The 8 Biggest AI Challenges for Marketers

Artificial intelligence is becoming one of the most indispensable tools for marketing processes. As a marketer, you can invest in artificial intelligence thanks to its advantages, such as task automation and time and budget savings. Artificial intelligence also allows you to be more productive and quickly perform many tasks without errors. The fact that artificial intelligence has so many advantages makes it attractive. Is there anything negative about this? AI is a field with challenges. Because of these AI challenges, marketers avoid integrating artificial intelligence into their marketing processes. 

In the report titled The State of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing in 2023, created by Hubspot, we see that 35% of marketers use artificial intelligence in their marketing processes. That’s why we will discuss the AI challenges marketers face when using artificial intelligence. 

Undermining Ingenuity 

More than half of marketers say their creativity will be impacted when they use productive AI applications. One in four marketers also think it will hinder their creativity. Creativity decreases over time in teams that constantly carry out marketing processes using artificial intelligence. Since people trust artificial intelligence, their productivity rates decrease in the work they have to do themselves. 

A significant portion of high-growth companies rely on the marketing department for creative ideas. Although artificial intelligence helps you get ideas, your thinking skills begin to atrophy after a certain time. If you are carrying out marketing activities, you must have creative teams. If you are having difficulties with AI, creativity comes first. Some marketers also think that using artificial intelligence will increase creativity. 

While using artificial intelligence, your marketing creativity can stay fresh if you are involved in the process. 

AI challenges poor quality content

Poor Quality Content 

Artificial intelligence may offer you low-quality content. One of the biggest concerns for a marketer is having unhelpful, low-quality content. If the correct prompts are not entered, artificial intelligence will not provide you with the quality content you want. 

According to research, content production is the second most common area where marketers use artificial intelligence. A significant portion of marketers create content through AI in the text, visual, or idea-generation processes. You can get ideas and inspiration for marketing content with artificial intelligence. Also, you can use it to summarize the important points of your text. You can write text or create images for marketing content from scratch. You can check some of the AI content generator tools here.

If you understand the use of artificial intelligence and learn to enter correct prompts, you will not have the problem of low-quality content. Artificial intelligence will give you the highest quality content as output with the right inputs. 

Uncertain Information 

A significant portion of marketers use artificial intelligence for research in their marketing processes. You can benefit from artificial intelligence for purposes such as keyword research, source research, data research, competitor research, and target audience research. Also, don’t forget the check the useful competitor analysis tools here. Among the difficulties of artificial intelligence is that it gives false information. We also see that artificial intelligence sometimes gives false information and accepts it. Under pressure, some artificial intelligence applications can give incorrect information. 

In a study, one in every two marketers says that productive artificial intelligence gives them wrong information. Providing false information damages your brand reputation, frustrates your SEO, and prevents you from producing quality content. Therefore, you should use artificial intelligence correctly to avoid receiving incorrect and ambiguous information. You can continue your life without receiving false information with effective and accurate input. 

Data Privacy 

There are serious concerns about privacy in artificial intelligence. Experts think that the confidentiality of some data may be violated in artificial intelligence applications. For this reason, many marketing experts are not keen on investing in artificial intelligence. 

When doing data analysis, marketing professionals use artificial intelligence for customer data analysis and user behavior. There may be a breach of confidentiality of customer information. We can say that the concerns at this point are not unfounded. There are many artificial intelligence tools you can use in the marketing process. By choosing one of these tools, you can be sure it attaches importance to data privacy. If you choose the right quality artificial intelligence tool, you can eliminate your concerns about reliability. 

If you do not trust an AI tool with data privacy, you can only assign tasks that do not involve private data. In this way, you can prevent problems with data privacy. 

Integration with Existing Marketing Strategies 

If you are marketing online, you probably have existing marketing strategies that are running successfully. At this point, you may want to consider switching to artificial intelligence. You can save time and money by automating many of your marketing processes with artificial intelligence. 

AI tips include integration with existing and effective marketing strategies. The area where some experts have the most problems is integrating the results they obtain in artificial intelligence applications into existing marketing strategies. Although artificial intelligence acts like a human, it has the ability to process very large data in a short time. For this reason, it will now add speed and agility to many tasks that you previously did manually. At this point, you will have difficulty integrating artificial intelligence into your existing marketing strategy. This is one of the challenges of AI!

To avoid this situation, you can gradually switch to using artificial intelligence. You can prepare yourself by slowly getting used to the system and making small strategy changes. In the final stage, your entire marketing strategy may become suitable for using artificial intelligence. 

