What Is Beaver Builder?

What Is Beaver Builder?

Having a great pattern plan to create a website, Beaver Builder allows people to create their sites with an easy coding option. Many people have difficulties in creating their websites due to the coding problem. This plugin, which will allow you to access ready-made content forms with its easy coding option, is quite comprehensive. People will be able to easily install the plugin by following the steps to be explained below.

Details About Beaver Builder

The Beaver Builder website is defined as drag and drop page builder plugin without writing any code. People will choose the content or item they want and leave it where they need it, so there will be no need to write any code. The codes used to add new elements and content to websites are often very long and difficult. Many people give up opening a website just because they think they cannot do this job. However, when this plugin, which is very simple to install, is added to the website, people will simply drag what they want and drop them in the relevant field. In this way, they will both make their work easier and save time. The code will come on its own, and people will not need to carry out these searches.

It has more than 30 templates and 25 content pages just for the landing page. Also, there are 25 more pages that people can open by choosing. The image reflected by the website from the outside is of great importance as it increases users’ potential to enter the site.

It is very easy to use, edit and customize ready-made templates. People can define the shape they want at any time by selecting or removing the modules they want to see. All of this is planned in real-time, so people can plan whenever they want, save it and finish it later. Beaver Builder, one of the best quality plugins ever produced for the website, is a very simple plugin.

how to set up beaver builder

How to Set Up Beaver Builder

Time needed: 15 minutes.

Here’s how you can set up beaver builder:

  1. Install Plugin

    To install the plugin, people must first enter the WordPress admin area. The plugin is only available for WordPress websites. To add the best quality WordPress theme opened to date, enter the “plugins” section. Then click on the “add new” option.

  2. Upload Plugin

    Click on the “upload plugin” on page that opens.

  3. Install Extension

    The Install extension option is clicked.

  4. Complete the Installation

    After installing the beaver builder, click on the “install now” option next to the plugin.

  5. Activate

    Then the beaver builder theme is activated.

  6. Success

    Congratulations! The installation has taken place.

Of course, the use is not limited to this. People should also learn how to use the plugin and how to make it full width after installing it. Thanks to this plugin that people will use to make web designs and blog posts, they will meet the beaver themer, and they will provide different formations by setting post type. They will be able to create a knowledge base of beautiful websites, especially in the content area. And all they need to do to do all of this is the drag and drop page builder.

  1. Enter the page editor and click the “tools” button at the top of the window.
  2. Then go to the “global settings” section, which is in the upper right corner.

It is possible to make adjustments in subjects such as margin, responsiveness, and width of the page from the page opens. You can also improve your page further by adding CSS and Javascript.

Other Extensions

People can only edit basic settings with this plugin. In order to catch changes such as header, footer, sidebars, people should also buy the beaver builder theme plugin. This element, which will have a great impact on landing pages, should be evaluated. It is essential that people who want to take full control of the page get this plugin.

how to use beaver builder

How to Use Beaver Builder

Thanks to the Beaver Builder Theme management, there are many features on the page that you can innovate.

Line Layouts

People who aim to create a professional website need to adjust their line layouts and create an effective design.

  1. The “page builder” part of the page you want to edit opens. Click the “Add content” button.
  2. Click the row layout tab to expand the page.
  3. Select the line layout and drag to the part of the page you want to apply.


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In order for users to have an amazing experience on the site and gain the freedom to interact with the site, a module must be added to the page. People can apply these changes not only to active pages but also to archive pages. It is sufficient for the page to be a WordPress page.

  1. The desired page is selected among the Pages template, and the “add content” button is clicked.
  2. Between basic and advanced modules, the desired module is found and selected.
landing page creation

Landing Page Creation

A landing page, which carries the identity value of a website, should have a perfect structure to influence users. The steps are also very simple.

  1. Go to the admin area and click on the pages section. Select the add new page option on the page that opens.
  2. Then there is the “page properties” panel. At this point, it is necessary to choose the “no header/footer” option.
  3. Click on the “page builder” tab under the title bar; this will enable the beaver building plugin to work.
  4. In this section, open templates, people can choose one of the templates they like.
  5. The selected template will be automatically uploaded to the web page.
  6. Edit the page that opens. First, start with a title.
  7. You may change the font, subheadings, texts, paragraphs, images, and many other things as desired.

Beaver Builder Briefly

Every detail about Beaver Builder is in this comprehensive article. With the help of this article, one can create a great site. We tried to explain how to use this plugin, how to set it up, and how to support it with other plugins. For other plugings, check out our compilation of the 10 best WordPress plugins.

Frequently Asked Questions

Maps, images, fonts, landing pages, and many more can be edited thanks to the beaver building plugin. After people make the necessary adjustments, they should click on save and exit. Otherwise, the prepared contents will not be saved.

Beaver Builder is a free plugin. However, a paid plugin must be purchased in order to use the themes section and to make all arrangements smoothly. Payments are made annually.

The plugin, which works with almost any theme, also gives you the opportunity to make great arrangements. People will be able to use this plugin with almost all themes.

After creating a new WordPress page, the “start” button is clicked. The page enriched with modules will be ready to use.

It is a plugin suitable for use on every WordPress-based site. The plugin will work smoothly on all sites where it is installed. It is recommended to enrich it with CSS and Javascript.


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