Digital Marketing Strategies (Setting One Up)

Digital Marketing Strategies (Setting One Up)

It’s the same time of year. This is when you need to explore and prepare a digital marketing strategy for your work next year. Getting your digital marketing strategy ready is crucial to your success next year. You should soon create your marketing plan for the next year, from new business areas to recent marketing trends. This way, you can move one step ahead. So start your digital marketing strategies for the next year using this guide. It presents one or two different options at each step. You must choose that option according to your needs, whichever location you are in your business. You may be just starting work, or your business may be operating for years. But these strategies will guide you no matter what. Let’s get started with digital marketing strategies.

Set Business Goals

If you’re just starting out on everything, a successful marketing plan will be time-consuming to put things together. Since you don’t have much information at the beginning, you should develop your business and marketing strategies in a different direction. But first, you need to set your business goals before you can plan your marketing strategy.

Business goals will help you move in the right direction within the marketing plan. For example, a goal is to have 5000 e-mail subscribers by the end of 2023. This main goal reveals where you should focus.

Make sure your main goal is specific because it will only apply this way. The more specific the target, the better your marketing plan will be.

Aspects to Consider for Digital Marketing Strategies

Think about every aspect of your business. So consider setting goals for these fields and adding them to the marketing plan. Here are some aspects to consider:

aspects of digital marketing
  • The products or services you want to offer and how you want to market them,
  • Marketing tools you want to use to meet your goals,
  • Who do you need on your team to meet your goals,
  • Possible strategies for a marketing plan.

Once you’ve laid out what you want to achieve, you’ll be laying the groundwork for your marketing plan.

Everything starts with you if you’re starting a new start and you don’t have any information from past years. You’re at the center of every part of your business. When you start planning your marketing strategy for the next year, clear your mind, set your main tasks, and start working from this point.

Use mind maps and manages them to bring your ideas to the present. Reveal what the goals that need to be determined are. Map your marketing strategy and get ready for the following year.

You should pay attention to something when creating goals: Plan what you want to do with your marketing strategy and focus on what will make you prominent. From your point of view, this step will require a lot of time and research. But if you want to have an effective marketing strategy for next year, you have to do what you can.

Review the Marketing Strategies of This Year or Previous Years

If your business has been operating for the past year or more, you have some information that you browsed in the past, and you can use them at the core of your marketing strategy for this period. You should take the time to improve your achievements in digital marketing last year. When examining previous periods, you should ask yourself and your team the following questions:

digital marketing strategies
  • What are the strategies that drive and work for your business?
  • What are the most effective marketing strategies that contribute exceptionally to your business?
  • How did your customer’s feedback on marketing and advertising?
  • What is the digital marketing work that results in the fiasco?
  • What kind of changes has your business undertaken in the past year? Have you made your digital marketing strategies ready for this period to adapt to these changes? Will you make any changes to your business at the beginning or later of the previous periods?
  • Has your target market changed? Have you set your strategies for the next year, including your new target market? What changes should you make to suit your new audience?
  • How is your competition? Can you keep your business competitive?

Examining the past periods will show you where you are and which way your business is headed. This information will also form the basis of your digital marketing strategy for this year. Gather your team and check out the details of your past marketing strategies. Note everything you find important because they will support you in your success this semester.

Create Small Goals and Plans for Main Tasks

In the previous step, we tried to set the main goals for this year. In order to manage and quickly achieve them, you must turn big goals into small or practical steps.

We can explain this with an example:

Main Marketing Task: To create an e-mail list with 3,000 subscribers in the first six months. Here are the steps:

small goals
  1. Create a landing page for the e-mail list and edit a form so visitors can subscribe.
  2. Offer free products with sweepstakes to convince the customer.
  3. Create automated e-mails and plan to send them on certain days.
  4. Create more content ideas and get help from specific tools for content ideas if necessary. Type content and add them to the automated e-mail series.
  5. Follow the process for six months—track subscriber figures. Improve your e-mail marketing strategy until you reach 3,000 subscribers.

You should think retrospectively to understand the steps you will take. You have to act assuming you’ve already achieved the target. So think back and back to what you should do in the steps. Keep thinking retrospectively and keep doing this until you’re in your current direction. The step you’re in will be the step in which you set your goals.

Of course, you can’t understand what you’re going to do in all the steps. If you think too much, you can stress yourself out. If you’re stuck in one step, take a break and try again later. For all your other main goals, first, create small plans and check out the specific goals you’re stuck with later.