If you want to entrust your business to artificial intelligence, you may need to review your current marketing strategy. In this case, you can adapt your current marketing strategy to artificial intelligence by getting professional support. 

managing customer expectations

Managing Customer Expectations 

While we have challenges with AI, one of them will be managing customer expectations. Artificial intelligence will undoubtedly contribute greatly to many processes by automating your marketing efforts. When used correctly, artificial intelligence tools can be one of the biggest helpers of marketers. 

The main goal of the marketing process is to make more sales by reaching potential customers. At this point, let us point out that you are dealing with people. For this reason, your customer base will have certain expectations from you. You need to develop specific strategies to understand and meet these expectations. Since artificial intelligence works only based on the input you give, it cannot know and manage customer expectations. Artificial intelligence tools focus only on meeting your expectations based on the commands you give. 

One of the most important complaints of marketers is the inability to manage customer expectations using artificial intelligence. To prevent this situation, you can get customer expectations through various feedback. At the same time, you can gain access when you analyze the expectations of your potential customer base using various tools. 

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Use the customer data you obtain to create inputs to artificial intelligence. Understand customer expectations and create commands that meet these expectations when commanding the AI tool. In this way, artificial intelligence tools will provide outputs that meet your customer’s expectations. 

Training and Skill Development for Marketing Teams 

When a marketing team starts using artificial intelligence, all team members in that team need to know how to use artificial intelligence. At this point, businesses can spend a long time teaching the use of artificial intelligence to the entire team and improving the skills of team members in this regard. Many businesses cannot find enough time and resources for these processes. For this reason, it is difficult for marketing teams to receive adequate training and develop the right skills in artificial intelligence applications. 

If you want to use artificial intelligence in your marketing strategy, you should first start by training your marketing team on this subject. Each team member should receive training from an expert on using artificial intelligence for their business processes. These trainings should continue at regular intervals as developments in the field of artificial intelligence may constantly change. 

At the same time, each team member must develop their skills in using artificial intelligence in performing their marketing tasks. A good evaluation system should be established to measure whether team members have improved their skills or not. Otherwise, artificial intelligence can turn into a scary process for marketing teams. 

one of the AI challenges keeping up with the news

Keeping Up with the News 

Artificial intelligence is still at a very early stage. This field is developing daily and continues to grow like an avalanche. Artificial intelligence is growing very dynamically. For this reason, marketers using artificial intelligence in their marketing processes may experience difficulties following the latest trends and using new technologies. 

You need to allocate a separate time to follow the news and developments in the field of artificial intelligence. It can be difficult to keep track of all developments and may cause you to lose energy in other work processes. For this reason, you may hesitate to use artificial intelligence. 

Artificial intelligence challenges may include deciding which of the developments you follow to try and which to prioritize. You should also know which development you should implement for your marketing processes. Some developments and news may not fit your industry, potential customer base, strategy, or goals. At this point, in addition to following the developments, analyzing and commenting is also important. 

You can apply developments in the field of artificial intelligence by following certain resources. Apart from this, if you still benefit from artificial intelligence while acting with your existing information, you do not need to follow the developments yet. When your strategy and marketing processes start to suffer, you can start to follow new developments and adapt your strategy to these trends. 


70% of marketers worldwide say that it is more efficient and practical to do their marketing processes with automation systems. Artificial intelligence can be your biggest assistant in this process. But the challenges of artificial intelligence may have you thinking. Artificial intelligence is still a very new technology and is developing rapidly. Therefore, you need to follow all the trends and use artificial intelligence applications correctly. At the same time, your entire team needs to receive training and improve their skills in the field of artificial intelligence. This way, AI challenges will be a no worry!

Frequently Asked Questions About

AI challenges include data privacy violations. Your important data may be breached if you do not use AI tools correctly as a marketer. Some artificial intelligence tools may have negative experiences with data privacy, one of the challenges of AI.

Artificial intelligence is useful in marketing processes despite its many difficulties and limitations. If you use artificial intelligence correctly, you can see great benefits in all your marketing efforts.

If you are going to use artificial intelligence in a marketing process, your entire marketing team needs to be doing it. For this reason, you need to plan your training process before integrating artificial intelligence into your marketing processes. 

The marketing process can be very time-consuming when done through manpower. That’s why automation is so important in marketing processes. With artificial intelligence, you can quickly do many tasks that require humans, even with very large data.  

One of the biggest limitations of artificial intelligence in marketing is that it provides false information. Many experts state that they received incorrect information from artificial intelligence. The way to eliminate misinformation here is to use an up-to-date artificial intelligence application and give correct inputs. 

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