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Digital marketing consulting is an important sector. It gains importance in recent times. The reason for this is the development of the digital world. Businesses that want to move their brand to the digital world get the help of digital marketing agencies. An online marketing consultant also helps businesses make their existing brands more visible in the digital world. Strategic marketing consultancy determines the most suitable digital marketing strategy for your job. These two industries work together. Thus, they determine the most efficient digital marketing strategy for your business. This strategy may be social media marketing or e-mail marketing. It depends on your target audience. Thus, they create the necessary infrastructure for business owners to perform digital marketing activities. So, what is digital marketing? Let’s find out the answer to this together now.

Digital marketing allows you to promote your product or service on the internet. This method is a flexible, measurable, and efficient marketing tool. These features make it one step ahead of other marketing tools. 

Digital Marketing Channels

There are certain marketing channels where you may perform digital marketing. These channels are websites, e-mails, search engines, social media platforms, and applications. These tools you will use while doing strategic digital marketing consultancy are as follows:

  • Website
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Viral Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • E-Commerce
  • Content Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Online Reputation Management
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing

This service is a new service branch that emerged with the activity of the internet in our lives. Today, institutions provide services over the internet in many sectors. These sectors are in our lives, from banking to education, from entertainment to health. Marketing consultant services may cause big changes in purchasing habits. That is the most important reason why your business should work with a marketing consulting agency.

strategic digital marketing consultancy

Strategic Digital Marketing Consultancy Steps

Strategic digital marketing customizes digital applications according to the needs of the industry. Thus, it carries out activities with brand-specific maneuvers. In other words, it prepares a separate recipe for each brand. They design activities specific to the needs of each brand. As a result, achieving successful digital results is no longer a dream.

The share of e-commerce companies in the market is increasing every day. This situation makes it necessary for brands to take part in the digital market. The services a digital marketing consultant provides are in two scopes. The first of these is that a brand takes its place in the online market. The second is that a brand operating in the digital market reaches larger audiences. Consultants may present their activities with or without an agency. Consultants analyze the potential of the brands that apply to them. As a result, they determine the right strategy and use their promotional budget.

How to Choose a Digital Marketing Consultant

With the development of digital marketing, companies quickly turned to this field. As a result, the number of digital marketing consultants has also increased. Even people with a basic knowledge of websites and social media claim to be providing consultancy services. However, to get efficiency from this service, you need to get service from a digital marketing or SEO consulting company with knowledge. In this way, you may be satisfied with the service you receive. There are a few things you need to consider in order not to waste your budget and time. Let’s take a look at these issues now.

  • First, there are two basic features teams should have that you should prioritize. These teams should consist of people who have developed themselves in different fields. These fields are search engines and social media platforms. 
  • You should trust companies that carry out their activities organically and stay away from spammy work.
  • The best way to tell if a team has been successful is to review their previous work. So, review the past works of the teams that you want to work together.
  • Make a pre-interview before seeking counseling. Get preliminary information about the solutions they produce and their goals.
  • The process requires collaboration. It is also based on interaction. In your conversation with these consulting teams, pay attention to their communications. Also, pay attention to whether they value your opinion.
  • Find out the estimated advertising and service fees. Decide on the ideal among agencies or individual consultants with similar opportunities.
main features of a digital marketing consultant

The Main Features a Digital Marketing Consultant Should Have

When working with a professional, there are several issues to consider. For businesses to benefit from this relationship, the consultant they will work with must have certain skills. A consultant will benefit to the extent that he or she has these competencies. So, a consultant needs to have information and experience about:

  • Social media communication,
  • Content production,
  • Social media ads,
  • Search engine advertising such as Google ads,
  • Content strategy production,
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO),
  • The dynamics of e-commerce,
  • Marketing automation and determining the ones that are needed,
  • To master concepts such as ROI, ROAS, KPI, CPC, PPC,
  • To produce fast solutions,
  • Being able to lead a team,
  • To be able to communicate correctly with the team,
  • To be able to develop consistent strategies that have a basis.

