JavaScript Broken Error In Technical SEO

Picture a scenario where a website’s functionality resembles a puzzle missing critical pieces. The “JavaScript Broken Error” in Technical SEO can be likened to this incomplete picture, hindering the seamless interaction between users and a website. Basically, this error in technical SEO refers to a situation where the JavaScript code on a website fails to execute correctly, leading to functional issues and potential disruptions in user experience. In the context of technical SEO, JavaScript plays a crucial role in modern websites, and errors can impact how search engines crawl, index, and interpret the content. This error highlights instances where the intended functionality of JavaScript is compromised, affecting both user engagement and the website’s visibility in search engine results. In such a case, it is necessary to get help from JavaScript SEO methods.

Why is JavaScript Broken Error Important for SEO? 

Bad user experience and search engine accessibility is the biggest problem in this digital world, and the “JavaScript Broken Error” lies behind these problems. When JavaScript fails to execute correctly, it can lead to broken functionalities, hindering user interactions and satisfaction. From an SEO standpoint, search engines may struggle to accurately crawl and index content, impacting a website’s visibility in search results. As search engines increasingly consider user experience as a ranking factor, addressing JavaScript errors becomes imperative. Resolving these errors ensures a seamless browsing experience for users and enhances a website’s chances of ranking favorably in search engine results pages. 

How to Fix JavaScript Broken Error? 

To solve this problem you can use the steps below: 

  • Carefully review your code to identify potential issues. 
  • Check for missing punctuation, incorrect variable names, or syntax errors. 
  • Open the browser console and “inspect” to check for error messages. 
  • Insert ‘console.log()’ at specific points to track where your code might be failing. 
  • Break down your code into smaller segments and test each one individually. 

There is another approach you can apply. You can use code analysis and improvement methods: 

  • Analyze your code using a code linter which can identify potential errors and provide suggestions for code quality. 
  • Consider browser compatibility while reviewing your code.  
  • Ensure that the features and syntax used are supported by the targeted browsers. 
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