How to Track Your Youtube Video Analytics

Do you want to expand your YouTube channel, make better videos, and receive more views? Youtube video analytics and insights will assist you in quickly learning how to enhance your YouTube videos, which range from response videos and gaming videos to lifestyle vlogs and tutorial videos.

With more than 50 million channels on Youtube, it is critical to publish material that your audience is interested in seeing and interacting with. You may monitor important metrics, such as average view time and the ideal posting time, from the producers who influence you or produce videos that are comparable to yours, with competitor youtube video analytics. You may improve your video planning by comparing the YouTube metrics of your competitors with your own. In this article, we will explore youtube tracker ideas, google analytics on youtube, popular youtube video analytics tools and many more.

How to Track Youtube Videos in Google Analytics

How to Track Youtube Videos in Google Analytics

Youtube google analytics offers two methods for tracking embedded YouTube videos. We will discuss both, concentrating on Google Analytics 4 (GA4). To automatically measure video interactions without any coding, you can simply choose the Video engagement option beneath Enhanced Measurement. Google Tag Manager is where you may set up your tracking. In case you have not yet used Google Tag Manager, the first choice is acceptable. However, in order for this to function, your YouTube embedded code needs to be modified and all of your embedded videos need to have the JS API support enabled.

Furthermore, you will not be able to define your own criteria with this first option because it will restrict you to default thresholds (such the video progress for any user viewing past 10%, 25%, 50%, and 75% of the video). Many marketers prefer to use Google Tag Manager. Since you have more control over your data, using GTM is the best practice.

As a result, you have two options for youtube tracking. One of them is using Google Tag Manager to set up the tracking. Second one is to rely on Google’s Enhanced Measurement, which tracks video engagement automatically. Despite the former approach’s seeming convenience, GTM is frequently the better choice due to its limitations. We will go over how to measure the effectiveness of YouTube as a traffic source and how much traffic your website receives from YouTube videos.

How to Track Youtube Videos in Google Analytics 4 with Enhanced Measurement

How to Track Youtube Videos in Google Analytics 4 with Enhanced Measurement

This method works well for Youtube videos that you have included into your website. Common events can be tracked using Google Analytics 4 with Enhanced Measurement without requiring any code implementation. Sadly, it is not a magic tool for tracking video on Youtube. This is due to the fact that the video’s source URL requires the enablejsapi argument to be added. It looks precisely like this: enablejsapi=1.

The following procedures can help you track YouTube videos in GA4 with improved measurement:

  1. Head to a youtube video and click share.
  2. Select Embed.
  3. Add the parameter to the code enablejsapi=1 after finishing the URL with a question mark (?)
  4. Select “Copy” and incorporate this code into your webpage.

How to Track Youtube Videos with Google Tag Manager

How to Track Youtube Videos with Google Tag Manager

You can start by creating a trigger in Google Tag Manager.

1.  After going to Triggers, click New.

2. Choose the YouTube Video trigger type in the Trigger configuration.

Video tracking may occasionally not function; adding JavaScript API support to all YouTube videos is one way to fix this. We will, therefore continue to verify it just in case.

This is a standard configuration that most people find useful. However, it is modifiable. You now need to question your team or yourself what you hope to accomplish with this trigger and what you want to measure. Do you have any particular pages or videos in mind to monitor? If so, you can set the trigger to shoot at a specific time by choosing some videos.

-Is it necessary to monitor the video’s development in terms of time or percentages?

-Do you think it is vital to record Pause, Seeking, and Buffering?

If this option is used, every time a user chooses to pause, go ahead or backward, or begin buffering, an event will be sent. These events are likely to grow quickly and excessively populate your GA4 because of the way we watch videos online. Therefore, you can keep this option unchecked if these events are not essential to your measurement.

Make sure you have activated the built-in video variables in the GTM now that you have a trigger. These will offer more details regarding the videos that have been tracked.

3. Variables – Configure

4. Scroll down to Videos in Configure Built-In Variables and choose every variable.

How to Use Youtube Analytics to Level up Your Videos

How to Use Youtube Analytics to Level up Your Videos

Let’s investigate ways to improve videos using youtube video analytics and insights. Just remember to give credit where credit is due and to use these figures just as inspiration.

  • Examine popular rival videos in your industry: By observing what videos are popular right now and receiving a lot of interaction on your competitors’ channels, you may produce material that attracts viewers.
  • Keep an eye out for popular video genres and styles: Examine what kind of video content—such as vlogs, tutorials, unboxings, reviews, etc.—is most popular on your competitors’ YouTube channels if their target audiences and demographics are similar to your own.
  • Requests from viewers and subscribers: Look through the popular videos’ comments area to see what subjects and videos people are requesting. You can make your next video using this insightful information.
  • Examine uploading times: Observe the times at which your competitors publish and which period of time immediately yields greater results.
  • Video titles with keywords: To help your videos rank higher on YouTube, you should constantly include prominent keywords related to your genre, niche, and competitors in the titles and descriptions of your videos.
  • Captivating thumbnails for videos: To acquire ideas for your own thumbnails, find out which YouTube thumbnails are getting the most attention and clicks. To make your films stand out and boost your click-through rate, make sure your thumbnails are captivating.
  • Watch videos for the intro and outro: Find out if the video material of your rivals uses YouTube outros and intros so you can copy them.

