How to Write Product Descriptions in the Best Way

Product descriptions are vital for online trading brands. A product description may increase the sales of brands. You may sell a product on an e-commerce site. In this case, there are some features that your product descriptions should have. Your product descriptions should be attractive, informative, and optimized. So, how can you write product descriptions in the best way?

Businesses that sell products online use product descriptions. This way, companies promote their products to their target audience, which they see as potential customers. In these descriptions, businesses explain how and for what purpose customers may use these products. This part is called item description. Businesses include the features of the product they are trying to market in these explanations. This part is called product information.

Product descriptions are invaluable in building brand awareness. Google highlights good product descriptions that make the site crawl and easy to find. That’s why writing a product description that Google can highlight is vital. There are also some tricks to be able to do this. The most important trick is to avoid using unnecessary terms and phrases and to use the right words. Product descriptions are one of the most important conversion elements in online trade sites. When writing a product description, you must follow certain rules. You should provide consumers with as much information about the product as possible. This ensures that the consumers have as much information about your product as possible. As a result, your conversion rate increases. Let’s examine in all the details what a product description is.

What Is a Product Description?

Product descriptions affect consumers’ purchasing decisions. It is the most important of these factors. On an online trading site, photos serve as showcases. However, these are insufficient to describe the products. Therefore, the product description is critical to fill this gap. You may think of a product description on an online commerce site as sales advisors in stores. These product descriptions, like sales consultants, should have features to convince consumers and complete the sale. That’s why you should prepare your product descriptions in an interesting and informative way.

Product descriptions may be sprung and laughable or serious. The best product description doesn’t just convince customers that they want your product. It also convinces potential customers that they need it and cannot live without it. A product description is an opportunity for businesses to tell people why their product is the best. It allows you to explain why people should buy your product.

Product descriptions make your site look professional. It improves the customer experience by helping you sell your product. Good product descriptions create trust in the eyes of potential customers. It also makes your company look stylish and legitimate. Product descriptions allow you to explain the difference between your product from other products. That helps you to stand out from your competitors. If your product solves a problem for humans that no other product can solve, you may be successful. However, you should explain this to customers in the product description section in the best way.

steps to write a product description

Steps to Write a Product Description

Time needed: 1 day

When writing a product description, your focus should be on your customers. You should prepare texts to encourage them to buy. Let’s explain eight different methods you may use to do this. Here are the eight methods:

  1. Whose problems does your product solve?

    If you want to write a product description, you should attract the attention of consumers. For this, you should tell them which problems your product solves for consumers. Besides, you should specify for which consumer group this product offers solutions.

  2. Tell about the history and production of your product.

    You may also mention the history of the product. This information helps you show consumers how new or old your product is.

  3. Talk about the evolution of your product over time.

    If you have updated your product over time, share it with consumers in the product descriptions section. If you have launched a new version of your product, be sure to mention it.

  4. Talk about your product’s place in popular culture.

    If you have updated your product over time, share it with consumers in the product descriptions section. If you have launched a new version of your product, be sure to mention it.

  5. Specify the seasonal or special occasions.

    Some products sell more during certain seasons or special occasions. You may also write this feature of your products in product descriptions to inform users.

  6. Specify the usage areas of your product.

    Draw a picture of your product in the eyes of consumers in your product descriptions.

  7. Your product should be different from other products. Make it tand out.

    Many products have different equivalents in the market. However, some of the features found in one product may not be in others.

common mistakes when writing a product desc

Common Mistakes When Writing a Product Description

One of the factors that affect the purchasing decisions of consumers in online shopping is product descriptions. The way you describe the product while creating it changes the way consumers view it. The most important describing items are texts, phrases, adjectives, and other information. Here are a few things to consider when using these items to change this look. Of course, there are good product descriptions as well as bad ones. Insufficient or incorrect texts cause your conversion rate to decrease. Most online trading companies have frequent product description mistakes. Avoiding these will increase interest in your products. It will also ensure that your product is higher in search engines. This will also reflect on your conversion rates. Let’s take a look at the common errors of online trading companies.

Too much emphasis on technical specifications creates a negative impression.

Consumers are curious about the technical features of the products. The fact that all your text consists of these technical features may turn into a disadvantage. You may want to show your product in the best light. For this, you may want to write down all the good technical features of your product. However, just focusing on the technical specifications may lead to missing consumers. That’s why you should mention the benefits of the product. The main focus of your texts is not technical descriptions. You should focus on what features and benefits your products provide to users and what problems they solve. Share this information in the short description sections rather than technical specifications. It would be more correct to give detailed technical explanations in the subsections of the product page.

Using ordinary sales phrases also makes your text ordinary.

Using ordinary and obsolete sales expressions will also decrease your conversion rates. Some of these are best, number one, industry leader, and innovative. These appear in almost all product descriptions. Therefore, they are no longer of value to the consumer. These have now destroyed their values. Therefore, avoid using such expressions in your texts. Providing a phrase of social proof, far from such structures, will attract more consumers.

Using too many adjectives can make your explanation unattractive.

It is natural to use adjectives when describing a product. However, excessive use of adjectives will still have a negative effect. You may refer to adjective usage for some topics. These topics are product features, appearance, or benefits of the product. However, if you want to make your text interesting, you should not overuse adjectives. If you want to include adjectives in your explanations, you may use the following tips:

  1. Use only one adjective for each noun.
  2. Don’t use an adjective for an apparent property. You don’t need to use an adjective to describe a detail that is visible in the picture.
  3. Turn to emotion-oriented adjectives. By doing so, you may have a greater impact on consumers’ purchasing decisions. When choosing your adjectives, be careful to choose adjectives that will give certain feelings about your product.

The lack of personality of your product may cause the customer to lose interest.

