Things to Know Before Buying Content 

In order for your website to rank high in Google search results, it must have high-quality content. Don’t have time to produce high-quality content for your website? A significant number of website owners cannot find enough time to write content, edit images, research content, and produce content. Buying content always brings you profit. 

Only 1 in 4 small businesses use outsourcing. Therefore, when you purchase content, you will be ahead of most of your competitors. There may be some situations you need to be aware of during the website content purchasing process. In this blog post, we will help you with all kinds of issues, such as the benefits of the content you purchase on your website, where you can buy blog content. Be sure to check out our guide before purchasing any content. 

The Basics of Content Creation 

If you want to buy content for your website, you must first know how to do it. To create content, you must first be a professional. Content should be produced by a content writer experienced in SEO. 

You must find the right keywords, examine your Competitors, find the right length, and follow subheading suggestions for the content. In short, there must be qualified work to create content. 

It is also important to choose the right type of content for your website. At the same time, if you are considering purchasing content, you should choose a quality platform. Buying content always saves you time. 

To create content, you must plan beforehand, produce the right content, and review whether it is quality content. We will include every detail in this article. 

Content Types That You Can Buy 

If you have a purpose for buying content, you need to choose among certain types of content. You can choose from content types depending on your content purpose. 

content types that you can buy

The types of content you can purchase are briefly as follows: 

  • Blog Posts: Content written about your products and services in the blog section of your website to reach your potential customers. It makes a significant contribution to your SEO and increases your brand awareness. You need to buy regularly. 
  • Product Promotional Content: These are contents that provide users with descriptive and detailed information about the product to promote the products on your e-commerce site. 
  • Category Article: Content on the pages of general categories and subcategories on your website. These contents are general content about your products and services. 
  • Promotional Article: If you are going to get backlinks for your website, these are the types of articles that you can share on other websites by introducing your products, services, and business. 
  • Evaluation Content: Content written to evaluate a specific product or service. They will be useful in your sales and marketing processes. 
  • News Texts: These are contents that convey daily and last-minute developments, have an unbiased and interesting title, and will be published on news sites. 
  • How-To Content: These are contents that explain in detail and clearly step by step how to do a job. You can usually provide information about the usage process of your products. 
  • Frequently Asked Questions: These are the questions that users are most curious about and seek answers to about your products and services. They usually contain long-tail keywords and are short-answer content. 
  • Guides: These are types of content that provide detailed information on how to use a product. 
  • List Contents: Lists are contents that are easy to read while providing information on a particular subject. 

The Importance of Content Quality 

If you want to buy articles, the most important point you should pay attention to is the quality of the content. The competitive environment in every sector of the internet is getting stronger day by day. Therefore, you need original and quality content to make your website stand out. 

Google lists content that truly adds value to users at the top. It is important to answer all the questions of the users and explain all the details about the subject in the content. Quality and detailed content becomes valuable over time and always maintains its place in SERPs. 

If you want to make your website stand out, you must produce quality content. Original, interesting, and high-quality content makes your brand valuable in the eyes of users and allows you to attract more organic traffic from search engine results pages. Buying website content always increases your Google rankings. 

Things to Consider Before Buying Content  

“How to purchase content?” There are some situations you need to know before answering the question. If you are going to purchase content for your website, you must choose the right platform, find the right content, and make sure that the content will be useful to you. 

Since Google discards plagiarized content, make sure it is original and of high quality. Also, when buying web content, be careful to buy SEO-friendly content and see if it is written by an expert content writer. 

things to consider before buying content

Here are the things you should pay attention to when buying content: 

  • Understand Content Quality 
  • Be Ready to Detect Originality and Plagiarism 
  • Know The Basics of SEO-friendly Content 
  • Research the Author’s Expertise 
  • Learn How to Create a Content Brief 

Understand Content Quality 

Before purchasing content for your website, you should pay attention to the quality of the content. Because if the content is not of high quality, it will not be of any benefit to your website. Therefore, understand the quality of the content by paying attention to its specific features. Look for quality during the buying content process. 

To understand the quality of the content, you should look at the following points: 

  • Make sure keywords are mentioned. Check the main keyword and auxiliary keywords. 
  • Make sure that the keywords are distributed homogeneously, appear in the first 100 words, and have a rate of 1.2-2%. 
  • Make sure the content is of sufficient length. 
  • Pay attention to the title structure of the content. Look at the heading tags and make sure the keywords are included in the subheadings and main title. 
  • See if long-tail keywords are mentioned. 
  • Check the content for spelling and punctuation errors. 
  • Pay attention to whether the content complies with the rules of grammar and readability. 

