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The call to action or CTA is a vital part of any marketing campaign. CTA’s are the desired action you want the website visitors to take. Call to action examples include clicking a button, a hyperlink, or even just plain text. Common wording examples are phrases such as “Sign up now” and “Subscribe now to avoid missing out on future sales.” However, there is no limit to the content and possibilities of a CTA. For the highest click-through rates, it is essential that your CTAs invite people to click them. They must be direct, catchy, and persuasive enough to convince users to click them. Moreover, it is crucial to avoid being too forceful as this will have the opposite effect, and you’ll lose clicks. The best CTA marketing campaigns are simple and so subtle that they are almost unrecognizably inching you towards completing their target action.

What Is Call to Action?

A CTA is an action you wish a site visitor to complete upon arriving at your site. The call to action is essential for any good marketing campaign. It keeps the goals focused on getting your target audience to complete a specific task. These tasks can include anything your imagination can conceive. Some sites use a call to action examples in order to get visitors to read their latest blog posts. Whilst other sites use the same process to funnel people to the information page of their latest product.

Many calls for action require minimal effort from the user. For example, companies make it as easy as possible to sign up for services with the use of autofill. By reducing the amount of perceived work to take advantage of the advertised offer, the click-through rate increases. Having a specific action in mind for each visitor to your site increases the likelihood of the user completing the specified action for you with a few nudges in the right direction from your CTA.

What Is Call to Action Used for?

There are numerous uses for a call to action. You can use CTAs in order to funnel web traffic to your latest product and increase your sales. Others use CTAs to raise awareness of their brand or services. You can exponentially speed up virtually any goal for your site with the right call to action for your users. If you want to raise your brand awareness, CTAs can be very influential. With the correct wording, there is almost nothing that CTAs can’t achieve for your site. With its wide variety of uses and its high success rate, CTAs are one of the most powerful tools available to any marketer today. Calls to action are very effective at driving growth in all areas of your site and business.

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The Top 5 Most Effective CTAs

There is a near-infinite amount of combinations for the different calls to action. Some of the simplest and most effective CTAs are as follows:

  • “Buy now!” is a clear and simple action for people to take. They instantly know what to do when they arrive at the site.
  • “Join our newsletter to stay updated” is a subtle way of increasing the size of your mailing list and reaching a larger audience for your next email marketing campaign.
  • “Start your free trial now.” Free trials let you gather feedback and reviews for your services and test the interest in new features and products.
  • “Learn more here” is a particularly useful CTA as it points the visitor’s attention to an educational section about you or something you do for your customers. 
  • “Shop now to get free premium membership.” This is a highly effective CTA because it adds value to the visitor’s experience.

How to Use CTA Marketing

There are many different and valuable ways to use CTA marketing. The first step is to decide on a specific action you want users to complete when visiting your site. After you have chosen activity for the users to complete, you must decide on the call to action phrase. Subtlety is also very effective when selecting which phrase to use for your audience to complete the action you have chosen.

The main goal of CTA marketing is to increase your click-through rate (CTR). The easiest way to create your CTAs is by using specialized marketing software such as HubSpot or Salesforce. They have a myriad of options for each call to action button you want to create for your site.

Where to Start

It would help if you always began with your target. Once you know what goals you want to work towards with your CTA marketing, all that is left is choosing the correct phrase for your call for action. By starting your CTA campaign with clear targets, you will be able to recognize when you have reached your goals and when to set new ones. Here is a shortlist of common goals for CTAs:

  • Sales growth.
  • Increased brand awareness.
  • Drive web traffic to a specific page or post.
  • Boost subscribers to your newsletter.
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Different CTA Buttons to Use

Creating CTA buttons for users to click, which direct them to either another site or a specific page on your site, is very beneficial. CTA buttons with links have easily tracked results. It is because the web traffic from links is easy for you to track and analyze. The tracking data is important because it helps you to gauge the success of your call to action buttons and phrases.

There are many different customization options for CTAs, such as; color, font, size, placement, verb choice, word order, and style. CTA buttons are widely used across most web pages, from “learn more” buttons for new products to “register now” buttons to keep up to date with the latest news for the brand. Many sites have a very common CTA button on every page now: “create your account.” or “login.”. By allowing users to create accounts, they feel included, as well as providing you with their email address for future marketing campaigns.

Testing Which Phrases Work Best

There is a system for testing which option works best, known as A-B testing. The system is simple and easy to analyze. All that you need to do is create two calls to action phrases for the same action. Then run both campaigns for the same length of time. After you have run both campaigns, analyze the results against each other to discover the more effective phrase between the two. By constantly conducting A-B tests with your CTA marketing campaigns, you will be ensuring the continual development of your click-through rate. A-B testing also works for visual aspects of CTA, for example, the color of the CTA buttons that you use.

