketing the products, you will first need to create a following. After all, you can never sell products without people trusting you.

One of the ways people seem to try to market the products is to spam the affiliation links everywhere they see. However, it is not usually very successful. Today there are rules that you have to follow, even on the internet. Yes, you can easily find Facebook groups and try to spam your links, though it doesn’t mean this strategy will be successful. Most of the time, you are likely to be banned from these groups or any other comment section that you can promote. People need to know and trust you before they can click on your link and buy something from there.

It is easy to see Clickbank has a big potential for the right person. Though it is also good to remember that to make money, you first have to have value. In affiliate marketing, your value is your audience.


With that being said, Clickbank is an amazing affiliate marketing platform with many products you can choose from; there is also a big possibility to work as an affiliate marketer and work from home. Today most affiliate marketers say they use Clickbank and generate a cozy profit monthly. Even the Clickbank affiliate marketplace official website claims they paid $4.2 Billion for over 20 years in 200 countries. These numbers, of course, are extremely encouraging.

And though it might require your time and some effort, today, creating good content is not that hard; one of the other biggest advantages of Clickbank is also the fact that it is an old and huge platform. There are probably products about everything you can imagine. This way, you can find a product fitting your content and create many viable marketing strategies!

Conclusion on Clickbank

Clickbank is an old, massive affiliate marketplace that you can use to generate passive income today! Though there are a few things you have to learn or keep in mind, it is not that hard. We have included a lot of information about how you can start generating income with Clickbank in this article; there is also a review of the website. For more tips on digital marketing don’t forget to check out our related posts.

Frequently Asked Questions About

To say Clickbank is a scam is like to say eBay or Amazon is a scam. It is an affiliate marketplace that brings marketers and product owners together.

There are two ways you can go about it. You can use either market products or offer commissions for your products to be marketed.

There are endless possibilities. Clickbank is a really old and big platform. There are probably enough products for a marketer to choose from.

Brands might offer commissions ranging from %1 to %70.

The best answer to this question would be to look into the product. Learn as much as possible about the product you wish to promote. The most important thing is trust here. No one will click on your link if they do not trust you!

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