If your content is of sufficient quality, it will be a great advantage for your website. 

Be Ready to Detect Originality and Plagiarism 

Any content you add to your website must be original. If a content or expression is shared on another web page, Google indexes the first expression. If you add a phrase to your website that is copied from another website, Google will automatically downgrade it. 

Therefore, you should make sure that the content you purchase does not contain plagiarism. Every website should add original content. Quality platforms that sell content generally sell the content after checking its originality. 

When you purchase content for your website, check its originality. Selling platforms may not be checking authenticity from a quality platform. Therefore, you can check from a qualified platform. 

You can use free plagiarism-checking tools for this. At the same time, if you want to have peace of mind, you can check your originality with a paid plagiarism checker. You can find the most qualified tool according to the language of the content. You can detect plagiarism by checking on more than one platform. Finally, you can get an idea of whether your content contains plagiarism by copying it to Google and searching for it. 

Know The Basics of SEO-friendly Content 

If you are considering buying content for your website, first of all, the content must be SEO-friendly. Therefore, even if you do not produce content, you need to know the features of SEO-friendly content. SEO-friendly content makes your web page stand out in relevant search queries. 

Examine the content you purchase based on specific features and find out if your content is SEO-friendly. Add the content to your website by adjusting some SEO settings, such as meta description and title tags. In this way, enjoy the pleasure of rising to the top. 

The basic features of SEO-friendly content are as follows: 

  • Make sure your target keywords and auxiliary keywords are mentioned in the content. 
  • Your target keyword should be included in the main title and subheadings. 
  • Make sure your keyword is mentioned in the first 100 words. 
  • Confirm that heading tags are used in the headings. 
  • Make sure your title contains 60 characters and the main keyword. 
  • Check for content consisting of short paragraphs. Paragraphs should be between 50 and 100 words maximum. 
  • There should be a maximum of 300 words of content under each heading. 
  • Make sure that a sentence does not exceed 15 words. 
  • Make sure there are bullet points and list content in appropriate places in the text. 
  • It is also important that the paragraph structure is hierarchical. 
  • Make sure the meta description is between 150-160 characters and includes the target keyword. 
  • Check if your content has a strong internal link structure. Make sure there are at least 2-3 relevant links in a piece of content. 
  • Make sure the content length is sufficient. When buying content, it should be a minimum of 1000-1500 words. However, of course, it depends on the content type.

Research the Author’s Expertise 

Google has been paying attention to the EEAT element in recent years. Therefore, if they know that the content is written by a content writer who is an expert in a field, they can value this content more. At the same time, a content writer who is an expert in that field will always write quality content in a field. 

A content writer must be both an expert on the subject he writes about and have research skills. Therefore, when producing your content, make sure that it is developed by an expert writer. 

A content writer also needs to have knowledge about SEO. It is important to follow current SEO developments and transfer them to the content production process. Be sure to be informed about the expertise of the writer who will write your content. 

Learn How to Create a Content Brief 

You should also create a summary of the content you will share on your website. If you create an interesting and comprehensive summary of the content, users can learn what they can find in the content by reading the summary. This way, if they find a summary that promises important information, they will be eager to read your entire content. 

You may also want to have a conclusion paragraph in the conclusion section of the content you will purchase. In this way, you can have a final closing statement and a summarizing section about your content. 

Things to Consider When Purchasing Content 

We have made an introduction about what you need to pay attention to if you want to buy blog content for your website. Now, when you decide to buy blog posts, you need to consider some points when choosing a writer, platform, or agency. 

They need to provide some facilities for feedback and revision in the services they offer. At the same time, when you make a request, their turnaround time should be fast, and they should comply with your policy regarding deadlines for content orders. If you want a better ranking on your website, buying content is a great way.

You also need to use the budget you allocate for content in the most efficient way. Therefore, when purchasing content, pay attention to the cost and whether it is compatible with your budget. 

Cost and Budget Compatibility 

When you decide to purchase content, you will encounter very different prices. It would be a wrong policy to think that every expensive content is of high quality. At the same time, you may end up making an unhelpful purchase by trying to buy cheaper content. 

