What Is PPC? (Pay-Per-Click Advertising)

What Is PPC? (Pay-Per-Click Advertising)

With the developing technology and digitalization, advertisement changed itself. Nowadays, there are many sources for advertisement. The internet is one of them. However, PPC does not cover all of the internet ads. It is the type of advertisement that takes place on the search engines. That makes PPC one of the interesting aspects of digital marketing and SEO professionals. Yet, PPC is not actually SEO. So what is PPC? What makes it different than SEO?

PPC stands for pay per click. It is an ad type that is shown on the search engine results pages (SERPs.) What makes it different than SEO is that it is paid advertising, as you can guess from its name. You can see these ads when you search for a keyword on a search engine. PPC ads appear on the top of the results, and they include a bold ‘Ad’ writing next to them. 

How to Do PPC Advertising

How to Do PPC Advertising?

When you create ads on a search engine, you pay an amount for one click. Of course, to make a profit, your visitors have to be more valuable than your paid advertisement. Paying is called bidding on PPC advertisements. To create ads on Google, you have to use Google Ads (formerly known ad Google AdWords). It enables its users to create advertisements on Google’s platforms. One of the ad types is PPC. To create these types of ads, you bid on keywords. If you are lucky enough to select the most relevant keywords about your website, Google will reward you for being so accurate and make you a discount. 

After you create the ad, Google brings the related ads from its database when someone conducts a search on the search engine. 

Paid Advertisements on Google
PPC Examples

Even though paid ads always take place at the top of the results page, they have a ranking among themselves as well. So how does that happen? Google takes two things into consideration when ranking PPC ads. One of them is the CPC (cost per click) bid. It is the amount that the advertiser spends on the ad. The ad with the highest CPC bid gets to rank higher. The other ranking factor is the Quality Score, which is a combination of the value of click-through rate, relevance, and landing page quality. 

Since there are biddings and other ranking factors in PPC ads, we can say that Google’s system works like an auction. 

Key Points of PPC

Key Points of PPC

Pay per click advertising is a great way to promote your business on the internet. Especially, promoting on Google matters a lot. The reason because Google is the most preferred search engine worldwide. So, to attract traffic on Google, you have to consider the ranking factors of PPC marketing. The appearance of your ads is determined by the keywords and the match type you select. Yet, there are still other factors you should consider. 

Keyword Relevance

Google takes care of keywords so much that it can even penalize your site for using irrelevant keywords. To avoid penalization, come up with the best and relevant keyword lists. 

When doing keyword research for your ads, you should not only include the popular keywords, long-tail keywords about your niche are very important as well. It is better to do it this way to catch the relevancy in search queries. 

It would be better to choose keywords that are suitable for expanding. The reason because you would want to refine and continue your campaigns. If you come up with new campaign ideas, it would be better to have keywords that are already suitable for your business.  

Quality Score

Quality Score is the score that Google gives to websites for their keyword relevance and quality of other aspects such as landing pages and PPC campaigns. 

Landing pages are important in PPC advertisements because they are the places where you lead the traffic from ads. If your landing page is not successful, the ads would be useless since you cannot make any sales. You can create user-friendly and quality landing pages with SEO. Optimized landing pages with call to action buttons are always one step ahead of their rivals. 


If you are running ads, it is better to have some creativity in them. Noone intents to click on an advertisement that just says ‘Buy Something.’ Just like in text ads, creativity matters in PPC ads. To create the best advertisements, you can use Ads Creator tools, or hire an agency to come up with a creative idea for your ads. 

Other Important Factors

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Adding Negative Keywords: To make your PPC campaign look more professional, it is recommended to add negative keywords to improve the relevancy of your keywords. 

Splitting Ad Groups: If you want to create more targeted campaigns, splitting your ad groups will help you improve the click-through rate (CTR) and Quality Score.

Keep your Landing Pages Up to Date: Follow the trend of digital marketing and compare your landing page to others. If you create an easy to use and simple landing page, it would be easier for you to place your call to actions (CTAs) on the page. One other thing to consider is not driving all of the traffic into one page. Relevancy of your landing pages with your keywords is crucial. 


We have covered what PPC is and how to do PPC advertising. If you are searching for a quick way to attract traffic to your landing pages, this type of advertising might be the best option for you. However, there are some key factors for fully benefiting from paid advertisements. That is why you should come up with the best strategy to turn these into a favor. 

If you want to learn more about SEO, please check out our latest articles about it. You may be interested in how do search engines work.

Frequently Asked Questions

To put it simply, PPC is the name given to the advertisement type on the internet. CPC is the cost that you are paying for that advertisement. 

By using Google Ads, you can create PPC advertisements. Yet, you can create other types of ads on the platform as well. Paid advertisements can be used in any search engine; it is not only available on Google. 

It depends on your purpose. With paid advertisements, you can get results more quickly. However, there is no guarantee that your page is going to be clicked. With SEO, you invest in a long-term process. Yet if successfully made, your page will rank at the top without ads. It would be clicked more likely. 

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