How to Get More Followers on Instagram

How to Get More Followers on Instagram

There was a time when one could create a mini buzz by simply posting one or two pictures on Instagram, even by using the most amateur filter of them all. Those days are long gone. The rules of the game have changed since, turning Instagram into an entire business on its own. So, here’s how to get more followers on Instagram.

We are not only talking about business owners here. Artists, students, freethinkers… Everybody has something to share, be it commercial goods or innovative ideas. The general goal now is to transform Andy Warhol’s 15 minutes of fame into 15 years of fame, at least. And one has to admit that the golden key to longevity and success in that context is to get more followers on Instagram. Let’s see how in a simplified way.

create a hashtag signature

Create a Hashtag Signature

Some things never get old, as is the case for the famous # tag. We strongly recommend you get started by designing a specific hashtag for your brand or whatever you are trying to disseminate on Instagram. Don’t forget that, ideally, your goal is to get real Instagram followers. So you can’t just sit and use ready-made, boring material randomly picked up here and there. Your hashtag should really reflect your genuine spirit and become a signature to be used whenever you can, inside and outside of Instagram. Caution, though: don’t start parroting it in irrelevant contexts. Indeed, sometimes you may be conducting a particular campaign or getting involved in someone else’s to show your support. In such cases, please use context-related hashtags. As almost always, keep it simple.

For instance, something like #youshouldabsolutelytryoutmyfabulousinflatablemugs doesn’t sound like a good idea for those who want to get followers on Instagram. Your hashtags should be as short as possible and easy to memorize since other people (hopefully your followers) may want to use them someday when talking about your products or promoting them. All in all, your strategy here should be a mixture of well-thought personal hashtags and more general yet still trending hashtags such as #instagood or #nofilter. Keep an eye on the most influential accounts to see how they use this combo in a balanced way.

Be a Mindful Autobiographer

Don’t panic; we are only referring to the bio section of your page. Also known as the showcase of your style, online public life, and reason to be on the platform. Since you have to deal with a space limited to 150 characters, you have to make it as accurate and striking as possible. There’s no way to grow Instagram followers without putting some effort into the presentation.

So, write a short yet clear description of yourself, your activity, and your philosophy. Even better if you insert a call-to-action and/or a link related to your brand. You are trying to get real Instagram followers, so awakening their curiosity and motivating them to follow you also elsewhere would be beneficial for your overall undertakings on the Internet. Emojis work too, but please use them moderately, though. Also, keep in mind that you would better update your bio from time to time: indeed, nothing more boring than an account with stagnant information.

stay consistent

Stay Consistent

Perhaps the most stereotyped advice to whoever is wondering about how to get followers on Instagram, but still a valid one nonetheless. Statistics for 2021 reveal an average of 4 posts per week for some industries. Add three more and make it one post per day. Better be safe than sorry in the current context dominated by fiery competition, especially if you are targeting free followers. Indeed, all you can do to maintain their attention is frequently posting high-quality content.

This is all the more true since the last modifications brought to the algorithmic system of the platform: frequency is among the six factors having an influence on what shows up in your timeline (the five others are interest, timeliness, relationship, following, and usage). Instead of trying to break down those factors one by one, it’s much better to think in a holistic way and blend them all in your global Instagram strategy. So basically, you can get followers and become memorable by providing premium-level yet entertaining content on a regular basis and taking the time to engage in meaningful interactions with other accounts.

Surprise Your Audience

So yes, consistency is key when trying to gain Instagram followers. No more doubt about it. This doesn’t mean that you should always use the same type of content, though. Your daily sparkling good morning quotes on a magenta background are likely to get boring after some time.

Why not present your message in a carousel post for a change and catch the attention of carousel lovers by doing so? The Instagram algorithm is closely watching the type of content that each user prefers to interact with. So if you want to get followers ‘from other lands’ (so to speak), you have to match your content type with their affinities.

Opt for variety by trying out different means of expression. Avoid being too predictable while also remaining within a relevant framework. Do you want to send greetings to your audience from a specific station of your latest trip? Then shoot and post a video from that location. Are you feeling in a #tbt mood? Use a Polaroid-type photo filter. As always, be yourself but don’t hesitate to innovate within your own style.

capture your followers with captions

Capture Your Followers With Captions

Speaking of content and information: sometimes, a simple and untouched picture can be enough to convey multiple meanings. However, adding a caption to emphasize your point can be better some other times. First of all, remember that we are talking about real followers here. This implies real human beings, each with their personal interpretation of the world and thus without any obligation to interpret it exactly as you do. So by using captions, you can avoid many misunderstandings and/or add clarity to your post.

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Now, to get back to the more fun part of the story, captions are often compared to spices making your posts more ‘tasty.’ Once again, and just like in any other recipe, you should aim at the smartest use of the available ingredients. Even for those who have already managed to get followers on Instagram at a noticeable level, captions are still an excellent way to keep the attention constantly alive.

It all starts with the first sentence, which has to be kind of all-in-one: catchy, easily understandable, and reflecting your daily natural style. Remember, you are talking to people through your posts. You can use captions also to encourage interactions by asking questions, inserting a link that redirects to your website or latest project, etc. Let your creativity flow. Try to provide new and useful information every time. And of course, you may use emojis here as well to illustrate the tone or mood of your post.

A Temporary Conclusion

Despite what we have mentioned so far, the best and the easiest way to get more followers is to buy them from top sites like InstaFollowers. Apart from that, we believe the conclusion is temporary because of the ever-changing rules of social media. Who knows how things will evolve in Instagram in the next years… For the moment, try to keep in mind the basics that we have provided in this article: choose the right hashtags, write an appealing bio, post consistently, keep your follower entertained with high-quality, diversified, and captioned content. The rest should follow in less time than you imagine. Good luck. Suppose you did all the above. What now? It’s time to monitor your performance. Here’s are the best Instagram analytics tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, our article is obviously focusing on free Instagram followers. It may be more challenging and requiring an undeniable amount of effort, but the outcome seems to be more sustainable in this case. However, you can try to get paid followers too. It’s totally up to you.

1,000 to 10,000 followers are generally considered a good start. A more ambitious motto would be: ‘as much as possible.

Let’s never say never. Some brands can perfectly want to sign deals with you regardless of the number of followers. It all depends on their approach. Not to mention that the number of followers can grow through ongoing deals.

No, not necessarily. Even though the quality of your pictures is an important factor, you can get more than decent results just by using your smartphone. There are many tutorials on the web that might be of help with this.

Sure. Since Instagram is one of the ruling platforms nowadays, there are more and more people giving online Instagram courses. You can enroll in one of them and learn additional tips.


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