New Website SEO: Guide for Beginners

Websites are business cards in the online world. It would be difficult to stand out in this world if you have a new website. In the online world, the way to achieve this is SEO. SEO is very comprehensive. However, it is easier to apply these methods when starting this job than later. New website SEO strategies exist for this. SEO is the best way to rank your website higher in search engines. You should understand the importance of this before you set up your website. Most website owners understand the importance of this after completing their website setup. Then, they have to optimize it from top to bottom. It’s best to determine your SEO strategy before setting up your website to avoid these problems.

Tips for Your New Website

Before starting in detail, it would be better to give you a few tips that make your job easier. These tips will be on two topics. First will be what you need to consider when setting up a brand new website. The second is to implement SEO at this stage. So, let’s get started now. Your implements during the creation of your company’s website will provide significant savings in your costs. Besides, being careful at this stage will save you a lot of time. Therefore, it may be useful for you to read this article. We have prepared this to help you with this issue.

You have decided to start a website for your business or personal reasons. The first thing to do is to determine the target audience of your website. That is particularly important in matters related to design, architecture, and general flow. Consider the needs and perspectives of your target audience on these issues.

You may include all the information about the products and services offered by your business on your website. However, make sure that they will also handle all order and payment transactions from here. E-commerce sites and online stores will increase the profitability of your business. That will be the most important factor that will determine the future size of your business.

Set up the budget you may spend on setting up your website right from the start. Make sure that nothing will be missing with this budget that you can determine within your means. Also, set your time goals and try to stick to them.
You have determined your budget and implemented your project. At this stage, you need to determine how much of the installation process you will handle on your own. You will need professional support for processes that you cannot handle on your own. That will be the most important issue in determining your budget.

SEO Strategies for Your New Website

Suppose that you have set up your website. Now it’s time to do the final touches. But, what are they? Here’s a list of things you need to take into account.

Domain Name

At this stage, there is an important point to consider. The domain name should be a name that best reflects the brand and products of your business. What kind of products does your business produce? Or what kind of services do you offer? Which keywords is your target audience using when searching for the products and services your business offers? Consider the answers to these questions when determining your domain name. Let’s proceed with an example in this regard. Your business may be selling cleaning products.

You need to find out the types of searches users make about cleaning products in search engines. You should determine your domain name in line with these studies. If your business’s field is more specific, determine your domain name accordingly. If your business offers services and products on car cleaning, apply the same method by specifying this way.

seo-friendly domain

In addition to all these, you may also set a brand name. Then use this brand name in your domain name. In any case, follow these steps to build your new website SEO-friendly from the very beginning.

  • Make the domain name short and easy to pronounce. This way, your customers and potential customers may remember this name more easily. It would also be quite easy to write that way.
  • Choose a name relevant to your brand. Include specific words related to the field of activity of your business.
  • Your domain name should not be too long. Therefore, do not use more than two words in the domain name.
  • Determine the domain extension according to your business sector.

SSL Certificate

Security is among the most important issues for Google. Google published an announcement regarding this in October 2019. They have stated that they will focus on improvements in security and privacy issues. In line with this directive, they start blocking the visibility of websites without SSL certificates in search results. Why is SSL so important? The use of HTTPS has been an important ranking factor for Google since 2014. Almost all browsers define websites without SSL certificates as unsafe. SSL encrypts the communication between the user and the server. The absence of this certificate indicates that this communication is not encrypted. So, others can listen to this communication and intervene. So, if your website is warning about safety, the user may prefer not to take action from your website. SSL certificate is in two types, paid and free.

ssl certificate

Free SSL Certificate

If you have a paid SSL certificate for your website, you must renew it every 90 days. You have to be very careful about the duration. Otherwise, as soon as the 90-day period expires, Google will classify your website as unsafe. That will affect your website’s SEO performance. You may set a scheduled task to renew your website’s free SSL certificate automatically.

Paid SSL Certificate

In this option, you may renew your website’s SSL certificate automatically. Besides, you may take advantage of flexible options in terms of time. For example, you may use a one-year payment method. This method guarantees to protect all data on your website.