Products that don’t reflect a story and personality don’t have much value for consumers. Make personal touches in product descriptions that reflect the brand’s culture, language, and story. This helps increase your brand and product value. It also provides to change the perspective of the product.

Always choose a language that suits your target audience. Use this language when composing your sentences. It is important in this respect to reflect the personality of your brand.

Consider These While Writing the Best Product Description

When writing your product description, remember that you must satisfy both your customers and Google. So, answer the question for which audience you’re writing your descriptions for first. Remember, the customer is always right. Therefore, you should first write product descriptions that make sense to them. Next, you should strategically add keywords that make sense to Google. Use power words while doing this.

Imagine reading a product description with misspelled words. This would be a bad experience. Each of your descriptions must be different. So, go through the spelling rules twice for each statement. This makes a big difference when a customer is considering whether to shop from your website. You should write your product descriptions with your target audience in mind. Are your customers older or younger? You must use a different narrative language for both audiences. Do your target audience like humorous statements? If they don’t like it, this text will be unattractive to them. How do you want to portray your brand in the eyes of your customers? While preparing your text, you must think about these questions. 

If you’re a clothing company, your customers care to see the product from different angles. So, they may imagine your product on themselves. Therefore, include at least two different photos of your products.

Keywords in your product description also help your searching customers. Optimize your product description. Include your target keywords. If you do this right, Google will recognize it and consider your product page relevant. The more relevant you’re, the higher you rank on Google. As a result, you will get more clicks. If your product descriptions are relevant, you can expect to get higher click-through rates. Your product descriptions must match the ads you run. So, customers will likely find what they’re looking for. This will result in them making a purchase commitment. You must include relevant keywords in your product descriptions. However, don’t put them in your text so that it looks crowded where it doesn’t make sense. This situation harms your text in Google’s eyes.

How to Create the Right Mood

Creating the right mood is an important part of creating a good product description. This way, you may turn a potential customer into a purchaser. At this stage, create a buyer persona belonging to the target audience your product addresses. Every buying move leads to a pang of consumer guilt. The consumer, although voluntary, has a mood of guilt resulting from spending money. If you don’t prevent this guilt, it’s hard to sell. Therefore, your description writing should prevent your customers from entering this. Your texts should relax the client and give them confidence. The customer should feel happy after the purchase. So, how can you achieve this?

  • You may indicate that you are making a one-time offer.
  • You must show that your offer is an unconditional bargain. Also, make your customer feel like one of the lucky ones to catch this bargain.
  • Make your customer feel special when you name the product.
  • State the savings that the customer will achieve with this product.
  • Highlight the different uses of the product.
  • Be careful not to use words like expensive at all costs.

80% of internet users just scan the page without reading every word on the website. So, create quick browsable content. You can achieve this in the following ways:

  • Use subheadings to grab the reader’s attention.
  • List the main features and advantages of your product in items.
  • Choose a large font that is easy to read.
  • Use images to make them stand out.

Avoid filling your product descriptions with unnecessary words. Be sure to describe your product details well. Sometimes a user just scans your description. Therefore, it is helpful to list key features in the bullet points above or below your description.

how to create an ideal product overview

How to Create an Ideal Product Overview

You may find a product description template on the internet. Here is an example description that you should include on your product pages:

  1. Product titles. A product name that identifies the product, with a brand and model.
  2. Substantive list of distinguishing properties.
  3. An explanation text with an original language that will attract readers, without exaggeration.
  4. Product dimensions.
  5. Technical details of the product (strength, weight, speed, resolution, materials).
  6. Usage methods, suggestions, explanation of benefits.
  7. Package Included.
  8. Consumer’ warnings, and the origin of the product.

The Rule of 5W1H

This rule is also an important component of business life. You may use this rule when writing your product descriptions.

  • What are the product details?
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What distinguishes your product from its counterparts? In this context, you may express the basic content, features, and advantages of your product.

  • The product is suitable for when and under what conditions? When will the life of the product expire? Is your product a product that consumers may use while traveling? Is your product seasonal or for a lifetime?
  • Where do your customers use this product?

Your product may be suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

  • Why should consumers buy your product?
  • Who is this product suitable for?

There may be a specific age group your product targets. Your product should have a target audience. Express this in your text.

  • How does your product work? How should consumers use your product?

Does your product make the life of the consumer easier? Explaining these questions is vital for technological products. It would be nice if you explain the answers to all these questions in your text. Thus, you increase the probability that the process will result in a sale.

Don’t forget to test your product descriptions. Be sure to test different formats, lengths, words, and more. Testing your product descriptions is a good way to increase your conversion rate. This process helps you find how to optimize your product page. Make sure your product descriptions are authentic. Also, make sure that your texts do not contain spelling mistakes.

How to Write a Good Product Description, In Short

Businesses need to persuade consumers to sell their products. The sales consultants perform this task in stores. The product descriptions fulfill the same task on the internet. Therefore, a good product description is the most important step on the way to sales. It is necessary to pay attention to certain details to achieve this. It is difficult to provide the trust you give to the consumer when not face to face. So, it may be difficult to convince a consumer online. To achieve this, you may need a guide. We have prepared a detailed article on this subject for your convenience. Such a guide will help you write your product descriptions better. On the internet, a good product description is the shortest route to sales. So, be sure to follow the right route to achieve success.

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Frequently Asked Questions About

This means the best way to describe the picture of a product in words. It is a good way to visualize your product in the minds of your potential customers.

This is the section where you should briefly explain your text and the subject.

The ideal word count for this is between 350 and 400. However, this number can rise to 600 if necessary.

There are special programs on the internet for this. There are also online platforms that you can use for free.

If you have enough experience and equipment, you can write product descriptions yourself. For this, you must have detailed information about the product.

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