Engaging Video Content Types

Engaging Video Content Types

To this day, we still don’t know if The Buggles were right when claiming that ‘video killed the radio star’. One thing is for sure: video content has become a star itself, and it’ll obviously remain as such. Aside from its leisure purposes, it also has the particularity to be a powerful marketing vehicle. Why? Regardless of the topic, it always has the advantage of making the experience like real-time and more alive. Or whenever one struggles to understand the functioning of any given issue, a video presentation acts as a no-brainer.

In this article, we will be focusing especially on the marketing aspect. We will start by looking at some statistics that can definitely motivate the usage of videos. We will then let you discover some of the most engaging video formats for each phase of your marketing funnel

Statistic Clues for Video Marketing 

Are you using video content as a part of your marketing strategy? If so, you might be happy to see that the latest stats regarding video marketing prove how ingenious your choice is. Indeed:

  • Several studies show that people remember up to 95% of any material watched in a video form. The retention rate drops to merely 10% when the material is presented in a text form. 
  • The average time spent weekly watching videos is 16 hours. 
  • A fact that might be interesting depending on your target audience: men spend 40% more time watching videos than women. 
  • More than 33% of the global internet traffic is dedicated to watching videos. 
  • More than 55% of internet users watch online videos daily and want their favorite brands to produce even more.
  • Video has become a primary marketing tool for 86% of companies and businesses. This percentage has dramatically increased since 2017. 
  • Field specialists predict that in 2023, more than 82% of the global internet traffic will be made of videos. 
  • Businesses using video content marketing increase their income 49% faster than those not using it. 
  • Videos have more chance to become viral on social media as well. They get approximately 48% more views than other post types. 
  • Another data related to the previous line is that 73% of social media users prefer seeing engaging videos. 

Already enough to whet one’s appetite, right? Now let’s see the specific types of video that you can use to boost your professional activity. 

Video Content Throughout a Marketing Funnel

No doubt that video content creation is comparable to a multifaceted art form while also being a complex process. There are indeed various kinds of video material suited for various objectives. So it’s important to determine yours carefully. To do so, you may want to follow a funnel strategy. Marketing funnels comprise different phases that match each step of an audience’s journey. 

introduce your brand

Top of the Funnel: Brand Presentation Videos

Also known as TOFU, this phase is the one that should be dedicated to introducing your brand. Here are some popular options:

TEDx Events

TED talks are goldmines for marketers. The quasi-academic format is extremely well adapted for those who wish to awaken brand awareness. You can use it to introduce the overall philosophy of your company or activity. Make sure to illustrate your story with abundant informational material (e.g., slideshows). Your followers can then replay the archived video whenever they want to remember a detail. TED talks can also become an opportunity to host a celebrity (either from your niche or not). 

Brand Films and Documentaries

Another classic when it comes to sharing the story of your brand. Short films, documentaries, musical video clips, etc. It’s up to you and your imagination. The current technology has evolved enough to unveil your talent as a cinematographer. You can create wonders even by only using your smartphone camera. Share your ideas, values, and aspirations in a colorful way. Don’t hesitate to pour a little dose of mystery to entice the audience to discover more about your brand. 


A tutorial is a somewhat generic term that may be referring to several kinds of video content. The most common trait is their educational stance. They are usually designed to inform the public. So they can be very handy when you want to show or teach how to use your products. Tutorials are especially important if you happen to promote out-of-the-ordinary goods. Your audience will appreciate clear and simple instructions. Making use of animations is also a good way to deliver customer-friendly messages. 

360° Videos

Welcome your audience into a world of full immersion. Are you particularly proud of your company building or new construction site? Offer a panoramic video tour to your potential clients. Wouldn’t you agree that it’s a high-tech and classy tactic to share your daily environment with them? It can even become an opportunity to display your transparency through some behind-the-scenes footage. 