Develop Digital Marketing Plans for Previous Periods

You may be skeptical that you can do something to develop a plan that has historically lost its influence. But this step will help you with this and allow you to do something different. 

Instead of creating a marketing plan from the beginning, you already have last year’s plan, which has improved since last year. For this step, you need to focus on the points that will improve your marketing tactics and the changes in the industry over the past year.

After reviewing last year’s plan and updating it, you can edit the necessary plan for the following year. Are your changes and improvements to suit your marketing goals for this period? Develop this improved marketing plan and review whether it fits your plans for this year. However, from this step, you can now start building your marketing strategy for the following year.

Select The Right Tools

You may have enough experience for this period or be starting a new one. No matter where you are, digital marketing tools will be one of your strategy’s main parts. They not only increase the efficiency you get from your marketing efforts, but they also offer you the easiest and fastest solutions where you’re stuck.

In this step, you will also learn the various tools to add to your marketing strategy. These tools will help you achieve your marketing goals faster and more effectively.

Edit Your Marketing Plan

Once you’ve identified the tools you’ll use, you can organize your digital marketing strategies and decide which areas to use.


Now let’s take a look at some vehicles that might be useful and put them together. CoSchedule, Buffer, and Workado get our main digital marketing tools. Because you can connect Coschedule and Buffer, you can do more for social media marketing and create a better plan for your marketing strategy.

With CoSchedule, you can make an adjustment so that you can share half of the social marketing posts as soon as you share blog posts. I can then schedule my other social marketing articles using the Buffer tool. You can also use the Buffer tool for instant-minded effective social media messages and set them up so that they can share them on specific days, so they don’t disturb the current calendar.

With Workado, you can track all marketing activities and tasks to be accomplished within specific campaigns.

CoSchedule, Buffer, and Workado can help you achieve your marketing goals and work well together.

You should choose these tools to choose what you need. You can test your ideas with digital marketing tools, but you shouldn’t use those that don’t contribute to your business or marketing. Don’t try to implement or test ideas that you can think of as you move forward in your marketing strategy. Add the tactics you know and help them take your marketing strategy one step further.

Specific Areas You Need to Focus on

Here are the areas that are important to focus on in digital marketing strategies:

content marketing

Content Marketing 

You’ll need to plan the content that you’ll create, from your social posts to your blog posts. However, you don’t have to plan all the articles you will publish next year. However, you must have a content marketing plan. Here are a few questions you should consider:

  • Are you just going to focus on writing blog posts? Spend more time on social media and spend less time on blog posts that already have enough or even a lot of time.
  • How often will you enter the summer in a week? Will you try different time zones to see which one will be more effective?
  • What information does your audience want to know? How are you going to get them?
  • What tools will you receive support for creating content?
  • Will you hire someone new to create content, or will you get support from existing employees?


The SEO process helps you to rank higher on search results. So the higher you rank, you can attract more customers for your business. You’ll be known for your website and rank high for your keywords. You can adjust your goals with SEO to achieve higher rankings and set new keyword options for your business. This may help you achieve new traffics through those keywords. Since people tend only to do searches on the first page of Google, ranking higher will definitely help you in the long run.


PPC is a paid advertising format. With PPC, you bid on the keywords you want your ads to show on. These ads appear at the top, above organic listings. Let’s say a user clicks on your ad and then enters your site; you pay for that click. You don’t pay for ad space; you only pay for results. Since the PPC method is a reasonable and beneficial advertising method, it is helpful to use it.

E-Mail Marketing

E-Mail marketing helps you constantly be in contact with your already existing customers. You can send them offers, and sales, maybe congratulate them on their special days to make them feel remembered. Human relation is an essential step for all businesses. And you will be remembered by them too since you often update them about your work and products. 

Voice Search

The voice search function uses the automatic speech recognition system to convert the audio signals into text. Thus, if you optimize company content with voice search, when a user does a voice search using this feature, especially when they search by asking a question, the probability of their content coming up increases considerably. Using the voice search feature with SEO compatibility also allows you to rank higher in searches.


If you’re in a niche with many competitors, you should consider the elements that will make your brand stand out. How can you attract customers to your brand?

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What changes should you make to your marketing plan to attract more customers if you have experience in the business world? You have to decide that.