First of all, when purchasing content, pay attention to the factors mentioned above. Then, compare the costs between platforms that will offer content that will actually be useful to you. Choose the platforms that are most cost-effective for you. 

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You need to allocate a certain budget to purchase content. It is also very important that you use this budget in the most efficient way. Therefore, it is essential that the cost of the content is compatible with your budget. You should choose not to purchase content from a place that will strain your budget. You should use your budget in a very delicate balance and create the right amount. If your goals are big and your budget is limited, you cannot buy quality content. 

Turnaround Time and Deadlines 

When you order content, they give you a deadline. Platforms give you a deadline based on the availability of writers, your content order density, and current density. They need to give you a deadline that aligns with your content-sharing plan and calendar. When a very short deadline is given, quality content may not emerge. Pay attention to this situation, too. 

Some authors or platforms may not comply with the deadline. In this case, you must make sure that they will comply with the given deadlines. Together, you should be able to come up with a deadline that meets both parties’ expectations. 

They should be able to respond to you quickly when you make a request regarding a content order or production process. If they do not respond within a few hours, the content production process may be disrupted. Do not purchase content from platforms that will respond within a few days or do not respond for a long time. 

Feedback and Revision Policies 

When you order content, they may report to you in certain situations. At the same time, it is submitted to you for final approval at the end of the content production process. They may need to make certain revisions and adjustments based on your feedback. 

Each author and platform will have different feedback and revision policies. Choose sites that are flexible about the number of revisions and revision duration. Some platforms may only receive one revision or may not listen to your feedback. In this case, it may be difficult to edit the content you want. 

There may also be a revision fee on the platforms. When revision is paid, this may put an extra burden on you. For this reason, you should choose platforms that provide free revision services. Take a look at their feedback and revision policies. 

Where Can You Buy Content? 

Content buyers can choose certain methods if they are going to purchase content for the website. If you want to purchase content for your website, you must choose the platform correctly. 

You can buy your content from an agency, online content-selling platforms, or individual writers. 

Let’s answer the question of where to buy content

  • Content Marketplaces 
  • Free platforms 
  • SEO and content agencies 
  • Individual content writers 

Content Marketplaces 

You can purchase your content from platforms that sell content. These platforms offer you ready-made content for sale. From here, you can either purchase ready-made content that suits you or you can purchase it by ordering the content. You can choose many platforms for buying blog content

Free Platforms 

Some freelance platforms, such as Upwork, are platforms where you can buy articles and work with writers. You can find people and institutions doing editorial work on these platforms. Create a job posting and immediately purchase your content based on the offers you receive. Choose free platforms and buy articles for your website

SEO and Content Agencies 

If you want to purchase content for your website, SEO and content agencies that are experts in this field will give you the best service. These agencies are staffed by experienced writers and have access to all professional analysis tools. Even though the content here is a bit costly, it will bring you good results. 

Individual Content Writers 

You can also find individual content writers from whom you purchase content for your website. These writers usually serve as freelancers. Even if they cannot invoice you, you can work with a writer who is experienced in his field. With the right writer, you will not have any problems with content production for many years. Purchase website content by working with a quality content writer 


If you want your website to rank higher in search engine results pages, you should produce quality content and add it to your website regularly. If you do not have enough time, knowledge, and expertise to produce content, you can get professional support at this point. 

You can purchase content from different channels, such as agencies, freelance platforms, and freelance writers. When purchasing content, you should pay attention to its originality, quality, and production by an expert writer. If you improve yourself in the content evaluation process, you can always purchase quality content for your website. If you want to buy articles for blog, remember to choose the right platform. 

Frequently Asked Questions About

If you want to purchase content for your website, there are many platforms to choose from. The right platform for you will vary depending on situations such as expertise, content subject, industry, writer quality, and the period of time you need the service.  

You need to adjust your budget very carefully when purchasing blog content. Since it is a free market, very high costs may also arise. Therefore, do your research well and choose the right platform and person.  

The number of content you purchase may vary depending on your goals. For some websites, weekly content sharing is good, while for others, 2-3 content sharing a day may be necessary. So, study competitors, look at your industry, and create a content-sharing plan.  

If you have decided to purchase content for your website, you can take some steps to reduce your costs. To reduce your content costs, first choose the most affordable and highest quality agency or writer.  

If you are looking for a freelance content writer, you should work with a quality writer. There are many people doing this job in the market. However, you have to be a little lucky and increase your costs to find the person who will be truly successful and benefit you.  

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