Middle of the Funnel: Nurturing Videos

Once you reach the middle of the funnel or MOFU, your primary confidence booster is your list of prospects. You now have a group of people almost ready to spend money on your brand. Well, yes, almost. You still have to dissipate some of their doubts by providing further details. At this stage, there are several types of videos that might help you out:


Put yourself in the shoes of your prospects for a couple of minutes. What kind of video content would you rather see when trying to make up your mind? Some genuine testimonials coming from real users would be nice, right? That’s what most of us look for before making a purchase. So don’t be stingy and share the actual experience people have with your products. Unboxing videos, filmed reviews, or (even better) user-generated content, you have many choices. Any negative comments? Don’t censor them. Instead, use them as a feedback basis for your company. Tackle any discontent or complaint by offering constructive answers and solutions publicly. Showing that you have nothing to hide will be a bonus for your credibility. 

ask me anything videos

Ask Me Anything Videos

Here’s a new generation interview format. Indeed, AMA videos are a hybrid form standing somewhere between classical interviews and live events. They are usually conducted in real-time and aim at enhancing the brand/customer relationship. Initially launched by Reddit, they have quickly conquered other social platforms, especially YouTube. This content type may be suitable for you if you don’t mind awkward questions and have a developed sense of humor. Indeed, some interviewers may be very bold and expect full disclosure from you. The AMA game can nevertheless become a fun moment and allow you to promote your brand in a casual atmosphere.  

Company Culture Videos

Sooner or later, people will want to know what is happening behind your doors. Many studies prove that consumers love videos that create intimacy. What do we mean by that? Simply put, it’s about sharing the daily life inside your company. One common format is a business documentary displaying your staff as the main actors. You can show their routine and working conditions through your video while also allowing them to voice their opinions. And trust us, this would be an invaluable tool to display your transparency as a brand. Culture videos can reach out to not only your prospects but also future employees and business partners.   

Video Emails

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Email marketing is one of the good old nurturing strategies. And if you embed engaging video content to your messages, you can be pretty sure that you will double the impact. It’s a way to add some personalized touch while communicating with your recipients. At the same time, you will be spoiling them with enjoyable material instead of a boring wall of text.    

Bottom of the Funnel: Concrete Action Videos

The bottom of the funnel, or BOFU, is where the actual adventure begins. Now you are selling (or are about to sell). You’ve fully established your business system, and it’s time to sort out finer details. Let’s see what kind of videos can support you while taking concrete action:

FAQs Videos

You would better drop out of the storytelling mentality at this stage and become more practical. This is the final decision phase during which people would rather see a video with exact answers. Be ready to calm down their worries. They will probably ask many questions about troubleshooting, return policy, and technical features. Shooting and publishing a FAQs video is smart to anticipate such inquiries. It also demonstrates your level of expertise regarding your products. 

a day with me personalized videos

Personalized Videos

Here’s another video content type that fits our highly individualistic societies. Moreover, it can act as an honoring gesture addressed to a particular group of customers. One of the most illustrative examples is videos showing the personal journey of a single individual. Say, if your company is producing tractors, you may want to film a farmer using one of them. You can literally turn the video into a one-person show by capturing the essence of the protagonist’s daily life. The most important requirement is to underline the difference made by your product.  

Thank You Videos

Although some consider them beyond the funnel, thank you videos are also anchored in the BOFU. The mic is yours again. This is where you can save some space to express your gratitude towards your customers. After all, your efforts would have been vain without their participation. So show them how much you care by pointing out their contributions to your growth. 

Video Content Marketing: Your Ally for the Future

You may sweep away your last hesitations. As you can see in our article, video content holds great potential for your marketing plans. It’s very likely to blow some fresh air into your overall brand identity while renewing the interest of your audience. Make your products come to life by picking the format(s) that suit(s) you best. What you have here is a flexible strategy that you can adapt to any budget, field, and customer profile. So get ready to sit on a director’s chair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. Vlogs are among popular video content types. The word vlog is short for video blog. So it refers to blogs that are using videos as primary mediums. Most of the ideas we have shared in the article are adaptable to a vlog form. 

It will depend on different factors and variables. Your niche and business type will play a major role in your video strategies. Nevertheless, some basic rules are applicable for all marketers. Defining your target audience and goals is almost always the first step. Then you have to implement the video techniques that are the most likely to lead you to your goals. Finally, it would be best if you had a precise idea of the metrics you will track. 

Ninety seconds to 2 minutes is considered best for purely commercial videos. However, social media platforms tend to encourage shorter durations (usually between 15 and 25 seconds). Videos focusing on companies and tutorials are typically 2 to 7 minutes long. Documentaries and culture videos can be much longer.   

There’s no exact answer here. It will depend on the agency as well as the overall services offered. The average fee is around $100 per hour. 

Yes, definitely. YouTube is one of the most suitable and coveted platforms for that kind of content. 

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