How to Write a Good Blog Post (Key Points)

Having a blog, whether individually or corporate, is very important today. You also know that your presence on the internet is becoming important today when everything is shifting to digital. Here’s one of the best ways to consolidate your online presence is to have an active blog and learn to write a good blog post, especially write a good introduction


Writing and publishing a good blog post is usually a process that takes a few hours, sometimes a few days. It can even be a few weeks before you click the Publish button from the content idea that comes to mind. Here, the length and content of the article is the main element that determines the duration. But what’s more important is that you plan your blog post. Planning how your writing will flow without going to the keyboard is critical to the success of the writing. Many bloggers miss this stage, and eventually, a mediocre or mediocre post emerges that might be better. For this reason, making a preliminary preparation will cause you to write a better article and enjoy the process more.

Find A Topic Of Interest

A text that is not enjoyed when writing also does not give pleasure to the reader. No matter what you blog about, keep this motto in mind. If you choose a topic that doesn’t excite you, which you don’t like to talk about, it becomes obvious in your blog post. In other words, it can be easily detected by the reader, who does not like the subject of the author’s choice. Also, you should not think that every blog post you write will bring you the maximum amount of traffic. Blogging is a process. The important thing is to keep writing steadily. It may be difficult for you to write some articles, but it is quite possible that you will write good articles about the topic and sector of your choice.

prepare a draft for the article

Prepare A Draft For The Article

Even the best bloggers write by drafting. By the draft, we mean the outline of your article. The purpose of the draft is to identify and sort the topics that will be included in the article. In each section, which topics will be included is indicated in several sentences. Drafting gives you a direction. The narrative and flow of the manuscript become clearer thanks to the draft. So it prevents you from losing focus when you write. Sometimes a more detailed draft may be required than the above draft, but a short draft like the above often works.

Do Research

Professional bloggers are not born with all the facts about the subject they write about. In order to write a good blog post, you do not have to be an expert on the subject you are writing. Nor does this mean that bloggers engage in random writing. On the contrary, what makes so many bloggers successful is a sense of Wonder.

It is important to do good research on the subject written. Thanks to a lot of research, you can also write good blog posts on topics that you are not an expert on. If you are doing research when writing articles, try to get information from reliable sources. Official institutions’ sites, scientific articles, University pages, and high-quality sectoral publications are good sources in this regard. So it would be great to check your sources in a few different media. If you notice that you have made an obvious error in your article, it indicates the error you made when editing the article, and if you edit your error transparently, it will be appreciated by your readers. If you find an error immediately after publishing the article, it is likely that not many people have read your article yet. In such a case, you can make a direct correction. 

put an effective title

Put an Effective and Engaging Title

One of the most important items selling the article is its title. We often click on a post because of its title. At this point, it is even possible to say that putting a title in a post is a kind of art. Sometimes a more abstract and metaphorical title performs more successfully, while sometimes a more specific title works better. But for people who are just starting to blog, it would be a better choice to put specific titles.

Add Images To Your Article

There is quite a difference between writing articles for publication on the internet and writing articles for printed material. People get distracted faster when they read articles on the internet. For this reason, blog posts must be supported with appropriate images. Even a fluent blog post with a good format can distract the reader if there is no vision in it. In other words, it is essential to color a blog post with photos and make it interesting.

review your article

Review Your Article

If it is difficult to write a blog post, it is more difficult to edit it after completing it, add-subtract it. Most people perceive text editing as removing incomplete and unnecessary sentences from the text. Grammar and spelling correction is important, yes, but editing the writing is about treating the writing as a whole. First, avoid repetition. Do not repeat the same words and words constantly. Constant repetition in the article disrupts the fluency of this article. So find different words and sentences to express the same thing. There are certain words and patterns that each person uses more often than other people. These words and phrases are parts of a person’s style and contribute to writing when used in its native place. But it would be better if you still tried to remove too many repetitive words from your article.

Writing a Blog Post in Short

Writing a Blog post seems difficult until you really get to the keyboard and start typing. But writing a blog post becomes easier as time passes by practicing, that is, typing. It is quite possible that you will reach professional competence in a short time. If you liked this article, you may be interested in how to write an SEO-friendly article as well.

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