There are many tests you can run between different phrases. It is vital to remember only to change one thing each time so that you know which change had a positive effect. With all types of marketing, analyzing your results is vital to understanding whether the campaign was a success or not. As well as locating areas in which you can improve.

Things to Persuade Users to Click

As with all forms of marketing, the CTA campaigns must be persuasive enough to convince users to take the action you desire them to. Try the following suggestions to increase the chance of persuading your audience to follow your instruction. Here are some ideas to improve persuasiveness:

  • Use language that inspires strong emotion and enthusiasm within your users, such as highlighting what a good deal they are getting.
  • Highlight your CTA’s point with a practical exclamation point to get them excited about your call to action.
  • Begin each phrase with a commanding verb that lets the user know what you want them to do. Call to action examples include; order now, buy now, shop here, learn more, find out how, subscribe, and download.
  • Create a fear of missing out (FOMO) by having deals expire or only last for a short time. Even just stating that the deal is available “while stocks last” instills a sense of urgency in the reader.
  • Make sure that you display your unique selling point in your CTA phrase. For example, “we are the only company to offer this service.” Make your service extraordinary and stand out from the crowd.
  • Add color and different fonts to make your CTAs catch the eye of readers as well as holding their attention.
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Examples of Successful Call to Action Campaigns

Once you begin looking at CTA campaigns, the successful ones pop straight back into your mind. For example, Netflix started to give customers the opportunity to “start a free trial now” that rolls over into a paid subscription. Another famous early adopter of rolling the free trial into a paid subscription service was Spotify. Spotify also allows users to experience its software for free but including adverts every thirty minutes. With so many big names using these CTA strategies, why would smaller businesses not consider the same target actions?

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One of the best call to action examples is eBay which also had explosive results for sales. eBay introduced an incredibly famous call to action for its sellers, the “Buy it now” CTA button. As well as the mentioned successful CTA campaigns, there are numerous smaller companies that have experienced massive growth after beginning to use CTA marketing. Many large companies create their own demand for their products by introducing the fear of missing out. Prominent fashion brands often deliberately produce less stock than they need, so they can use CTAs that include the phrase “limited run” or “this season only.” Another example of a successful CTA button is the “share” button across social media.

Traditional Calls to Action

Throughout marketing history, calls to action have been a popular way of convincing customers to take your desired step. For example, signing up for a magazine delivery from an ad that stated “join our mailing list now” or the simple TV ads informing you to “head to the store now while stocks last.” The idea of enticing your customers to complete the desired action is not new. It has been around since the discovery of bartering millennia ago.

The digital marketing age has simply streamlined the process and molded it into the highly efficient CTA buttons and links you see all over the internet today. While leaflets and newspaper advertisements are still full of calls to action, many of the adverts have moved online to reach a larger audience. The old CTAs in magazines and newspapers had to be full of bright colors to catch the reader’s eye. They were eye-catching because the user required more effort to complete the desired action the CTA asked for. Many traditional CTAs required you to fill in a form and post it back, this has transformed with technology, and now the documents can be located and filled in online, most likely using just a QR code on the advertisement.

Frequently Asked Questions on Call to Action Examples

Conclusion on Call to Action Examples

Overall, call to action is a powerful marketing tool. Each and every one of us has been the victim of, whether you have signed up for something because of the free trial. Or have paid for a product because of a sale that is about to end. All of us have fallen prey to clever CTA marketing. Most people are exposed to these calls to action so frequently each day they no longer notice when they click on them. It is of the utmost importance to create CTAs that stand out and are highly specific for the action you desire the users to take.

The Phrases you use should evoke emotion and enthusiasm for your call to action. Your calls to action should be specific and persuasive in order to convert the highest number of views into clicks. If you want to funnel your web traffic to your latest blog posts to have more views there, then there is a CTA that you can use for it. Thank you for reading this article on call to action examples that invite people to click. Hopefully, you have learned about some of the valuable ways in which you can use CTA effectively across your site.

Frequently Asked Questions About

Yes, you may use a simple mindmap to come up with ideas. It is also possible to use other software for your CTA marketing needs, such as Salesforce.

No, there is no limit to the number of calls to action that you include on a page. Just remember to take into account the user experience. If there are too many CTAs on your page, it could turn people away from your desired action.

Yes, it is possible to do it all yourself. However, the marketing software available today makes it a much easier process than doing it yourself. The CTA marketing software also gives you many customization features to make your CTA as eye-catching and effective as possible.

Yes, it is an excellent idea to use CTAs in all of the advertisements that you do. Because they keep everything specific, and you know what you want your target audience to do after seeing each ad.

Yes, you should make sure that your ads are compatible with the devices that your target audience most commonly uses. Ensuring compatibility will allow you to reach the widest audience possible with your call to action.

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