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When your website/blog becomes popular, you will see an increase in spam comments. If your website/blog has an open comments section, you will understand what we mean. However, if you don’t want to see those comments under your posts, you can use the Akismet anti-spam plugin.

Akismet is one of the well-known WordPress plugins to block spam. Suppose you have a WordPress website and completed the default WordPress installation. In that case, it is installed since the creator of the WordPress, Automattic, and a team including professionals as Matt Mullenweg developed it. In this article, we will discuss why you should use Akismet anti-spam and how to setup.

why should you use akismet anti-spam

Why Should You Use Akismet Anti-Spam?

There are many advantages that Akismet offers, but these three below are the most important ones. Which are:

  • Spam protection,
  • Discard feature,
  • Available for free.

Now, let’s investigate those deeper.

Spam Protection

Akismet anti-spam uses captcha configurations to understand whether an action is taken by a non-spamming human. You will get high accuracy if you use it with gravity forms. Akismet checks if you are protected from many spam, such as contact form spam, registration spam, login spam, or comment spam.

Discard Feature

Akismet offers you a discard feature that deletes the worst spam from your cloud, which helps you save some space. However, the less suspected ones are kept in your cloud due to claimed false positives. False positives are accurate, meaningful WordPress comments which are marked as spam. You can view which form submissions are spam; and if they are not spam, you can quickly get them back.

available for free

Available for Free

You will need an Akismet API key to get spam protection if you use it for commercial purposes. From your Akismet account, you can get an API key from the plans section. But we have good news! If you don’t commercially use your website, it is for free. You heard it right. It is available for free for personal plans. It is highly beneficial for personal blogs. Once you activated Akismet, you are free from spam! Let’s dig into setting up your Akismet anti-spam plugin.

How to Set up Akismet Anti-Spam

Akismet can be used for all A2 Hosting accounts. However, you must install it on your website manually.

Install and Activate

Once you decide to use Akismet, you can install it in few steps:

  • Find Plugins from your WordPress Dashboard, and type “Akismet Anti-Spam.”
  • Press the “Install” button, then activate.
akismet api key

Akismet API Key

As mentioned, you need an API key to function this plugin. You can obtain it from the Akismet main website.

  1. Again, on the Plugins menu, press the “Set Up Your Akismet Account” button.
  2. Click on the related button to log in and enter your WordPress website.
  3. When you are connected, click on “Approve.”
  4. Choose your plan depending on your budget.

Then, you will get your key. Copy and paste this code to the related input area, and arrange the configuration you wanted.

Conclusion on Akismet Anti-Spam

If you have a website/blog that shows an increasing traffic trend, you will also have increasing spam comments, form submissions, etc. However, it is easy to get rid of them. Akismet provides you a spam-free environment, which makes your work a lot easier! It is available for free if you use a non-commercial website or blog. We hope this article was helpful. If you need more plugin suggestions take a look at how you can use the WPForms.

Frequently Asked Questions About

An anti-spam plugin is a tool that eliminates spam comments, form subscriptions, etc., on your blog or website.

There are different plans for the needs of different users, but if you have a website or a blog that is not used for commercial purposes, you can choose the personal plan for free.

Akismet is compatible with all A2 hosting websites.

Under your admin panel, if you see an “Akismet Spam” bar and no error message, it works.

With Akismet anti-spam, you can choose which filter you want to include in your configuration. In this way, you can stop getting bot forms.

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