Best Prompts for Marketers Using ChatGPT & Gemini

As a business, if you want to reach your potential customer base, you should develop online marketing strategies and invest in this area. The consumer audience is constantly exposed to notifications, text messages, and advertisements in the digital environment. Therefore, there is a very serious competitive environment in digital marketing. You must devote time and resources to stand out from strong competition and reach more customers. So, many businesses benefit from artificial intelligence in their marketing processes. Experts generally prefer to use ChatGPT and Google Gemini. Gemini and Chatgpt prompts are very common for a marketing process. With advanced artificial intelligence tools, businesses are automating many marketing tasks. They can also create more effective marketing campaigns by providing personalized content.

This guide will give effective information to marketers using ChatGPT and Gemini. Continue reading our article Best Prompts for marketers using ChatGPT & Gemini

What Are Prompts? 

Prompts are forms of text, questions, coding, or information that tell the artificial intelligence application the answer you want to receive. You want the artificial intelligence to respond to you by entering certain commands or information. So, you can get the answers you want if you enter the correct prompts. 

Whether you want to write a story, design visuals, summarize, or rewrite a text, prompting is the skill you need to have to get it done perfectly. It can be difficult to get exactly the desired results in artificial intelligence. Therefore, if you learn how to use prompts, you can ensure that artificial intelligence produces the best results. If you state your artificial intelligence request more clearly, your marketing team can produce much more effective work. So, your marketing efforts will be more effective if you consistently present strong prompts for an AI to generate the answers you need. 

You can improve yourself with trial and error in the process of using Google Gemini and Chatgpt marketing prompts. After a certain period, you will start using effective artificial intelligence prompts. In this case, you will start to receive more targeted and detailed answers than when you first started. In this way, your marketing efforts will become more efficient and perfect. 

AI may have difficulty providing effective responses to long and complex prompts. That’s why you need to learn how to write short and clear prompts. In this case, you can get very strong responses to your question or command. Directing artificial intelligence correctly can enable you to produce powerful and qualified content that supports your marketing processes. We will give information about Chat GPT prompts for marketing

Advantages of Using AI Tools for Marketers 

As artificial intelligence increases its importance in our lives, it is used in different areas. Artificial intelligence makes it possible to automate many tasks and jobs that require human intelligence. The features of reasoning, making sense, analyzing data, writing text, making generalizations, and providing answers to specific questions can also be used by marketers. Artificial intelligence allows you to analyze large volumes of data for correlation and produce specific outputs by processing this information. So, as a business owner or marketing expert, you can use artificial intelligence effectively in your marketing processes. 

The advantages of using artificial intelligence tools for marketers are as follows; 

advantages of using AI tools for marketers
  • You can predict your customers’ behavior. Targeting everyone who is your potential customer can be challenging in terms of effort, resources, and time. With artificial intelligence, you can identify potential customers who are most likely to respond positively to you. Artificial intelligence examines historical data and gives you outputs about the behavior of your customer base. You can develop strategies for this by identifying certain patterns. This means more conversion rates, traffic and sales generation. 
  • You can better measure customer interactions with the help of artificial intelligence. In this way, you can reduce your customer acquisition and retention costs. With analysis, you can see which customer segment you can target. You can uncover insights by comparing your old and new customers. 
  • You can use your ads more efficiently and create more effective advertising campaigns with artificial intelligence-supported strategies. 
  • You can automate your digital marketing processes. You can automate SEM, SEO, PPC, and keyword research processes with artificial intelligence. 
  • By using chatbots, you can make your customer service process instant and high-quality. 
  • You can create content to attract your customer base and automate your content marketing process. 

Learn more about how AI is changing the content marketing.

Tips to Write Effective Prompts 

If you want to use Chatgpt prompts for marketing, you must first know how to do it. You can increase your marketing success by using effective prompts. Get featured in ChatGPT prompts for blog posts and SERPs. Learn more about how to improve blog writing with AI tools.

In this episode, we will talk about tips for writing effective prompts as a marketing professional; 

  • Be open to the AI and do not create generic prompts. If you enter general prompts, you will get general results. So add context and include specific, clear, and concise statements. In this way, you can obtain more useful outputs. Provide many details such as target audience, duration, and content language clearly. 
  • Require AI to take on specific roles. Artificial intelligence can provide more qualified outputs by acting like a person, object, or process. It will mimic the role you give it and deliver results accordingly. For example, you can ask him to act like a fitness trainer while preparing a nutrition list. 
  • Specify the type of output you expect from the AI. You can produce many output types: code, story, report, summary, dialogue, audio, visual, or video. 
  • Also, tell the artificial intelligence what you don’t want. You can help artificial intelligence understand more clearly by using negative expressions. For example, when creating a nutrition list, you can ask them not to include options containing dairy products. 
  • You can use a specific sentence or paragraph example to get the results you want. Artificial intelligence can take these expressions as a reference and provide you with an output with the features you want. 
  • Tell the artificial intelligence your target audience and the tone of the output language in detail. You can get more successful results according to your target audience and the tone you want. 
  • Give feedback to the artificial intelligence and tell it the successful parts that it can improve. 

