How to Title An Essay? Keypoints And Methods For Titles

Regardless of your occupation, you may be required to write an essay. In essays, you offer a written document to an audience and expect them to read it thoroughly. It may not be possible all the time. Sometimes readers like to take the points they are looking for, while some readers avoid long essays because they get bored. When it comes to these cases, you should use some tactics to keep the reader engaged. Being acquainted with titling and how to title an essay is one of those significant points for better engagement for the audience.

The title of your essay is the first step while trying to impress your readers. It should be catchy and evocative because viewers need to get curious. Thus, let’s see more about creative essays and then how to title an essay step by step.

What Is a Creative Essay?

Creative essays are the ones that keep readers engaged and impressed. Therefore, the essay ideas should be unique regardless of the formality of the essay. Formality may differ depending on the purpose of your essay. For instance, a university student should write informative and formal essays for his classes, while a blog writer can be informal in his own space. 

To write a unique essay, you need to set a purpose and topic at the first step. Your purpose and topic will decide your essay style, as given below. You are free to use intimate language if your essays are not formal. However, when you write an essay that is supposed to be formal, you should be careful about more details, such as grammar, spelling, plagiarism, etc. 

After deciding on your purpose and topic, you should note some ideas down to create a map for yourself. This map will help you to follow your ideas step by step. Besides, each idea you think of will demonstrate your uniqueness, making an essay creative. 

Lastly, after including all ideas and finishing the essay, it is time to title your essay. Good titles for essays should be unique and contain the general message of your ideas. 

types of essays

Types of Essays

Before writing an essay and considering title ideas, you should determine which type of essay you will write. The type that you choose will determine how you use words.

  1. Personal Essay: As can be understood with the name, personal essays should be about you and your experiences. They should contain the explanation and analysis of some events that affected you or your personality in general.
  2. Political Essay: In general, politicians write political essays. They point out a current political problem or situation and analyze it from different aspects. They usually support their ideas by giving examples from past events.
  3. Application Essay: Most education institutions require an application essay that explains why you are the best for that institution. Basically, you show your personality, traits, your strengths, and weaknesses. Each sentence should serve the main purpose of showing that you can fit in there. 
  4. Humorous Essay: Humorous essays are only written to entertain readers. You can add funny anecdotes and stories as well as supportive images. Since the goal is entertaining readers, the language can also be flexible.
  5. Comparison Essay: In college or writing, the comparison of different terms and notions is common. Your superiors or professors may want you to compare two notions from different perspectives. In these cases, you are expected to examine each perspective differently in each body paragraph. You should give credible resources while investigating each aspect to make comparisons more powerful. 
  6. Argumentative Essay: In some essays, you may want to give and prove an idea to your readers from a specific window. These kinds are called argumentative essays. Since you want to prove an idea, you should also give credible resources. It is because people should see your idea’s emergence from nowhere. 


When the issue is writing an essay, it is inevitable to talk about plagiarism and its importance. College students are constantly warned about the uniqueness of their content. When they include plagiarized content, they are accepted as stealers of some ideas. In academic and work life, plagiarism has serious consequences that can end someone’s whole career. Learn more here for the best free plagiarism checker tools.

Besides stealing someone’s idea, you may not be under the superintendence of an institution all the time. If you are a writer, you have a free space where you can avoid immediate and severe consequences. However, it is essential to think about your SEO.

If you want to improve your SEO, your content should be distinguishable from other articles on that specific topic. You should gather some ideas in a unique way. Otherwise, search engines detect your plagiarized content, which hurts your SEO definitely. 

what should be included in an essay

What Should Be Included in an Essay?

If you have written essays before, you are probably familiar with the necessities of essays. However, it is still important to see them in a bit more detail in order not to forget a point.