Let’s take a brief look at how consultants do their job. The benefits that a counselor may provide for a client can be spread over many areas. The most important of these are as follows:

  • Understanding and telling the sector and its dynamics,
  • Learning and interpreting the work carried out up to that point,
  • Examining the historical data,
  • Creating a road map,
  • Determining the strategic steps within the scope of experience and knowledge along with the road map,
  • Determining the division of labor within the department,
  • Anticipating possible problems,
  • Producing backup plans,
  • Producing various plans,
  • Understanding the basis of the problems experienced up to the current situation and producing solutions,
  • To guide marketing and advertising budgets,
  • Working overtime with the team to analyze the team and the process,
  • To be a solution partner at elbow contact distance.

What we have listed above are the basic duties of a consultant. However, you can expand or collapse this task list depending on the situation.

How Was Digital Marketing Born?

Developing technology and internet services gave birth to digital marketing. As a result, companies and website owners have entered the race to show themselves at the top of search engines. At this point, a new profession called digital marketing consultancy has emerged. Teams can complete a website within a minimum of 1 hour. After this process, they make it ready for publication. However, it may take months for that website to rank high in search engines and organic results. In this case, promoting the website via social media is also an option. In this way, businesses provide access to users via social media. However, this method will also take time. In short, after completing the website, the main issue is to increase the awareness of the website and the brand. Here, the way to make this promotion is through digital marketing.

There are some points that companies should pay attention to before moving on to a marketing strategy. The first is to create the technical SEO infrastructure at the best possible level while creating websites. You may be knowledgeable about marketing. However, if the infrastructure of your website is not SEO compatible, this can cause serious harm. 

In Which Sector Is Digital Marketing More Important?

This sector is important in the e-commerce industry. However, experienced and knowledgeable people should carry out all transactions that businesses will perform in this sector. Advertising in the e-commerce industry is more developed. There are fields such as re-marketing and re-targeting within these advertising activities. These branches of advertising have the following functions within the industry:

The e-commerce industry uses all advertising models. However, this varies from sector to sector. After this sector comes the service sector. This sector collects data via the landing page. Digital marketing is important in both of these sectors. Companies want to invest in a profitable business or advertising model. You can say what a consultant might be responsible for. Consultants are responsible for all activities in the digital world, from e-mail to internet advertising. With the strategies configured by a good consultant, you also invest in the awareness of your brand. 

digital marketing fields

What Is Included in Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a large field of businesses. Let’s take a look at what does it include in itself. A digital marketing consultant has to have information and experience in these fields.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You may ensure that your website ranks high in organic searches. The way to do this is to structure your content well and to use the right SEO techniques. This way, your page rank increases to high levels. Thus, your website gains value. SEO is important for the following channels:

  • Websites
  • Blog pages
  • Infographics

Content Marketing

We can list the purposes of content marketing in a few items. These are:

  • Lead Generation,
  • Brand Awareness,
  • Increasing the number of traffic,
  • Keeping the users more on the website,
  • Lowering the bounce rates.

There are three important points at this point. These are web page content, blog post content, and online books and brochures. The language structure and relevance used in content marketing are also important. With the right content marketing, you may increase your sales.

Social Media Marketing

That means marketing through social media channels that are widely spread all over the world. There are three essential goals here. The first of these is to increase brand awareness. The second is to drive traffic to the website. The third is to increase the number of leads and sales. Certain social media channels are most used all over the world. These are Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

This method applies to online advertising. It refers to the cost you pay per click for the keywords you specify. Here, too, there are three main purposes. The first of these is to sell the product. The second is to collect leads. The third is to increase brand awareness. The most used PPC ad models are:

  • Google Ads,
  • Promotional tweets on Twitter,
  • Paid ads on Facebook (Also for Instagram),
  • Sponsored messages on Linkedin.

There are other methods besides this method. These are display ads and video ads. You can run your ads on websites that are relevant to your business. You may also advertise on YouTube with your videos and interact with your customers. In fact, advertising is the main line of digital marketing. Businesses expect to earn a profit from every spend they make. That emerges the necessity for businesses to work with the right people.