This issue may affect your website’s SEO health from day one to the last day. The first reason for this is uptime and downtime. Uptime refers to the percentage of running of the server. As the name suggests, downtime is the opposite. That is very important for e-commerce and online stores. So, choose hosting that takes the best precautions in case your website goes offline.

Another important issue you should consider under this heading is the speed of your website loading. The loading speed of your website has been one of the most important issues in terms of SEO. Let’s explain the importance of this issue with statistical data. According to Google, when most users visit a website, they wait at most 3 seconds for that website to open. These users tend to leave websites that do not open in 3 seconds. That will send negative signals about your website to Google. As a result, your website’s SEO performance will decrease. That’s why you should choose your hosting with a high loading speed.

You should also know that Google uses the server location to rank relevant search results. Besides, shared environments also affect the ranking of your website. In these environments, more than one website is hosted on the same server. There may be websites with poor IP performance on the same hard disk space as yours. That will affect your website’s SEO performance negatively.

Content Management System

There are many reasons why you might need a CMS system. It doesn’t matter whether you have an IT team or not. If you are entering dynamic content on your website, you need a CMS system. For example, you do not edit HTML yourself. That means a CMS system is doing it for you. There are successful CMS systems known in the market. The best-known of these are WordPress and Shopify. If you have a CMS system, you may add extra extensions to this system as a package. Let’s examine the advantages of having a CMS system in SEO.

the advantages of cms for seo

Before opting for a CMS, check which CMS your competitors prefer. You may use various programs to analyze which technologies competitor websites use. The theme and plugins of your CMS should be at a level to improve the user experience. You should consider your target audience while setting these preferences. There is something you need to know about CMS. Some CMSs don’t allow you to do technical SEO work yourself. These issues are as follows:

  • URL Generation
  • Adding Canonical Tags
  • Adding Meta Tags
  • Checking the robot.txt File
  • Generating the Sitemap XML File
  • Website Speed Optimization
  • Mobile Compatibility of Themes

Mobile Issues

Today, the vast majority of internet usage takes place on mobile. So, when setting up a new website, it must be mobile-compatible. So, if you do not pay attention to this issue, how would it affect your website in terms of SEO? Let’s find out.

The first subheading we will examine under this heading is to create a separate subdomain for the mobile site. Google used to consider the relationship between the two URLs, mobile and desktop. However, this is no longer the case. Google no longer recommends this. Instead, Google says that website owners should make mobile responsive web designs under a single domain.

Our second subheading in this regard is to design a website without thinking about mobile site design. At this point, there is an important issue you need to complete. There are products and form pages you expect to gain conversion from them. So, show them to users on your website’s home page and main menu. Set the font and size of your website so that mobile users can see it.

There is another important mistake websites make in mobile search results. That mistake is keeping the title tags and meta descriptions too long. In mobile search results, you should write the page titles and descriptions brief and clear. Let’s give a little tip about this subject. You can create effective writing by making important highlights at the beginning of sentences. There is another major mistake we have to address at this stage. Using pop-ups too much is another major mistake.

There are two more mistakes that we will examine under this topic. The first is to block CSS, Javascript elements, and images. That is an old method today. There is no need to apply such methods in today’s technology. All you have to do is to design responsive websites. Our last mistake is one of the biggest. Being inconsistent on desktop and mobile is one of the biggest mistakes Google opposes. You should not hide any content on the mobile that is visible to users on the desktop.

Google Analytics and Google Search Console

Google Search Console provides you to view your website’s performance in search results in detail. So, you may analyze this data well and fix the shortcomings of your website. You may also view technical problems that affect the performance of your website with this tool.

google analytics data

Google Analytics is another tool that provides data to help you analyze the performance of your website. Among the data that this tool provides to you is the following:

  • Audience reports that will allow you to make target audience analysis,
  • Traffic sources,
  • Google Ads campaigns,
  • Social media interactions,
  • Acquisition reports that allow you to make cost analyses,
  • Behavior reports showing page performance and user interaction on the page,
  • Conversion reports that allow you to analyze your conversions.