The Best Prompts for Marketers 

Both ChatGPT and Google Gemini are among the best AI tools for marketers. Whether you use ChatGPT or Gemini in your marketing processes, certain suggestions will give you the opportunity to get better quality output. 

In this section, we will offer you the best suggestions as a marketer. We will explain how you can best use both artificial intelligence tools and integrate them into your marketing process. In this way, you will be able to strengthen your marketing strategy very quickly using artificial intelligence tools. 

We will give you detailed examples of the best ChatGPT and Gemini prompts. If you have a question you are curious about, you can contact us immediately and get detailed information. Let’s also give information about ChatGPT prompts

ChatGPT prompts

The Best ChatGPT Prompts 

We will give you the most effective examples if you are looking for a ChatGPT prompt book. As a marketer, you can use the ChatGPT artificial intelligence tool on your website, email marketing, SEO processes, and many other topics you can think of. 

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The best Chatgpt prompts can be listed as follows; 

  • “Create a blog post that includes resources on topic X and includes statistics and data throughout the content.” The prompt is very common. With statistics, you can ensure that your content is trustworthy and also that visitors spend more time. 
  • “Write a 160-word meta description and a 60-character title tag for the blog post that includes the main keywords and includes a CTA.” With the meta description and title tag, you solve an important process of SEO of your content. 
  • “Can you tell me which topics X, Y, and Z competitors talk about the most?” If you want to find titles for blog content, this will give you new ideas. At the same time, you can see what your competitors are talking about and work on producing better-quality content. 
  • “Write marketing copy to strengthen and attract my email campaign.” Add the product name here and ask it to create a more qualified email marketing text by providing information about your target audience. 
  • “Perform a detailed on-page SEO audit for a specific page URL.” ChatGPT will analyze your specific URL for you in terms of SEO. So, in this way, you can see the SEO success of your web page, see the current weak points, and learn suggestions to strengthen your SEO. 
  • Experienced people want Chatgpt blog posts in marketing. You can also create a blog outline. “Create a detailed blog post draft with H1-H2-H3 subheadings and bullet points on the subject I specified.”   

You can also check the best ChatGPT plugins for content marketing.

Google Bard prompts

The Best Google Gemini Prompts 

Google Gemini is one of the most effective artificial intelligence tools you can use in your marketing processes. This artificial intelligence tool is increasing its popularity daily because it successfully produces human-like quality content. 

The best prompts for Google Gemini are as follows; 

  • “Write a 1000-word blog post on the topic I mentioned. Cite sources and share statistics in the blog post. Include information that is not included in other blogs. Use an interesting story in the introduction.” If you make a prompt like this, you can attract the readers’ attention at the entrance and prevent them from leaving immediately. Because Google Gemini has a large index, it successfully adds unused information to many blog pages. 
  • “Share the most interesting, popular, and new statistics on the subject I mentioned, citing the source.” In this way, you can get content ideas for your blog posts, social media posts, or podcasts. You can also make your blog posts interesting with these statistics. 
  • “Can you give me a list of trending topics on the topic I specified?” The most important feature of the Google Gemini tool is that it can access outdated information in ChatGPT. In this way, it will give you a list of the most trending current topics for social media or blog posts. 
  • “What are the details that people talk about most about the subject I mentioned?” You can use this feature if you have a specific content idea but don’t know which aspect of the topic to talk about. This way, you can get strong backlinks and attract people’s attention. 
  • “List popular Instagram posts about the topic I specified.” With the prompt, you can access the topics talked about on Instagram on a certain subject. 


ChatGPT and Gemini are among the most impressive tools for marketers. If you want accurate output for your marketing efforts on these two platforms, you need to adjust your prompts well. Try different prompts and also learn how to get the best deliverables for your marketing processes. Create quality content and make sure to benefit from these two artificial intelligences in your SEO processes. If you want up-to-date information, choose the Google Gemini artificial intelligence tool instead of ChatGPT. You can ask us anything you wonder about Chat GPT prompts

Frequently Asked Questions About

You can choose different artificial intelligence tools for your main purposes when conducting marketing activities. For this, ChatGPT and Google Gemini offer you different advantages. In general, both tools meet all the needs of a marketer. At this point, it may be more useful to use both together.

Generative artificial intelligence models are used in many stages of marketing processes, such as preparation, planning, process, and results. With these tools, you can analyze, develop marketing strategies, produce content for your marketing processes, and analyze and group very complex and high-dimensional data.

Artificial intelligence tools obtain input based on the commands and content you give and analyze them to produce an output. You cannot achieve your goals unless you do not give the inputs correctly and direct the artificial intelligence as you wish. At the same time, you cannot use artificial intelligence usefully in your marketing processes.

With ChatGPT and Google Gemini, you can perform competitor and keyword analyses, discover topics, perform SEO audits, and produce SEO-compatible content in your marketing process. At the same time, you can produce images related to your content and make your content original.

ChatpGTP acts on web data before a certain date. So, if you are going to take action on a current marketing trend, this tool will not provide you with sufficient benefits. In this case, the Google Gemini artificial intelligence tool comes into play and provides support in this regard.

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