Guide to Email Marketing

Guide to Email Marketing

Email marketing has been one of the most effective forms of marketing campaigns since its inception. It is a highly effective strategy often aimed at upselling to individuals who have already purchased one of your products, but it is widely used in other applications. 

1. Build a Mailing List

There are lots of ways to build your mailing list. Companies often sell mailing lists as they are the most essential part of an email marketing campaign. Building it organically from sales and subscriptions is most valuable in the long term but takes a lot longer to see the desired results.

2. Select Your Goals

With any marketing campaign having clear, measurable goals is vital. If you created your goals, the chance the marketing campaign will be successful will significantly increases.

3. Carefully Choose Your Target Audience

Your target audience is critical to the success of your marketing campaign. The main aim is to get your emails to the people whom they appeal to the most. By doing this, the chance of your campaign’s success increases.

4. Design Your Email Marketing Campaign

The next step is to craft the content of your emails, keeping your goals and target audience in mind while choosing the content. So, by doing this, it helps to keep your content focused on what you wish to achieve. Additionally, an efficient way to continuously improve the return on investment from your email marketing is to employ A/B testing. A/B testing is where you use two different adverts and then compare results to create more successful campaigns in the future. At this stage, some businesses will employ an email marketing service to give them a level of support while fine-tuning their strategy.

5. Analyse the Results, Then Repeat the Steps

The final step in any marketing campaign should always be to analyze the results and learn what improvements are possible for the next campaign. In this way, your email marketing campaigns get more refined and successful each time you run them. A more successful email marketing campaign leads to increased traffic to the promoted web page, increased leads generated, and therefore higher sales or conversions. After you analyze the results and the implemented imrovements, repeat the steps and reap greater rewards.

build a mailing list

The Best Ways to Build a Mailing List

A mailing list is a crucial tool of any email marketing campaign as it contains the recipients for your campaign. Unfortunately, if the people you send the email campaigns to are not within your target audience, the likelihood of success is slim to none. However, there are ways to help ensure your mailing list is full of potential customers with a higher chance of wanting your product or service. Below are several strategies for improving your mailing list.

Time needed: 2 hours.

Below are several strategies for improving your mailing list.

  1. Promoting an online contest.

    By far, the best way of growing your mailing list organically is to promote an online contest for people that provide you with their details, including email addresses. This method gives you an audience of potential customers with a clear interest in your product or service. 

  2. Using social networks.

    Using social media platforms to promote a newsletter or new offer requiring an email address to enter is another brilliant way to grow your mailing list naturally.

  3. Adding an engagement section for your social media, website, and emails.

    Allowing customers to send their ideas directly to you not only grows your mailing list but also may provide you with new product ideas to use in the future provided firsthand by your customers. They are giving you instant demand for the new product.

Email Marketing Services

Email marketing services provide their customers with extra support as well as all of the tools and knowledge to build effective email marketing campaigns. As an added bonus, many offer analysis of the results after the completion of the campaign. This can be extremely helpful to businesses just starting to use email marketing and learning as they go. These companies also help you to devise an effective email strategy so that your email marketing campaign has the highest chance of success.

What to Include in Your Marketing Emails

There are several sections to include within each email. They are;

  • The copy is the main body of the email and you should write it using the same voice and tone each time. You should mention only one topic in each email.
  • Eye-catching images need to be compatible across all devices and be relevant to the email or product.
  • Your call-to-action (CTA). In other words, the action that you want the readers of the email to complete.
  • The emails should not be too formal. Instead, it should feel like an email to an old acquaintance and include familiar tones while remaining personable.
  • An enticing subject line to convince people to open the email in the first place.
  • Finally, you should consider the timing. After multiple email marketing campaigns, you can narrow down which time of day and which day of the week get the most responses.
  • Also, ensure that all emails are optimized for viewing on mobile phones. It is important to optimize for mobile because the vast majority of the population now has access to check their emails from their mobile phone.

If your email campaigns contain all of the above, then you are well on your way to very effective email advertising. 

