What Affects WordPress Speed Performance?

What Affects WordPress Speed Performance?

The slowness of a site is one of the most frustrating problems for users. Websites that used to be very fast may slow down over time, and site owners may not naturally understand why. If your site has a low performance and has become a slow site, you need to find out the problem under this. There are many reasons why websites work slowly, and slow WordPress speed performance offers a bad and negative experience for users. 

The low performance of a site is one of the most troublesome problems we face today. There can be many reasons that affect the loading speed of websites, and these cause a slow opening. If you have recently made large-sized files and images, various plugins, and changes in your site’s design, one or more of these can cause your site to slow down and perform poorly. To solve this problem, we will tell you in detail what affects WordPress speed performance and how you can speed up your WordPress site.

Why Is WordPress So Slow

Why Is WordPress So Slow?

The slowness of WordPress causes your site’s traffic to drop. The most important thing that affects the traffic on your website is the speed of your site. Visitors never prefer to enter sites that take too long to enter, and they leave that site directly. Also, the speed performance of the sites is significant not only for users but also for search engines. The reason because search engines do not show websites that perform slow speeds at the top. 

There are many reasons that affect WordPress speed performance. If you are suffering from this situation, it is crucial to know these reasons because you cannot fix this problem without knowing the reason why your site’s speed performance is slow. Everything like the size of images on your website, your cache plugin, plugins you use in WordPress, your WordPress database, and your Web Hosting service can affect your site speed. To find out which of these has affected your site performance, you can check which one you have recently made changes, or by removing a feature you just added, you can understand why your WordPress speed performance is slow.

How to Speed Up WordPress Site

How Do I Speed Up My WordPress Site?

In order to increase your speed by finding the reasons that affect your WordPress speed performance, we have listed the main reasons for decreasing WordPress speed performance. By looking at the items below, you can find the reason that affects WordPress speed performance and increase your speed to provide better site performance.

Your WordPress Plugins Can Cause Your Speed ​​to Slow Down

While plugins can improve your site by introducing new features, some WordPress plugins can slow down your website too. If there are plugins that you do not use, uninstalling them will affect your WordPress speed performance positively. You should get rid of plugins that you do not use on and stop developing to improve your WordPress speed performance well in the long run. Use only the plugins you need on your site. However, if your website is performing slowly, you can check which plugins badly affect your site by checking them one by one. In this way, you will also understand which plugins you really need. General cleaning will positively affect your WordPress speed performance.

You Should Clean Your WordPress Database

All we say is cleaning, cleaning, and re-cleaning. As we mentioned above, the most positive thing you can do about your WordPress speed performance is to get rid of unnecessary plugins and unnecessary information. WordPress stores all the useless information and therefore slows down due to the accumulation of content over time. If you want to increase your WordPress speed performance, cleaning your WordPress database would be a helpful and positive step for this. If you have a blog site, you will see that your website performs really fast when you clean the database. But please just make sure that you have a backup before doing the WordPress database cleanup.

The Size of the Images on Your Site May Slow Your Site

If your website takes years to load, this may be due to uploading images on your site. Pictures have a significant impact on the page load time of the sites because the images have a large size. If the photos you use on your website have an enormous file size, you need to compress these images. Compressing your images through WordPress or with a service will improve your WordPress speed performance.

Your Web Hosting Company Has A Great Effect On The Speed ​​Of Your Site

If your WordPress site slowed down suddenly with no changes or problems, your problem might be caused by your hosting web service. Choosing web hosting has a very important role in the speed performance of your site. If you think your site’s hosting company causes your problem, you should contact your web hosting company to solve this problem because this is not an issue you can solve. Usually, web hosting companies will inform their customers about their problems; for example, if they are going to update their service, they inform you about this. If you have not received such information, you should contact your web hosting company to ask the reason for your problem and ask them to solve your problem.

How to Improve WordPress Performance

How Can I Improve My WordPress Performance?

Google and other search engines penalize slow-opening websites by positioning them lower in search results. As a result, slow websites get less traffic. No matter how high-quality your content is, you will start losing appearance or ranking, all at once. If you have a slow WordPress speed performance, you cannot improve the user experience on your site, and it prevents your users from coming back when they have not seen anything from your site. 

A slow-opening website means that dozens of works and dozens of information-filled articles you have developed disappear all of a sudden. This is because users potentially leave your site before uploading your website. To lower the bounce rate, you should read the items we mentioned above one by one and discover what affects your WordPress speed performance. After detecting the factor that slows down your website, it is possible to increase your WordPress speed performance with the opposite strategy. Increasing your WordPress speed performance increases your page views and plays a big role in the dozens of SEO techniques you have applied. 

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In short, if you want your website to get more traffic, rank high in search engine rankings, and earn more revenue, you should improve your WordPress speed performance and make your site fast.


In this article, we listed the reasons that affect WordPress speed performance one by one. The reasons that affect your site speed are the ones we listed above, and once you understand this, you can quickly restore it.

Remember that having a slow WordPress speed performance negatively affects your website’s traffic and ranking, which means that all your efforts are wasted. You can understand why your WordPress speed performance is slow due to the reasons listed above, and thus you can eliminate this problem. Thus, you, your visitors and search engines will be happier, and you will offer your visitors a much better site.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have added a new plugin and your site has slowed down after this update, you can blame this plugin because it is obvious that this plugin has slowed down your WordPress speed performance. But if this is not the case, you may need to remove and add all plugins one by one.

It is quite difficult to bring back your WordPress database after cleaning it, so you should back up your database before doing a database cleanup.

There are free tools available to test the speed of your website, and you can easily test the speed of your WordPress speed performance by using them. Gtmetrix and PageSpeed Insights are one of the services to help you.

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