Influencer Marketing

This means managing a joint project with people who are phenomenal in social media. The aim here is to increase brand and product awareness. Businesses get sales in this way. Some brands work with social media phenomena with the barter method. The barter method is the product or service provided in return for the service received. In other words, it is to gift the brand’s product to the phenomenon in exchange for social media work. Of course, businesses should calculate the product cost and the contribution of the phenomenon well. An example of these studies is promotional content on social media accounts. Another example is the YouTube Partner or Amazon Influencer Program. 

Native Advertising

In this method, the purpose is sometimes information in the content or natural ads for sales purposes. This model is the most favorite advertising model of businesses. That is because it contributes the most to brand awareness. In this model, users may interact with the brand directly within the content. So, why do businesses prefer this method? Adblockers block internet ads. Therefore, you may deliver your ad to your customers without getting stuck with Adblocker or similar applications with this method. Also, think of yourself as the people who see ads. It is a boring and overwhelming method to show ads often and drown people in advertisements. Therefore, businesses should make natural advertising methods with the right strategy. They may use this method sometimes in video and sometimes in text.

Marketing Automation Management

Many businesses use these tools. These programs manage the posts on social media accounts and the advertising images to be published. The main tasks of these programs are as follows:

  • E-mail subscriptions,
  • Scheduled social media posts,
  • Updating customer lists,
  • Monitoring and reporting campaigns,
  • Performing A / B tests on the page,
  • Setting goals,
  • To analyze the paths in the stage of achieving the goal one by one.

E-mail Marketing

Customers or users are not in favor of receiving e-mail. However, you may attract your customers to e-mail subscriptions with the right content and strategies. Access the opening reports of e-mails you send. You should also access the link click reports. You may test how successful your transactions are by reaching important metrics like these. The most used e-mail marketing systems are Mailchimp and Constant Contact. E-mail marketing activities that you will send or do with these programs are:

  • Blog content subscription and current mails,
  • E-mail subscriptions via free book or content download,
  • User or customer welcome mail,
  • E-mail marketing for special occasions,
  • Also, you may add special discounts and campaign notifications.

Online PR Service

You may think of public relations as offline. However, online public relations is also important for our company. The scope of online customer relations is as follows:

  • Customer complaints,
  • Customer comments and feedback,
  • Likes and retweets.

This method covers all kinds of methods by which customers communicate with businesses. This method has a purpose that should be applied carefully. Anyone can see the contents of this interaction. Therefore, businesses should respond to all feedback in a transparent and professional manner as much as possible. Answering all feedback increases the reputation and trust of your brand in the eyes of customers.

KPI Models

Let’s start by answering the question of what the KPI is. It stands for Key Performance Indicators. In other words, they are the metric indicators that will lead to performance. You may also expand this description to the goals you want to achieve. By determining your goals and strategies, you can monitor all digital work. You may also measure your success. In this way, you may determine the success rate of every work we do. As a result, you may determine whether you should do more work or not.

The Consequence of the Digital Marketing Consultant Article

The development of the internet has created innovations in every field. These innovations created new professions. One of them is the digital marketing consultancy, which is the subject of our article. There are certain skills that the consultants who provide this service to businesses should have. Consultants may acquire these skills through an educational institution. The responsibilities of consultants who provide this service may also expand according to their skills. In our article, we explained in detail what abilities these consultants should have. Besides, we examined in detail its responsibilities spread over a wide area. We also took a brief look at the birth stories of the sectors they serve. We have included all the points that your business should consider before working with a digital marketing consultant in our article.

It gives us pleasure that our article will benefit you for your business and your works. We hope this article will likewise be a source of inspiration for your work.

Frequently Asked Questions About

There is no requirement to have a graduation in this field. However, graduation or certificate in this industry can be of great help to you.

To become a consultant, you may apply to institutions that provide training on this subject. You may also improve yourself on the internet and acquire the necessary skills to do this job better.

This expression refers to the average price a typical client will pay for your type of consulting service.

Two basic qualities are most important for you to be a consultant. The first of these is the ability to work as a team member. The second is good communication skills.

Check if the consultancy institution you will work with has a license. If you will work with a freelancer consultant, get information about the certificates and training he or she has.

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