The Jobs That AI Can’t Replace & Can Replace

Artificial Intelligence has developed over the years, and it makes people curious about if their jobs are safe. Unfortunately, it cannot be said that all jobs are secure because AI can replace some of them. However, if your job requires abilities that AI cannot gain, it probably would not affect your work. These abilities can be emotional intelligence, managing skills, or efficient human relationships. You can find the jobs that AI can’t replace or can replace below. Let’s see them.

The Jobs That AI Can’t Replace At All

We’re all afraid of AI to take our jobs and put us aside. However, there are still jobs that AI will never be able to do. Here are these jobs:

Human Resources Managers

Human resources managers are the people who have a specialty in human relationships and so forth. It means that it cannot be automated by AI, especially when it comes to workplace conflicts. Besides, reasoning and decision-making cognitions can improve more with human instructors.

public relations manager

Public Relations Managers

PR managers’ jobs are entirely safe because of their networks and relationships. These contacts cannot be done without human touch since they are significant for companies, and they require interaction skills.

Event Planners

This is another field that cannot be replaced by AI due to its requirements. Event planners conduct their business via numberless coordination with participants, employees, contractors, freelancers, and more. These interactions also bring so many negotiations and communication skills with itself. Thus, event planners can keep their jobs even if AI spreads all sectors.



Writers produce original ideas with their creativity. Even though AI can convey some suggestions or automated messages, it cannot create and make new ideas without any human touch. Thus, workers who publish blog posts, books, or movie scenarios can’t be replaced by AI.

Graphic Designers

AI can be helpful for this sector, but it can’t replace graphic designers at all. It is because graphic designers produce new designs according to consumers’ behaviors, and they use their creativity. They can benefit from AI for technological enhancements while designing. However, this job cannot exist without human creativity.



Psychology is a field that examines interpersonal and intrapersonal events in society. Most of the therapies also arise from people’s need for talking. Thus, it is not that hard to make an estimation of the field’s future. It also explains that skills like emotional intelligence, reasoning, decision making, understanding need human cognition.

jobs that ai can replace

The Jobs That AI Can Replace

AI’s replacement of our jobs is an unfortunate fact. We have listed the jobs that AI will never be able to do. Now, we are going to mention the jobs that are likely to be taken by AI.


Telemarketing is a job that does not require so much emotional intelligence, and telemarketers are already using robot-calls in the sector. Besides, the success rate on telemarketing is approximately 10%. It means that companies probably will replace their employees with AI in order to reduce spending. Even though it is not the same thing, email marketing can join the list in the near future.


Being a receptionist also does not require that much emotional development. With AI, companies can direct their incoming calls to the necessary departments. Hence, receptionists can have difficulty getting a job in 10 years.

Computer Support Specialty

With AI’s significant enhancement, companies can use it more for computer support because it is one of the most common fields that people need AI. Human necessity probably will exist even after ten years since specialists are necessary for technical issues. However, job opportunities can lower.

Market Research Analysts

Market research can be done with AI even now because it can conduct surveys easier and faster. It does not mean that there will be no need for humans. After conducting analyses, conclusions cannot be made healthily enough by AI. However, the job opportunity can decrease like computer support specialty.

Advertising Salespeople

By social media platforms, advertisement became easier and quicker for businesses. Social media platforms’ interfaces for marketing ads will probably decrease the human need in the sector significantly. Companies can save and earn more money by letting go of their salespeople and relying more on artificial intelligence.

AI’s Likelihood to Replace Jobs

As AI improves day by day, it is customary to get curious about your job’s safety. As mentioned before, if your job requires human skills, you do not need to worry at all. However, some professions, unfortunately at risk. Even though they would be available for people for the next ten years, it is hard to see these jobs after that time.

Frequently Asked Questions About

It is hard to give a specific answer; however, jobs like cashier, travel agent, bank teller, and the textile worker have a high chance to disappear in 10 years completely.

Its likelihood is very low. In these years, especially college instructors utilize AI in their classes. However, teaching skills are belonging to only humans because teaching requires interaction with students as much as possible.

Integrating technology into job sectors does not mean that AI can do all jobs. Lawyers negotiate, collaborate, and coordinate to settle and advocate. These critical skills need human effort. Therefore, people in this profession cannot be replaced by AI.

AI has so many benefits in the healthcare and medicine sectors. Moreover, they are utilized in surgeries often. However, the likelihood of replacement is really low due to its sensitivity.

If your job is taken from AI, your opportunity to find a job becomes relatively low. However, it does not mean that you cannot find another job again. You can stay in the same sector in a different position. On the other hand, you can take education for another job that you would like to do and start there again.

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