A Guide: How to Sell on Amazon 

Amazon is, without question, the most popular and preferred online shopping platform nowadays for buyers and sellers. Whether you have a novel idea for your small business or a large company, Amazon enables you to reach millions of purchasers. People and companies choose to sell on Amazon, as it offers a simple way to find more customers and make a profit. 

Available in over 190 countries, Amazon has recently set out FBA, which stands for Fulfillment by Amazon. Unlike its alternative FMA (Fulfillment by Merchant), it is more convenient for the vendors. FBA’s ultimate function is to render your selling experience more practical. So, the benefits are plenty.

So, how to start selling on Amazon? There are a few steps you need to follow. Before anything else, do some market research and identify what product you will sell. Secondly, create a seller account on Amazon and pick a seller plan. Then, form your listings elaborately. Lastly, promote your business by following up with customers. Let’s explain these steps in more detail. 

  • Identify Your Product
  • Do Market Research
  • Create a Seller Account on Amazon and Choose a Seller Plan 
  • Form Your Listings
  • Promote Yourself and Attract Customers
  • Maintain Customer Engagement

Identify Your Product

The first thing you should do is to determine what you wish to sell. There are many points to pay attention to while deciding on the right product. Some products require approval to appear on listings. Some of them are prohibited entirely. The ideal product will be related to something you are at least somewhat interested in. To obtain ideas, you can check out Amazon’s best sellers list and subcategories, updated consistently every hour. 

Here are some tips to make the right decision to guarantee a profit.  

  • Be aware of what is on demand constantly. Pick a popular product. Avoid seasonal ones. 
  • Make sure your product is light enough so that it can be easy to transport. More lightweight products are easy to manage. They could also get sold in larger quantities.  
  • Be specific about its qualities. You should narrow it down as much as possible to attract potential consumers.  

Do Market Research

Gathering and evaluating the information on the market is vital. It enables you to define your target audience and analyze ways to reach them. Start by accurately defining your research point. Reading reviews of the products you consider selling could help you grasp customers’ expectations. You could also directly contact potential consumers and receive first-hand information, like through a survey. Besides, it is possible to utilize already existing sources. Keep track of the competitors, their sales numbers, and price ranges. You could also do your research by communicating with suppliers and potential buyers. Inform yourself about your niche as much as possible. Make decisions based on your findings.  

Create a Seller Account on Amazon and Choose a Seller Plan 

You can use your regular account to sell on Amazon. However, you also have the chance to create a seller’s account. Before proceeding further, make sure to have all the requirements listed on Amazon’s site at hand to create a seller account, some of which include your tax information and bank account number.  

After creating a seller account, you will run across two options for a seller plan: individual seller and pro seller.  

amazon seller plans

Pro seller stands for the “professional” seller, which is more convenient for those with bigger budgets. This plan costs $39.99 per month. The number of products you sell keeps your monthly charge the same. Some of the advantages include providing on-site advertisement mediums, reports which help manage inventory, and being able to run promotions. Besides, the FBA model is viable. 

Another option is to be an individual seller. Unlike the former one, this plan is more limited. It is more low-cost and recommended for new beginners with smaller budgets. For every item you sell, you pay $0.99 to Amazon. It is especially ideal for those who are not entirely confident about their selected product and might want to change it afterward. Similarly to the pro plan, the FBA model is also available for this option.  

Form Your Listings

The next step will be generating your listing. The listing is where you give comprehensive and relevant information on your product.  

  • It is necessary to include your product’s identifier. Some examples of product identifiers are GTIN (Global Trade Item Number), UPC (Universal Product Code), and ISBN (International Standard Book Number).  
  • SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) to keep track of your inventory 
  • Name, category, and brand of the product 
  • Price, shipping choices 
  • A detailed description of the product with appropriate keywords 
  • A clear image of the product 

If you are offering merchandise that already exists on the platform, Amazon will automatically cover some of the information required above, like the product identifier. However, it will be great to learn how to write product descriptions.

