What Is a Permalink?

Permalink or permanent linking is a concept that blog owners should be aware of. The URL, which is also referred to as permalinks, allows you to switch from another site to your article or category. In this way, you can increase your site’s visitor traffic and interaction. However, you should not change your link. You should always use the same URL. Since there are links to your own WordPress site, people who want to find you will use this URL.

How to Get a Permalink

You can access the post permalink feature on WordPress. WordPress is a CMS platform known to most internet users. Permanent connections are frequently used on this platform. So you can easily get the URL.

The steps you need to follow for the get permalink feature;

  • Click on permalink settings from the Settings tab.
  • You can choose the text name option from the general settings section that appears. This is the most used option. Because it contains short and clear information, it also separates your titles with “-“. Other options are plain, day and name, month and name, numeric, special structure.

It can be listed as. Thanks to these steps, you will also find an answer to the question of how to find a permalink. You can have an SEO compatible blog page thanks to the URL, Uniform Resource Locator.

seo compatible permalinks

Permalinks Compatible with SEO

The most important detail to know after the post permalink feature is to use a URL compatible with SEO. Links generally consist of two parts, the website name and the short name of the page. The website name must contain https: // or www. Also, the length of the URL must be at least 2083 characters. So, these features are must-haves. If you have SEO features, your site traffic will increase.

Time needed: 5 minutes

Must-have Facebook permalink SEO features;

  1. It should be prepared in a clear and understandable language.

    Complex and long permalinks greatly affect the number of visits. It also reduces the ease of use in the search engine.

  2. Attention should be paid to the use of keywords.

    Keywords should be considered in order to be compatible with SEO. You can use hints about your site in the URL content. This way you can rank higher in search results.

  3. You must use the “-” sign between words in your permanent links.

    Otherwise, search engines coudn’t capture your keywords from the permalink.

  4. All words in the URL must be lowercase.

    So this way, you can prevent problems that may occur during the creation of a website.

  5. You shouldn’t use stop words.

    Stop words such as and, with, at work, or should not be used when writing a post name.

It can be sorted. If you want to change your permanent links, you should not break the SEO compliance. Support with Build a blog and SEO compatible URLs.

what are permalinks

Permalink Briefly

So, a permalink is one of the quality services that people can choose. It is preferred because it is a highly developed service and gives real potential to the sites. Details about what Permalink is, how to get it, and the boards that need attention are mentioned. So if you liked our article, you may also like our article about how to link to a specific part of a page.

Frequently Asked Questions About

Because people can have more access thanks to Permalink. So, the access from users on different sites increases the potential of people to stand out in search engines.

Permalink prices vary from site to site. However, due to the large return on the site, although it opens the budget in the first place, it increases the amount paid over time. Therefore, it is preferable.

Users who want to get a permanent link should apply to the site they want to get the link from. A link will be given after the communication is established. Or, this link can be obtained from various applications. It should be mentioned that much more advantageous prices are offered.

If possible, an indefinite permanent link should be obtained. Timed links can cause a decrease in customer potential after a while.

The site from which the link will be obtained must be compatible with the site to which the link will be given. It would not be nice to have a link to the technical service site on the women’s shopping site.

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  1. Devon Cobb
    Devon Cobb

    Permalinks are an important part of blogging. They provide a permanent URL to access your content, making it easier for readers to find and share your posts. However, it’s important to ensure your permalinks are SEO-friendly and easy to read. Good luck!