How to See Youtube Channel Analytics for Other Creators

How to See Youtube Channel Analytics for Other Creators

Let’s examine the many kinds of YouTube channel data that are available for viewing. You may learn more about the best times to publish your videos, how to characterize them, and how many videos you should make according to youtube video analytics clues.

  • Click-through percentages (If viewers are drawn in by your video’s title and thumbnail.)
  • Average amount of time spent watching videos
  • Duration of video view
  • Rates of audience retention for each video
  • Descriptions on YouTube
  • Thumbnails on YouTube
  • Charts of YouTube subscribers
  • Video release schedules
  • Target audience for content and the YouTube channel
  • Statistics for sponsored videos

These Youtube video analytics tools make it simple for you to keep track on your competitor’s online Youtube video analytics.

Youtube Video Analytics Tool: Tubular Intelligence

Tubular Intelligence makes it simple to examine information from YouTube channels. You may view the most popular videos from target groups, what’s trending on YouTube, and what video material subscribers are most interested in viewing thanks to their intelligent technologies. Tubular provides alternatives for both free and paid payment plans.

Youtube Video Analytics Tool: BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo uses keyword research to examine YouTube channels belonging to your closest competitors and generates ideas for new videos based on what’s popular. Both competitors and creators can view the platform, which provides both free and paid payment possibilities.

Youtube Video Analytics Tool: Social Blade

The ideal tool for providing you with YouTube video analytics regarding specific subscriber behaviors and rival views is Social Blade. By using the search box, you may also learn about the performance and content of your competitors. The website provides both free and paid payment methods.

Youtube Video Analytics Tool: Popsters

A third-party application called Popsters provides you with insightful information about the accounts of other YouTube creators. Simply sign onto your account, copy the YouTube channel’s URL, and go through the search results.

Youtube Video Analytics Tool: TubeBuddy

A browser extension called TubeBuddy aids in the creation, management, and expansion of your YouTube channel. TubeBuddy will tell you how likely you are to rank in a given search if you enter in a genre of videos you plan to create in the YouTube search bar. Both paid and free choices are available.

How to Track a Youtube Link Click

Google Analytics may give information on YouTube links that users click on and share anyplace on the internet. You would need to utilize UTM tracking for this to function effectively. The process of marking your links with code at the end of your URL is known as UTM tracking. You may track where visitors come from (email, sponsored advertisements, podcasts, group shares, etc.), how they explore your website, and how successful their conversions are by identifying your traffic sources.

Finally, you may assess your marketing efforts by comparing the amount of traffic your YouTube channel receives from other sources.

Youtube Analytics vs Google Analytics

Youtube Analytics vs Google Analytics

For good reason, we have talked a lot about Google analytics’ analytical capabilities. It is the world’s most widely used analytics platform. But since Google owns YouTube, it should come as no surprise that it has strong analytics tools that are very comparable to those of Google Analytics. YouTube provides thorough and comprehensive information on the views, interaction, sources of traffic, and demographics of those that visit your channel. These reports are available for viewing in youtube video analytics.

The stats on YouTube are what you need to evaluate your success if it is your primary marketing platform. So, what is the point of using google analytics for youtube videos? Google Analytics may be preferable than YouTube’s built-in analytics for a few reasons. Firstly, they are all largely related to tracking and comprehending online activities that take place outside of your YouTube channel.

Second, these arguments clarify why you need to have a global perspective of all your marketing initiatives across many channels in one location for a global analysis in today’s multi-touch marketing environment. This is true not only for Google Analytics but also for other platforms, such as BigQuery.

You probably do not utilize YouTube as your main marketing channel if you run most of your business through an online website, in which case Google Analytics is a perfect choice. You may wish to monitor and discover information that is not visible in YouTube’s analytics dashboard, including visits to a blog post or any other type of non-video material that is hosted on your website.

If you want to know how users interact with your website when they arrive from YouTube, how engaged they are, and how they become customers, you should look at Google Analytics through YouTube video tracking. Additionally, you may use attribution modeling to compare YouTube as a channel to other channels with the aid of Google Analytics.

Conclusion: Tracking Youtube Video Analytics

If you want to investigate your youtube videos, there are many ways and tools to track youtube video analytics and these actually depend on what kind of player you are dealing with. It is also important to identify your goals and purposes when making youtube videos. With the help of youtube video trackers, google analytics which are discussed in this article, you now are ready to see more specific data.

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Possibly, yes. With 1 billion hours of YouTube watched every day globally, producing content that is highly seen is essential. You can get useful information from YouTube Analytics, such as which videos are popular with your rivals. You may make an even better video in your own unique style with the aid of analytics. Investing in YouTube advertising could be another way to increase the number of subscribers.

By putting UTM parameters at the end of your URL, you may utilize UTM tracking to monitor clicks on YouTube links. By doing this, you can monitor the sources of traffic as well as the online habits of people who click on your YouTube links.

You can use Youtube studio app to get more detailed analytics. At the top right, you will see your profile picture. From the middle menu, you should tap analytics. You can see all-time stats, recent views, top shorts, your audience, channels they watch and so on.

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