  1. Components: An essay should have three basic components: introduction, body, and conclusion. You should briefly explain your topic and main ideas in the introduction part. In body parts, you should give details about your ideas and support them with examples if possible. Lastly, in conclusion, you should briefly summarize the things you explained. 
  2. References: References part is necessary for most academic essays. It means that if you are writing for a blog, you do not have to follow a specific format for your sources. Even though it is not necessary, you can always give the URLs of your sources in blog posts too. 
  3. Language: The language of your essay may differ according to your purpose. Academic essays require formality in grammar. You can richen it by using passive voice and various linkers as well. Informal essays are better when the grammar is kept basic. It is because the basic language is more understandable and easier to read. 
  4. Visuality: Visual additions are the perfect way to consolidate your main ideas. Especially if you share the results of analyses or compare numbers, graphs are excellent tools. Besides, you may introduce some terms or products that some of your followers did not hear before. If you show them pictures, your readers will easily visualize the message. 
  5. Title: A strong essay title can determine the destiny of your essay. When titles are long and difficult to understand, readers may skip them before even examining them. However, when they see impressive and appealing keywords, they tend to start to read. You can check some essay title generator tools for creating essay heading for your work. But using a title generator for essay may not be the best idea if it’s professional work.
how to title an essay

How to Title an Essay?

Titling an essay is mostly about good wording. You should find the most proper and impressive words that fit with your content. It should not be more than five words due to clarity. Here are some tips that you may consider while tilting your essay. 

  • The word number should not exceed five words because it is important to be understandable. Long titles hurt the title’s clarity and may become boring for readers. It is possible to use one powerful word as well. However, if you want to make a one-word title, the word you have chosen should show the purpose and topic of your essay.
  • The keywords that you choose must be catchy to make the audience curious. Mainly, readers do not examine essays one by one; they just pick one essay that impresses them with its title.
  • Before deciding on a title, you can note some titles as a draft to see how much you can improve your paper. Once you find a couple of title ideas, you can pick the best one or bring a couple of them together in a unique way.
  • You can use certain prepositions or wording in your title, which can improve the clarity of the title. For instance, you can use the “on” word if you are reviewing a book or movie: “On to The Godfather.”

Why Are Titles Important While Writing an Essay?

When readers search for something to read, they write some keywords about the topic that they are working on. When you include those keywords, it is possible for them to see your page on top rankings. Moreover, readers cannot understand if your essay includes what they are looking for unless they examine your abstract. If you give a basic idea about the topic, readers can stop to see what is in the essay.

A Performance Predictor: Title of Your Essay

Writing an essay and making it unique is not easy, even though most students learn how to write one in school. It is because the performance of your essay depends on how impressive it is. Of course, the grammar and SEO rules are significant too. However, in a content ocean where each writer pays attention to rules, you can only make your products special if you show your creativity and appeal to your readers. 

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How you have titled is one component and predictor of your essay’s performance. Users explore various content on the internet each day. Since it is a messy place, users cannot read each piece of content separately each day. As the easiest way, they look for an impressive title and then decide whether they should read it. Therefore, we can definitely say that title of your essay is a performance predictor. If you want to increase your essay’s views, it would be best to spend effort on your titling.

Frequently Asked Questions About

It is better if you do not exceed five words in your essay’s title. Otherwise, it may hurt your SEO and may bore your readers due to clarity. 

An essay’s length is totally up to you. You can write as much as you want if you find it appropriate. Just be careful about not repeating yourself while making the essay longer. The quality is more important and effective than the length of your essay.

If you want to write a comparison essay, there should be at least two things that you will compare. The terms may be given to you to compare. Before writing, it is efficient to prepare an outline. Firstly, note your ideas about the two terms separately. Then, examine them in different aspects. Start your essay by creating an outline that can be a powerful map for you. It would be better if you explained each idea in different paragraphs. 

According to search engines’ algorithms, there are some factors that can affect SEO. Firstly, if you include your keywords in your title, it would be more discernable for search engines. It is also a requirement to contain keywords in the essay. Of course, do not use them unnecessarily. Try to keep your paragraphs short and do not exceed 20 words in one sentence. 

An essay is effective when it is impressive. You can appeal to your readers by asking some questions and using easy and clear language. Besides, you can show your sources at the end to demonstrate your reliability. 

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