To attract consumers, the semblance you plan out is extremely important. A well-written description highlighting your product’s features is one of the most straightforward ways to guarantee your product’s success. Creating your text accordingly to the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rules enhances your visibility and helps customers to discover your product. Thus, an ideal product description should contain a specific keyword used frequently throughout the text. Make sure to keep your text precise and informative. Be brief and comprehensive, and avoid heavily technical terms. Highlight the qualities of your product. 

Another instrument of your semblance would be the pictures of your product. Present your merchandise in a good quality image to attract potential customers. Here are some qualities to take into account when creating your product’s photograph: 

amazon product photograph
  • Firstly, make sure it is high resolution.
  • It should be at least 500×500 pixels or 1000×1000.
  • The picture should center on the specific product.
  • There ought to be various pictures that display the product from different angles.
  • The background should be white.

Conceptualize your product through descriptive text and multiple images to attain sales.  

Promote Yourself and Attract Customers

Now that you are done with these sales steps on Amazon, it is time to find your customers. There are plenty of sellers who offer your product. Which actions should you consider to stand out?  

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First and foremost, a reasonable price will come to attention. Researching the competitors would come in handy to set the right price. It is time to revisit your previous market research and go deeper to determine your price range.  

Secondly, be sure to utilize Amazon’s advertisement tools. It can be beneficial to increase your visibility and boost your sales. 

Last but not least, fast shipping is another marker to catch shoppers’ attention. If you are an FBA seller, your product will have an Amazon Prime badge. You can provide rapid shipping with it.  

You don’t have to make do with these solely. Your marketing strategy could go beyond. For instance: 

  • Extend your existence in various mediums like social media platforms to reach more potential buyers.  
  • Try to include personal notes and little gifts along with your products. This way, you can turn your first-time customers into repeated ones.  

Maintain Customer Engagement

Customer reviews are, without a doubt, one of the most noticeable features of the platform. Many times they finalize the eventual decision of a possible buyer. It is reported on Amazon’s website that the first review a product receives increases sales by 3.5 times. Various feedbacks increase your reliability. With this in mind, it would be a wise choice to ask for reviews from your customers. Respond to feedback to build a good reputation by enhancing necessary points. 

Note that there are some rules when requesting reviews. Refrain from offering something free of charge in exchange for a positive review. Similar demeanors could result in a permanent ban.  

Final Thoughts 

This article explains the steps you should follow to sell on Amazon. We have covered the essential information regarding each step. To summarize, you begin by identifying your niche and conducting market research. Then, you create a seller account on Amazon and pick a selling plan that suits your business. The next step is to form your listings. This part is where you should appropriately display your product to increase sales. Lastly, promote your product and ensure customer engagement. Positive reviews and recommendations are easy ways to secure your reliability. Hopefully, these tips will help you sell on Amazon and achieve your goals in e-commerce. 

Frequently Asked Questions About

Listing on Amazon is free. But once you acquire orders, you start paying. Registering as an FBA seller means you’ll have to choose between two different plans. Individual and professional. The former grants Amazon $0.99 with every product you sell. The second one requires you to pay $39.99 per month. Either way, you’ll also have to pay additional fees for services fulfilled by Amazon.  

Yes! Applying the right marketing strategies could very well result in heightened profits. Amazon reports that most vendors make at least $1.000 a month. Nevertheless, note that it might take a few months to start making a profit.  

It is one of the fulfillment methods presented by Amazon that manages your inventory for you to make your job easier. FBA sellers have plenty of advantages. Amazon handles the management of the warehouses. Amazon Prime logo next to the product lets the customers know that the shipping is rapid. The average income of an FBA seller is higher than an FMA seller, which stands for Fulfillment by Merchant.  

You can check out the trending products to sell on Amazon, which are updated regularly. However, remember that some categories and products increase in popularity only during specific and limited times. Choosing a product that has less competition would be a good idea.

The answer depends on your budget. The individual plan is preferable for those with smaller budgets. Especially for a beginner, it is the safest option.

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