Facebook Ads vs Google Ads

Facebook Ads vs Google Ads

When advertising using the internet as a marketing tool, there’s no getting away from the internet giants that are Facebook and Google. Together these companies offer the largest advertising network that has ever been available to humankind. We are going to compare Facebook Ads vs Google Ads, arguing points from both sides and giving an accurate comparison. We’ll discover the benefits of using Google Ads as well as Facebook Ads. 

Both companies offer you an increased audience for your advertisements. Yet, which provides you with the best service Facebook or Google? Hopefully, this article will help you to uncover it. Let’s see which company can provide the most significant boost to your own company’s advertising strategy. Both Google Ads and Facebook Ads are cornerstones for many digital marketers’ playbooks now. Due to the highly targeted adverts, they both offer a paid service. We will also explain the differences between Google Ads vs Facebook Ads. It will help you better decide which is best for you to use.

What Is Online Advertising?

Online advertising takes advantage of the billions of daily internet users to increase your business’s web traffic and potential customers. This is done primarily through advertising agents such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads. These two internet giants have created hugely successful ways for you to advertise to enormous audiences. As both Google and Facebook (Meta) are massively successful in their industries, they offer you access to their networks of active users. By running advertisement campaigns online, your business can grow much quicker than it would organically. 

If you have a physical business, advertising online can increase your brand awareness and lead to more customers finding your store. There is also the potential for a store with no online presence to build one using traditional advertising such as posters and leaflets. After the business has opened an online store, it can then advertise as well and grow the business even quicker. The online version of the store has fewer limitations; such as floor space, and can have a wider variety of stock to sell. The benefits for Online advertising and growing a business online are almost endless. Let’s compare Facebook Ads vs Google Ads.

facebook ads

Facebook Ads

Paid social marketing such as using Facebook Ads works differently from using Google Ads. Facebook and other social media ads have to rely on clever marketing and algorithms to match the most influential audience with your ads. When users open Facebook, spending money to make a purchase is not at the front of their minds. Social media users are more focused on what their social circles are doing. Interestingly, this has opened the way for individuals to become social media influencers and has almost created its own advertisement platform within other social media platforms such as Facebook. It would help if you used a different strategy for Facebook Ads when compared to other online advertisements. 

What are the weak points of Facebook Ads?

There are certain drawbacks when using Facebook Ads. These are problems such as:

  • Running the same ads that are successful on Google will often not work very well at all when run on Facebook. 
  • One of the main reasons Facebook Ads can fail is that marketers use the same content for all the different advertisement platforms instead of tailoring each to the different environments. 
  • Facebook Ads are interrupting their users from their preferred activity. Therefore, you should keep in mind that the viewers of the advert won’t have been searching for something similar already, so you need to convince them more than when using Google Ads. 

However, Facebook and other paid social media ads have an option to only show your ads to your target customers in order to refine who sees your ad and increase the conversion rate of the adverts.

google ads

Google Ads

Google is the most used search engine on the planet, with billions of searches entered into Google every single day. The potential for advertisers is almost immeasurable:

  • Most people use Google to search for basically everything anyone can think of. 
  • Therefore, Google has a vast reach for paid targeted advertisements. 
  • By targeting the people who see your adverts right down to people searching similar keywords, the conversion rate for your adverts increases massively. 

As a basic example, think of people searching for the solution to a problem, and Google will then target them with your advert as the solution. So the viewers of your advert are already searching for something similar when they discover you. 

Google allows advertisers the option of placing banner ads or advertisements in the Search Network. The Search Network Ads are shown when a Google user searches for specific keywords or phrases. The Google banner Ads are under the Display Network section of Google advertising. These Google Ads are very good at funneling new potential customers to your site and increasing your brand awareness. For many online businesses, Google is still the primary source of their site visitors and, therefore, the majority of any income after they arrive at the site.

The Differences Between Google and Facebook Advertising

Facebook is a Social networking site, whereas Google is an internet search engine, which means that the user base and the interactions with the users are fundamentally different. When comparing Facebook Ads vs Google Ads, we have to take it into consideration. For example, Google users usually have a purpose behind their searches. They want to know the answer to a question or find something specific.

Comparatively, Facebook users are primarily on the platform to catch up on the social news of their various groups and friends. 

Google’s Display Network works similarly to Facebook Ads. Adverts placed on each have roughly the same set goals and are easier to compare and show the differences. Both these types of ads often use push marketing to create a need and then fulfill that need with their own product. With that in mind, the critical difference is the point in the sales funnel that the ads generally catch users’ interest.

In the Sales Funnel

Google Ads are most efficient in the last sections of the sales funnel. Digital marketers use Google Ads to increase web traffic. The traffic they bring to the site is already quite likely to become a customer. Google users already know what they need and are looking to find. They are also ready to make the purchase. Facebook, on the other hand, has billions of monthly users across its Facebook and Instagram networks. These social networks store a vast amount of their user’s data. 

Social networks enable exact targeting for advertisement companies. There is so much collected data that you can target specifically your target customers with your adverts. Whether you want to target people who have yoga as an interest or like watching sports Facebook has the user data to send your adverts directly to your demographic. Facebook Ads are more precise than Google Ads. However, Google has a broader reach of internet users as over 90% of all internet searches are from Google’s search engine users.

google advertising

How Does Google Ads Work?

Google Ads shows relevant adverts to their users when they search on Google’s search engine. Meaning that Google catches the interest of its users when they already know what they want and are actively searching for it. Google Ads, therefore, focuses mainly on lead conversion, and they are incredibly effective at lead conversion because of the point in the sales funnel they encounter the customer. 