Email Marketing Is Still Alive and Well

Ever since the first email marketing campaign, in the late 1970s, raked in almost $13 million in sales, the industry has been growing and evolving. Yet, today email marketing remains the most personal way to advertise directly to your customers. It can be used as a compelling way to grow your brand and trust your customers. There are office workers all over the world who religiously check their email milliseconds after the new mail tone plays through their computer. With an audience hungry to check their emails, the email marketing industry is still growing each year. 

email regulations

Email Regulations You Should Follow

On the other hand, there are two primary regulations to be followed at all times. The first has been around for many years and is known as CAN-SPAM. CAN-SPAM essentially protects individuals’ rights to only receive emails that they have requested. CAN-SPAM only applies to commercial emails for business use. In order to remain compliant, you must include the following with each email; the company name and address, have ‘unsubscribe’ links visible in the email, use subject lines that accurately reflect the body of the email, and finally use real email addresses in the ‘from’ and ‘reply to’ fields of the email. The other set of regulations that must be followed with email marketing is a relatively new set of laws. They are known as GDPR and were implemented to help protect users’ data. You can comply with GDPR by doing the following;

  • Only collect data relevant and necessary for your business.
  • Delete any contact data upon request.
  • Only keep data for justifiable reasons.
  • Reply to users’ requests to view their data promptly.
  • Keep comprehensive records demonstrating your GDPR compliance.

Reasons to Avoid Buying a Mailing List

While buying a mailing list can give you access to a vast audience for the email marketing campaign, there is a very low probability that any of those included are interested in your product or service. Due to the fact that companies gather the email addresses from everywhere they can find. Many of these addresses will only be used for signing up to sites they have no interest in after viewing the content they were after. Therefore, it is much better to have a small, actively interested mailing list rather than an extensive list full of people that have no inclination to give you business. Buying mailing lists is also an unnecessary expense.

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What benefit is it to you, paying for a mailing list that will be unresponsive to your email marketing campaigns? Your ideal mailing list will consist of real people that have an interest in your product or service and have requested to receive your marketing emails. 

track results in email marketing

How can I track my results from the email marketing campaigns?

There are a few ways to track the success of your email marketing campaigns. First, you should measure the following from your email marketing campaign:

  • The click-through rate should be calculated because that is the percentage of people that clicked onto the links contained within your email.
  • The bounce rate is the percentage of your emails that never reached the intended recipient. Ideally, this percentage should be as low as possible.
  • Perhaps the most important to track is the conversion rate which shows you the percentage of recipients who completed the action given to them in the email.

Various third parties will present you with all of these percentages if you don’t want to calculate them all yourself.

Conclusion: Email Marketing

Overall, we have discussed and presented you with a guide to email marketing. So, there are many ways to ensure that your email marketing strategy only becomes more efficient with time. It is quoted by the industry that there is a degradation of around 22% per year of a businesses mailing list. Meaning that it is imperative for business email marketing that the mailing list and email marketing strategies are constantly updated and refreshed to maintain their effectiveness. Remember to keep in mind that the regulations around email marketing are strictly enforced, and it is not advisable to break those regulations. So, good luck with your email marketing campaigns. I wish you much success. Hopefully, you have enjoyed reading this article and have learned how email marketing works and how to implement it for yourself. Thank you for reading this guide on email marketing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have to begin by understanding your customer’s needs and ensure that your content is relevant to those needs.

The best content to use in email marketing campaigns adds to the perceived value for the customer. Things such as offering exclusive offers for members work very well for this as it demonstrates the value that you place on your customers and makes them feel special.

The subject line is one of the most important sections of the email marketing campaign due to its need to capture the interest of your mailing list. As the subject is the first thing your mailing list will see, it is vital your email not look similar to spam emails. For example, don’t use any unusual fonts, inconsistent capitalization, and avoid using too much punctuation or symbols. The goal is to make the customer interested enough in the subject to read the marketing email content.

There is a fine line to walk along with the frequency of marketing emails. Too many, and you risk becoming marked as spam by your customers and losing members from your mailing list. On the other hand, too few customers may have forgotten your company and may mark you as spam just from not recognizing the sender.

The balance is sending enough emails filled with value-creating content to remain relevant and at the front of your customer’s mind.

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