Remember, you don’t have to change your brand or do things like that all the time. On the contrary, continuity and consistency give customers a warmer impression. It is extremely important to check what your competitors are doing and review your marketing plan.

If you want to draw attention to your brand, you should use some marketing strategies for different events and holidays. If you implement a tactic like this, you will increase the efficiency you will receive through your social media marketing tactics.

social media marketing tips

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the easiest ways to promote your business online. People can easily access your work and you. Thus, this is a vital process for growth. Don’t forget to build your presence online. Use social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., to be more reachable. And also often update on social media platforms, which helps you reach broader potential customers. You can check the how to manage social media article to help you with a start.

Video Marketing

It’s an effective way to present your company’s content in a way that is helpful to your customers and people who might view it even if they’re not customers. It’s also a strategy to help increase brand awareness. As you produce quality content, reaching more users is possible.


You must clarify what you want to accomplish with your marketing plan and place them at the center of your marketing work. Whatever your main objectives, you must indeed have several small goals to support or feed them. Next year’s marketing strategy should be a major focus, and your small goals should support the main goal.

Each goal can be accomplished and realistic. So you don’t want to achieve a series of failures by keeping your goals at a very high level.

Complete and Implement Your Marketing Plan

You should transfer your marketing strategy next year to a rough draft paper. It is better to have the marketing tools you will use and be ready to start. You must now complete your marketing plan and start implementing it!


A checklist for your new marketing plan:

  • Have you set your goals? Do you know what you’re really aiming for?
  • Do you know the target market? What do the people you target want?
  • How does your brand differentiate itself from the brands you are competing with?
  • In your marketing plan, what are the core values of your business, and can you project them to your plan?
  • What kind of offers or incentives do you offer your customers?
  • What other methods do you think you will try to get customers interested, and how do you get older customers to come back?
  • How will you keep your customers? How do you connect with customers and create relationships with them?
  • What are the tools that can help you with your marketing plan?
  • What will you do for content marketing and social media marketing?
  • Is the message you send through marketing clear enough?
  • Do you offer an easy-to-use website? Is the user interface simple in a way that your customers will be pleased with?
  • Do you have a way to manage all your tasks? Are you ready for success?

You are reviewing your marketing plan for the new year at this stage. In this step, you have to make sure everything is as ready as it should be. Before you implement your plan, you should check out all the details.

When you need to make the next decision on marketing strategy when your marketing plan is ready. Many businesses don’t start this in January. Therefore, you should avoid pushing yourself to try to achieve this in the first month. You can also check the website content checklist to learn more details thoroughly.

As the Last Step

Keep in mind that your marketing plan for the new year will help you reach the point where you want to be at the end of the year.

You may face some obstacles that grow your business during the year, and you may have to make difficult decisions. You may also have to make some changes to your marketing plan during the year. For example, if content in a category isn’t doing a good job, you might consider changing it. You may have to change that because your publishing calendar isn’t good enough.

You should always be open to making some changes while your business is growing. That’s what digital marketing strategies are for.


In this article, we have covered digital marketing strategies. As long as you continue your marketing strategies, you should follow the processes of them one by one. You should take a look at how they affect your business. If necessary, you must make the necessary arrangements or eliminate strategies that don’t work. In some cases, you should edit small details, but you may have to make serious changes in some cases.

You have devised your marketing strategy for the new year by taking many steps, from identifying your goals to identifying the tools and tactics you will use. This plan you have is just the beginning. Therefore, you should collect as much information and feedback as possible for the new year. So you get the chance to come up with a better plan for each new year. Success awaits you this semester!

Frequently Asked Questions

Examples of digital media include apps, digital images, digital video, video games, blogs and websites, social media, digital records and directories, digital music such as MP3, electronic documents, and electronic books.

The new media business is booming, and digital marketing is becoming a must for every organization or start-up today. Digital marketing positions range from search engine optimization and web analytics to digital strategy and content marketing.

Because creating digital marketing strategies will be the steps that will take you further in the digital world. In this way, you will be able to grow your business and gain a place in this market.

Digital marketing reaches beyond the Internet and aims to reach out to people in the offline universe through visual means. At the same time, social media is confined to the limits of the Internet. Digital marketing strategies may contain one or more components (Internet Advertisements, Smartphone Ads, TV, SMS, etc.).

Determining and writing down your goals, identifying and writing the things you need to develop and change to reach those goals, and thus creating appropriate strategies will be the most beneficial for you on this path.

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