By advertising to a potential customer when they are searching for something related already, the lead conversion rates for Google Ads are incredibly high. Here are the advantages:

  • Advertising on Google allows business owners to focus their adverts on users who enter a specific set of keywords or a phrase. 
  • Google Ads are usually related to the search term entered on the search engine. 
  • The user has an improved experience because they only see advertisements related to what they are looking for, so they already have an interest in that area. 
  • At the top of each Search Engine Results Page (SERP), you will find the Google Ads’ initial results. 
  • The Google Ads have the tag of Ad clearly visible so that users are able to scroll past the advertised links if they feel that they don’t match with their search closely enough. 
  • Google Ads has an extra feature to target users as well as the use of keywords. 
  • The user’s geography can also have an impact on which ads Google displays to them. The added geographic settings increase conversion rates by eliminating users that are simply too far away to become customers of more local physical businesses.
facebook paid ads

How Does Facebook Ads Work?

Facebook displays advertisements to its users based primarily on the user’s interests, behaviors, and patterns. Facebook Ads, therefore, lead to highly targeted advertising campaigns. The issue that often arises using Facebook Ads is that the business must know its target customer very well. Many companies miss the mark when advertising on Facebook by not investing enough time to truly understand their target customers. Here are the advantages of FB Ads:

  • Using Facebook Ads is a great way to increase your outreach because you have access to a vast network of potential customers that may not be aware of your brand yet. 
  • The settings for Facebook Ads allow you to target highly specific demographics. 
  • Targeting people based on their interests, likes, dislikes, and even geography and personal information has the potential for a high conversion rate if used correctly. 
  • Facebook Ads are very effective at enlarging your marketing reach. You can even narrow down your target customer and learn which demographics have the most interest in your products by running multiple ads. 
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Learning which groups of people are most likely to become your customers can lead to many innovations in your business, from new product ideas to more personalized advertisements for specific demographics. To get the most out of Facebook Ads, you should learn as much about your target customers as possible and continue learning about them every chance you get to increase the effectiveness of future advertisement campaigns.

Which Is Better for Your Business?

Both have many advantages for increasing the number of potential customers that your adverts can reach. If there isn’t enough advertising budget to use both platforms, there’s a way to choose which suits your business best until you’re able to use both platforms for advertisements. Both Facebook and Google utilize Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisement packages this way. You only pay for users who click the advert for your site or product. If you want to increase the brand awareness of your company, then broadly speaking, Facebook Ads are better for you. 

However, if you desire to increase the lead conversion rates from your advertising campaigns, then Google Ads are better for you. Another point to help you decide is the price per click. Per click, Facebook Ads are cheaper. However, Google Ads per click are more likely to lead to a sale. If you are looking to target your adverts to a very specific audience, then Facebook gives you the tools to do just that. Essentially, the choice between Google Ads and Facebook Ads is down to you because they are both very effective at what they do. It just depends on what kind of advertisement your business needs the most right now.

advertising roi

How Much Return on Investment Is There for Advertising Online

The average return on investment (ROI) using Google Ads has reportedly been as high as $8 for every $1 spent on advertising with Google. Facebook Ads ROI averages to be an increase in sales of between 9% and 10%. It is not very surprising that Google has a higher ROI because it is more focused on driving sales traffic.

Facebook Ads focuses more on spreading brand awareness, so to increase sales but almost 10% and gain a larger audience for your future content is very appealing. It is important not to judge these platforms solely on the monetary ROI. Facebook Ads increase your target audience while teaching you about your existing customer base. Knowledge about your current customers can then make all of your future ads much more successful. Facebook Ads can also show you which ads appeal to your customers, which could allow you to discover new products and business areas to enter into.

Facebook Ads vs Google Ads in Short

To conclude, there are many different benefits to using both Google Ads and Facebook Ads. However, it is best to use each company for the functions that they achieve best. Mainly, Facebook to build a larger audience for your company and Google to increase web traffic and lead conversion rates. The choice you must make is where your business would benefit most at the current point in time. 

The most effective digital marketing strategies combine the use of both Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Using both gives you a potential target audience of a couple of billion users of both platforms. By using both platforms, you combine the strengths of each internet giant into your advertising campaign for awe-inspiring results. For example, you can use the information you gain from Facebook Ads to supercharge your Google Ads by giving you more insights into your target customers. 

The most successful online advertising campaigns use all of the tools available in the most efficient way to build web traffic and increase brand awareness at the same time. Using both advertising platforms allows you to create a vast network of new potential customers and discover new ways to appeal to their needs. Hopefully, you have enjoyed reading this article on Google Ads vs Facebook Ads and have learned something about how they work and why to use them. Thank you for reading.

Frequently Asked Questions

Facebook Ads average to just under $1 per click. In comparison, Google ads average between $1 and $2 per click for the Search network, with the Display network being under $1 per click.

The best way to advertise online depends on what your advertisement goals are. If you want increased brand awareness, then Facebook Ads are a great place to start. If you are after more lead conversions into sales, then Google Ads is a fantastic starting point for your digital advertising journey.

The most effective way to improve your Facebook Ads over the long term is to learn about your current customers. If you know your customers intimately, you can target other people with similar interests to your existing user base. Which then increases the likelihood of your brand appealing to the new people your adverts reach.

No, Google Ads will not appear on Facebook. The only time that you will see the same banner ad on both platforms is if the company has paid to advertise using both Facebook Ads and Google Ads. 

It depends upon many different factors. Some of the factors include; Your advertisement goals, the type of user you want to reach, budget, knowledge of your existing customer base, and even the geography of your company. Both Facebook Ads and Google Ads are powerful advertisement tools for you to utilize in growing your business.

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