Impression Share: What Is It? (& Its Types)

If you are using ads to introduce or higher earnings of your company, impression share will help you decide your company’s strategy. Impression share is a name for comparison of the impression that you gained with your ads and impression that you can gain thanks to your ads. The formula is so simple: When you divide your impressions by total impressions eligible, you will find the percentage of impression share.

Importance of Impression Share

As given above, following your impression shares regularly will help you to decide your company’s strategy. Firstly, you can work on your budget better. If there is a percentage indicates that you can reach more income with a more budget, you can manage it according to your benefit. Moreover, if your percentage reached the number of people that you wanted but didn’t bring the expected number of sales, you can work on your ads and maybe edit them.

Furthermore, you can take criticism of your company as well. It means that you can work on the statistics of your earnings. There will be clients that come from Google AdWords and from the other sources that you applied. According to these statistics, you will be able to choose the source you should be focused on more.

Types of Impression Shares

Types of Impression Shares

Search Share: Your search impression shares can be shown with the following formula: The impression you received on Search Network/impressions you were eligible to receive

Display Share: Sometimes, brands and companies share general messages with their clients. They can seem like promotional advertisements that contain companies’ messages. These kinds of ads are called Display advertisements. Hence, Display impression share is the impressions that you get on Display Networks divided by the estimated number of total impressions.

Search Lost Share for Budget: Companies pay an amount of money for their advertisements. If the budget is insufficient, the ads will be shown at certain times. Hence, the percentage of these times that the ads weren’t shown are called search lost impression share.

Display Lost Share for Budget: Display lost impression share has the same logic with search lost impression share. It means that these times that the ads weren’t available on Display Network due to budget insufficiency are called display lost impression share.

Search Lost Share for Rank: Companies’ ranks on search engines can be improved via some strategies. If these strategies aren’t enough to improve the ads’ rankings on search engines, a poor Ad Rank problem occurs. Therefore, these times that your company’s ads weren’t shown on Search Network are called search lost impression share.

Display Lost Share for Rank: If your ads have poor rank on the display network, they will not be shown as much as it could be. Thus, these times that your ads won’t seem will arise the percentage of display lost impression share.

Search Exact Match Share: If people use your keywords or close variations of them on the search network, the percentage of the share found by the formula will give you the search exact match impression share.

Impression Shares

Conclusion on Impression Shares

Impression shares of your company are crucial to reach more people and find the proper strategy for your company. Therefore, we tried to show the points that you can benefit from impression shares. Moreover, we gave the answers to frequently asked questions on impression shares. Hopefully, you can benefit from them.

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Frequently Asked Questions About

It depends on the company’s goals, generally. According to your budget and the company’s strategy, your impression share expectations can change. Still, if you have high expectations and budget, the good impression shares should be at least 90-95%.

Even there is a formula for that, you don’t have to calculate it on your own. You can find the statistics on your AdWords account.

The most efficient way of improving impression share is raising your budget. It is because the budget has the most effect on your impression shares generally.

They are not. Click numbers arise when people clicked the advertisement. However, impressions number arise when your ads were seen.

There is no limit for that; however, you can start with 5-10$ to start benefit from your ads.

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