Crawling, Indexing, Ranking

The content on your website must be able to respond to these three important functions of search engines. According to these answers, search engines list the web pages on your new website in the search results.

three important functions of search engines
  • Crawling: Search engine spiders should see and read the contents and codes in all URLs on your website.
  • Indexing: After the scanning, spiders add all the words, links, and locations of the page they see to their index. The algorithm of the search engine ranks these pages according to their importance and relevance. Make sure that Google spiders may index all the page content you want your users to access.
  • Ranking: The ranking in relevant user and user searches should be optimal. You have to do two things about this. First of all, the content you present to users on your page must have proper fiction. Second, you need to set up your page source well. This way, search engine spiders can crawl and index your web pages.

Brand Strategy

The first step in creating a branding strategy is what your product or service is. To create a good brand strategy, you should describe your products on your website in the best way possible. Your competitors’ websites contain descriptions of the products and services and the advantages they provide. However, you have to stand out more. To do this, explain what are the advantages of your products and services by comparing them with your competitors.

  • Give place to your best description of your products and delivery information on e-commerce sites. This way, users may perceive the brand in the best way.
  • You should create the image of your brand in the mind of your target audience. So, you have to stand out more in their environment. Leave a quality mark on users in these areas.
  • Do audience and competitor research.
  • Consider the comments and try to come up with solutions.
  • Increase your brand loyalty.
  • You may achieve this through promotions such as gifts, special offers, and raffles.

Keyword Research

That is the most important study you need to do after creating your SEO strategy. This study will determine the fate of your SEO strategy. So, keyword research is the step that will make your SEO strategy successful. You have determined the themes of your web pages. After this stage, you should determine the keywords you will use while processing these themes. That’s why you have to do careful research. Some many tools and apps may help you do keyword research. You may access these tools and apps on the internet. Luckily, there are free keyword research tools. Some have premium versions according to the needs of their users. By using these tools, you may find the most relevant keywords about your products and services.


Some sections allow you to inform both users and Google spiders about the content of your websites. These sections are the title tag, URL slug, meta description, and image alt text. With these sections, you leave a clue about the interpretation process of search engine algorithms.


SEO studies are of two types, On-Page and Off-Page SEO. Besides, another important issue that will help you in SEO is gaining backlinks. In this context, two important link types internal links, and external links, also affect your SEO ranking. However, these are not the SEO gains your website may get during the setup phase. You should carry out these studies in the process after setting up your website. You can start by linking to the pages on your website for internal links. After that, you should continue the link-building process. You can use many link-building strategies for internal and external links. Link-building strategies will help you for gaining backlinks. The important thing is that creating a link-building checklist as a new website owner. Thus, you can achieve success step-by-step.

New Website SEO in Short

If you want SEO tips to make your job easier, you must do this before it’s too late. You should take advantage of these tips when setting up your website. Because SEO works affect every page on your site. That’s why doing SEO becomes more difficult when your website expands. We wanted to help you with this in our article. So, we have explained ten important issues you should consider while setting up your website. We explained these issues in detail. We reserved the widest place for mobile use.

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The reason for this is that most of the internet connection is carried out on mobile devices today. Besides, we talked about how you should create content for SEO. Whether you are a large business or a small business, you will benefit from SEO work. SEO will help you gain higher rankings on search engine results pages, regardless of the size of your business.

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You should choose the professional teams providing this service with the research you will do on the internet. It is useful to choose reliable and official institutions.

There are many SEO checker programs that you may use online for this. You may determine your website’s SEO strategy in line with the reports that these programs provide you.

You don’t need to know to code for SEO. However, you may need to have the appropriate skills for this.

Many agencies provide paid training on SEO. Besides, there are SEO experts who provide this service for free. By following the blog posts and videos of these experts, you may increase your knowledge of SEO.

There is no such limitation on SEO. Even if your website is successful, you should perform SEO checks periodically. You should keep your website updated in terms of SEO with weekly or monthly SEO checks.

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