What Is Google Play? (and Its Services)

What Is Google Play? (and Its Services)

Since smartphones are one of our lives’ fundamental parts, there are a lot of mobile applications in our usage. As we know, there are two most known types of operating systems (OS) in the universe of smartphones. Android is the operating system for android devices. It is also known as Google mobile. The OS for iPhones is iOS, but this is not the topic of today. We’ll explain what is Google Play.

If you have an android device, know yourself. You are one of the android users. You will be finding answers to the following questions. What is Google Play? How can it protect your device? Can you use it to access TV shows? Are movie rentals available in Google Play Store?

Google Play is basically a marketplace for any android app.  So, android phones get the apps and games they needed. The only google play services are not receiving you the installed apps by developers of them. There are more Google Play services you probably know or use at the moment. We will get there and present it to you briefly.

Install an App from Google Play

Why Should You Install an App from There?

Google Play apps are totally safe apps checked by the clever landlord, Google. To present the customer base of the Google ecosystem by publishing a play store app, the developers must pass a long cycle of tests. The focus of these tests is the security of your data. By the way, even if Google checks any apps or games you see there, you must be sure of the permissions you gave the app. Google only checks the following question for the apps in the case of permissions. Does the application exceed the permission it asked for?

Underrated Google Play Services

Underrated Google Play Services That You Probably Don’t Know or Don’t Use

  • Music: This service is automatically installed when you first start your phone. You can purchase any songs or sounds from there to support the musician you listen to. By the way, you have the possibility to find the soundtracks of some games and TV series. It is a great idea to assign a catchphrase from your favorite TV character. Imagine, your boss sends you an email, and your phone says: “Challenge accepted” by Barney Stinson. Probably your workload became less stressful.
  • Movies: Let’s say you are going to go on a vacation, waiting for your flight at the airport. You are checking the streaming apps you use. Oops! They aren’t hosting the movie you are looking for. Open the Google Play movies and find the movie you want to watch. Pay for it. Start to entertain your long and boring journey. By the way, prices are reasonable most of the time. Don’t be afraid of the overpayment issues.

Conclusion: What Is Google Play?

It is a marketplace for the application developers created by Google. As a responsible landlord, Google checks apps to provide a more secure user experience to you. You can find the most used and recommended apps by the editor there. Also, Google recommends you apps from your past installs. It is beneficial to check Google Play often. There are several lifesaver apps there. From productivity to health, from hyper-casual games you play to blow off some steam to old school games, you can still play with joy. This is a perfect designed field for your android devices. Use it wisely.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Report the application that you think it could be harmful to Google Play. There are several categories there. But note that freedom of speech is not a harmful thing. Just because you don’t like a thing, Google doesn’t have to delete it from its store.

Even if the process is a bit longer than we will explain, just clarify it briefly. You pay Google $50 just for once to create a developer account. After your account is created, you upload there. Google tests and checks your app. Boom! You are one of the fish in Google Play. Try not to be lost.

You can not delete the Google Play app from your device legally. There are several ways to do that, but it is not recommended and unsafe.

There is a section in the app. The process is the same as all online purchases.

Yes, you can. There is a section in the app to access the leaderboards in your games.

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